Hey guys, so this is my first piece of work for Hetalia AND Harry Potter. Hetalia's a more recent addiction, so when I looked up crossovers for the two, I wasn't surprised to find some great pieces. I started to get my own ideas, though, and that's how we got here.

Disclaimer: Aside from the standard fan fiction fare of "I don't own Harry Potter or Hetalia," I'd also like to add that for the first few chapters, a few scenes are directly taken from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, though modified to accommodate the Hetalia cast. These are fairly minor, primarily the opening speech and the first couple classes with Umbridge, and will stop occurring completely once the story diverges enough. ;)

This takes place in Year 5. I apologize if the Hetalia characters act a little out of character.

To my old friend,

Are you doing well, Arthur? I wish this letter was merely a casual exchange, but I'm sure you have heard of the events prior to summer's start. As much as I would like to say that it was not true, we cannot deny this information like the Ministry of Magic has been doing in the past month.

Lord Voldemort is back, and a student from Hogwarts was killed in the skirmish. Young Harry Potter managed to escape with his life, but things have not been well for the wizarding world lately. If you've seen last week's Daily Prophet, you would know that they are making myself and Harry out to be unstable and dangerous. They have even been meddling in school affairs, planting one of their employees into our vacant Defense Against the Dark Arts position. I fear that my position as Headmaster may not last through the year.

I'm asking you if you would like to come to Hogwarts. I would surely feel better if a person of your esteem were present. However, because the Ministry is wary of our movements, I believe it may be better to work under the guise of a world culture exchange. If it is not a troublesome thing to request, I ask that you and your fellows from other countries work at Hogwarts this year. I'm sure it would be enlightening for our students to learn of other cultures first hand, and in return we will be willing to teach everyone as students attending the school. I fear that the other countries may be in danger with Lord Voldemort's return; if his actions proceed to go unchecked, it could mean the end of the wizarding world as we know it, even across the seas and to the East.

I know this is a lot to ask of you, Arthur, but please consider my offer. Young Harry could use your guidance in the event of my termination.

I shall await your response,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


Arthur Kirkland, otherwise known as England or The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, stared at the scroll in his hands, reading the lines written in black quill ink over and over again as wild thoughts flew through his mind.

The bright scarlet and golden bird standing on his desk tilted his head, watching him with intelligent dark eyes. The phoenix squawked.

"Ah, Fawkes," Arthur said, stroking the bird's soft feathers before grabbing the phone and dialing a number. "Would you mind waiting here for a day or two before returning to Dumbledore? I need to make some arrangements… Ah, yes, hello, this is England speaking. I need to schedule a world conference. Yes, it's urgent. As soon as possible."

"Who d'you think they are? They just came in with the first years!"

"Students, maybe?"

"I've never seen any of them before, and they're way too old to be first years."

"Maybe they're exchange students, or something?"

"Could be…" Harry trailed off as he watched the fiasco with a number of other students seated in the Great Hall.

"Brother~!" the boy in strange Asian clothes exclaimed as the frightened first years parted to let him pass.

"Aiyah!" the young Chinese man flailed his arms as his apparent younger brother latched on and flung his arms around his body. "J-Kiku, help me!"

But the other Asian boy, satisfied that it wasn't his breasts that were in danger, only sighed and edged further away.


"Your breasts belong to me da-ze!"

The first years shrieked, faces turning red as they turned away from the scene. Two fourth year Ravenclaws looked up at the commotion, nudging and whispering to each other.

There were more than a dozen unfamiliar people of different ages, standing awkwardly by the young children that were looking around in awe at the dining room lit by floating candles. A young brown-haired man with a childish face was talking animatedly to a tall, Harry assumed, German man. A handsome blond man with wavy hair and a bit of stubble on his chin winked towards a group of seventh year Hufflepuffs. Something about the way he carried himself reminded Harry of the French witches from Beauxbatons Academy.

"Bloody hell, Francis, stop flirting with the students!" a man with large, bushy eyebrows snapped. He seemed to be English, at least.

Well, Harry had another thing to tack onto the list of surprises he'd seen today. Like those weird skeletal horses, and that Umbridge woman sitting at the staff table. He turned away, feeling uncomfortable as the young Asian, who was probably around his age, moved to grope someone else.

By now, the buzz of students had died down into silence, broken only by the occasional rushed whisper. The nervous and trembling first years were lined up in front of the staff table, while the strange guests stood idly off to the side. Professor McGonagall, who had led the group inside, placed a stool onto the ground. On that stool was a familiar ratty old hat.

