Somewhere Only We Know

The redheaded man was striding through the forest, hands in his pockets, looking in every respect that he had every single right to be there and it was completely normal that a grown man was striding through a secluded, cold forest in the middle of October. The orange and red leaves, almost as bright as his hair, were dancing around his feet, the cold wind rescuing them from his brisk step. Every now and then a leaf would skirt away from the wind and be crushed by the man's harsh footsteps.

Finally, he stopped and sat on a fallen tree, sifting leaves through his fingers.

"Oh, Merlin," he muttered, raking a hand through his hair. "Is this really the place we used to love so much?"

He looked around. "Not much," he muttered. "Not much at all...but it was our heaven, wasn't it? Our place, the place only we knew about, our private prank planning nook, our pirate-playing place, our secret.."

He tipped his head to the skies, to the heavens. "Although now, I s'pose, you're in proper heaven," he whispered. "I wonder if it looks like this, with the log – our pirate ship – and all the green, and the red and orange in the fall..and in winter we weren't allowed to go anywhere but we sneaked off anyway..God, it was amazing.."

He sat for hours and hours on the log, on his ship, on his childhood, talking to the skies, to someone who, perhaps, was listening, but perhaps wasn't. He talked about their childhood and memories and pranks they'd pulled, about the war and – his voice choked – how it hadn't seemed like they'd won, about what he'd – about what he'd missed, while he was..away..he cried and he laughed and when he ran out of words he only sat, watching the sun slide under the horizon.

The moon came out, and George Weasley bit his lip and gazed at the stars.

"If..if you have a moment, you think we could be together about the old times.. go to this place only we know.."

He broke off, impatiently brushing tears from his eyes, and spoke again, his voice ringing out among the cold night air.

"Just maybe, if you could spare a moment," he whispered, "won't you come see me again?"

Utter silence.

"It's very soon for you to be making such a far trip," he whispered. "You're so young. Won't you.."

Utter silence.

"Can't you.."

Utter silence.

"Wouldn't you.."

Utter silence.

"Why didn't you.."

Utter silence.

"I wish you'd.."

Utter silence.

"I wish you'd come..back..for just a few we can walk again..and talk again..maybe we'll laugh again.." He swallowed, trying to find the right words. "Won't you come home, Fred?" he whispered at last. "Won't you come home, just for a moment?

"You're needed here, you know..

"Even if you just come here..even if only we would be enough. If you'd just come for a this somewhere only we know?"

George sighed.

"Somewhere only I know, now," he murmured, standing up. "Somewhere only I know.."

The End

Oh my goodness this was SO DARN SAD to write. I CAN'T BELIEVE that Fred is GONE. -weeps-

I disclaim all quotes from the song 'Somewhere Only We Know' and also, y'know, Harry Potter. Review!