In Cece's apartment

It was almost 8:00 pm, when someone knocked at the door. Flynn ,who was sitting on the couch, got up to answer the door.

Flynn: '' I'LL GET IT MOM!''

It was Gunther at the door.

Flynn: '' Cece, it's your weird sparkly friend!''

Cece came from her room.

Cece: '' Gunther, what are you doing here?''

Gunther: '' Cece, I need your help.''

Cece: ''Umm... ok come in.''

Cece wondered what was going on, she had never seen Gunther looking that serious.

Cece: ''What's the problem?''

Gunther: ''I escaped from my house and need a place to stay.''

Cece: ''What? Why did you do that?''

Gunther ''Well, you remember that momma was supposed to become the queen of our country and that she lost the throne because she married poppa? Well, there's something they never told me until today.''

Cece: ''What is it?''

Gunther: ''My grandfather made a deal with my father so that my mom could have the throne back. The deal was that when they would have kids, one of them had to get married to one of the children of the royal family of the country next to ours when he or she would be 18. And since the king and queen only have a daughter and that I turned 18 last week... well, I have to get married!''

Cece gasped. How could his parents do that to him?

Cece: '' Well, can't they just break the deal?''

Gunther:'' No, in our country, if you break a deal with the royal family, you go to jail. I don't want my parents to go to jail but I don't wanna get married either. That's why I ran away. Please Cece, hide me here, I beg you!''

Cece: ''Well...umm I would say yes but I need to ask my mom first.''

Gunther: ''But won't she tell my parents?''

Cece: ''Knowing my mom, I don't think so. She will be on your side!''

Speaking of Georgia, she entered the apartment at this exact moment.

Georgia:'' Hey Cece! Gunther, it's great to see you! For what do we own the pleasure?''

Cece: '' Mom, we've got something to ask you.''

Georgia: '' Wow, that seems serious. Don't tell me you two are getting married, hahaha!''

Cece: '' Wow, for a joke this is disturbingly close to the truth!''

Georgia: ''WHAT?''

Cece: '' Gunther is getting married against is will... unless you let him hide here.''

Georgia: ''Wait, why?''

Gunther: '' Okay I will explain this from the beggining...''

Will Georgia let Gunther stay at their home?

Will his parents find him?

What about Tinka?

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