The Sorting Hat's mouth opened and it burst into song. A handful of the first years looked amazed at the talking hat—Muggle-borns who never knew about magic until they received their Hogwarts acceptance letter, probably—but so did the other strangers. Only the man with the bushy eyebrows seemed unfazed, but he smirked at the reactions from his companions.

Professor McGonagall started to read off the list of names, calling the first years one-by-one to the stool and placing the Sorting Hat onto their heads to determine their houses. The sorting seemed to go by rather slowly. Everyone seemed to have their minds on other matters.

Finally, Dumbledore stood. But, Harry noted with a bit of confusion, Professor McGonagall was still positioned next to the Sorting Hat.

"To our newcomers, welcome! To our old hands—welcome back! I know all of you are famished and parched from the long journey here, but I must make an announcement before the feast can begin."

There were a few complaints across the hall, but most of the students kept quiet, staring eagerly at the Headmaster. Even Ron listened silently.

"I am pleased to announce that this year, Hogwarts has decided to take part in a world culture program," Dumbledore said. He looked over to the group gathered at the side of the room and smiled warmly. "We have guests from all around the world who will, throughout the school year, be teaching us about the magical histories of their countries. In exchange, they will be attending classes to learn how Hogwarts works. I trust that you will treat them with kindness and respect. Arthur, if you may."

The man with bushy eyebrows nodded, and with his back held straight and head held proud, he walked to the front of the staff table. "Thank you, Professor Dumbledore. My name is Arthur Kirkland, and I am the representative of Great Britain for this exercise. These people are my associates, representatives of their own countries. As Professor Dumbledore had said, we will be periodically teaching your History of Magic classes. We will be cycling through the different countries throughout the year, and I hope you all will enjoy our lessons. Now, as I've been told, we will be sorted into the four houses as students to determine class schedules and which houses we will be staying in."

Whispers broke across the hall, excited ones at that. Students were grinning at the prospect of having these rather good-looking foreigners stay with their houses. The only one who didn't look amused or interested was the Umbridge woman, who looked like she had swallowed something particularly sour.

Arthur smiled and stepped back as Professor McGonagall stepped forward and unraveled a second list of names. "Beilschmidt, Ludwig."

The tall German man Harry noted earlier moved to the stool. He seemed to command attention, the hall dead silent as they watched him sit on the stool and have the Sorting Hat placed on his head. Despite being a grown man sitting in front of a thousand eager witches and wizards with a talking hat on his head, he kept a pretty straight face. Harry was impressed.

"Slytherin!" the hat shouted after a good half minute of mumbling to itself. The Slytherin table whooped and cheered, and a few girls swooned. Ludwig marched over to the table. The ditzy brunet that had been talking with him previously was clapping loudly.

"Beilschmidt, Gilbert," Professor McGonagall called.

A young man with silvery-blond hair and dark red eyes walked to the hat with a smirk on his face. Beilschmidt? Was he related to Ludwig? They didn't really look like it… And was that a little bird on his shoulder?


Not another one! Harry half-heartedly clapped as the silver-haired man proudly walked over to the Slytherin table.

"Hey West, looks like you're stuck with the awesome me this year!"

Ludwig face-palmed.

"Bonnefoy, Francis."

The flirty blond man approached the stool. Out of seemingly nowhere, he pulled out a rose and tossed it to the nearby Hufflepuff table. A number of girls lunged to grab it, and he blew them a kiss.

"What a show off," Ron remarked with distaste.


"At least he's not another Slytherin," Harry replied.

"Braginski, Ivan."


Ron shook his head. "Spoke too soon, mate."

"Edelstein, Roderich."

"… Slytherin!"

"Cerriedo, Antonio."


"Galante, Raivis."


"Héderváry, Elizaveta."


The entire Gryffindor table cheered. Finally, someone in their house! And she was rather cute, so that was a plus. Elizaveta smiled as she hurried to the Gryffindor table, and she glanced across the room to the Slytherin table, where she spotted Roderich being harassed by Gilbert, before sitting by Ginny.

"Honda, Kiku."


The stoic Japanese man walked calmly to his table, where Luna scooted to make room for him. The ditzy brunet was cheering again.

"Im, Yong Soo."


"Heart of the lion da-ze!" Yong Soo tossed the Sorting Hat off of his head and dashed down to the Gryffindor table. Laughs came from around the room as he honed in on Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Plopping down next to Neville, he said, "Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Yong Soo da-ze!"

"Hi, Yong Soo," Harry replied, a bit wary of the Korean teen. "I'm Harry Potter." He expected a gasp or a reaction of shock, but to his surprise Yong Soo only nodded. Maybe this guy wasn't so bad.

"Ron Weasley."

"Hermione Granger."

"Neville Longbottom."

"Nice to meet you all da-ze!"

"Hey, Yong Soo, what'd I miss?" a cheerful young man with blue eyes, glasses, and a stubborn blond hair that stuck upright asked as he sat down next to them.

"Ah! Alfred, you're a Gryffindor too da-ze?"

"Of course! I'm the hero, after all!"

Harry turned his attention back to the sorting after a quick introduction. A sleepy-eyed Greek man by the name of Heracles was trudging over to the Ravenclaw table, followed quickly by Arthur and a boy named Toris.

"Łukasiewicz, Feliks."

"… Gryffindor!"

"So, where are you guys from?" Ron asked as the blond young man walked over to their table.

"I'm from South Korea, da-ze!" Yong Soo announced happily.

"I'm from the good ol' United States of America!" Alfred added. "And Feliks here is from Poland."

"Yeah, it's like, totally awesome being able to come to one of Iggy's 'prestigious school,'" Feliks said, taking a seat next to Hermione. "Too bad I'm not with Liet though, total bummer."

"You're from Poland?" Hermione looked a little excited. In the background, the intimidating Berwald was sorted into Slytherin. "What's it like there? I've read about the Magic Belt of Poland that was meant to keep the knights safe during battles."

"Knights?" Ron asked, vaguely interested.

"Oh, that, well… Um…" Feliks scratched his head and looked away sheepishly.

"Don't mind him da-ze!" Yong Soo said. "He's a little shy around new people."

"Well, don't worry Feliks," Neville said. "It's a little frightening being sorted into houses, but Gryffindor is like family."

Feliks nodded his head but looked like he had other things on his mind. There was a rushed introduction for the Polish boy to learn his fellow Gryffindors' names, but he looked towards the stage suddenly. "Looks like Lilli's in Ravenclaw."

"Lilli?" Alfred and Yong Soo exchanged glances. "You mean Switz's…?"

The timid-looking blond girl hurried over to Ravenclaw table, her cheeks flushed as she sat by Luna and Heracles.

"Who's 'Switz'?" Ron questioned.

"Oh, um," Alfred looked a little startled, "that's Vash. He's the rep from Switzerland. I wouldn't get on his bad side. Over protective brother." They watched as the Sorting Hat was placed on Tino's head. The boy was sorted into Hufflepuff.

"Poor Berwald," Feliks remarked. "He's like, totally separated from his wife now."

There was a stifled choking sound as Harry, Ron, and a few other Gryffindors eavesdropping on the conversation heard the word "wife." "You mean Tino's that Slytherin's…?"

"Well, that's what Berwald calls him da-ze," Yong Soo replied. "Tino doesn't like it. They're like best friends, da-ze!"

"More like boyfriends." Alfred laughed.

"… But he's a Slytherin," Ron said, deciding to follow the less-obvious question in his head. "And Tino's a Hufflepuff. How do they even get along?"

"Berwald's not that bad," Feliks said. "He's intimidating, but he's totally nice if you get to know him… and stay on his good side."

"Where's Berwald from?" Hermione asked.

"Sweden. And Tino's from Finland da-ze," Yong Soo said. He paused, leaning back to get a better look at the sorting. "Oh, it's Italy da-ze!"

"Italy?" The Gryffindor students looked at the young man sitting on the stool. 'So that's who was talking to the German guy,' Harry thought.

"Feliciano and his brother Lovino are like, reps for Italy, the Northern and Southern parts," Feliks said.


"Ve~! Ludwig, Kiku! I'm in Hufflepuff!"

Kiku furrowed his eyebrows. Ludwig face-palmed.

As Feliciano scampered off, McGonagall called, "Vargas, Lovino." A boy almost identical to Feliciano sat down on the stool, looking to be in a foul mood. The Sorting Hat sat for a good three seconds before shouting, "Hufflepuff!"

"Ve~! Big brother's with me!"

"And me," Antonio added, grinning.

Lovino's eye twitched as he pulled off the Sorting Hat and grudgingly made his way over to the table, muttering what sounded like Italian curses under his breath.

Eduard was sorted into Ravenclaw, where he sat by Toris. The two boys looked over at the Hufflepuff table, where Raivis was looking a little terrified.

"Poor Raivis," Feliks remarked. "He like, finally got out of Ivan's grasp, but he's separated from Ed and Tor."

"Ivan?" Harry asked, looking over to the light-haired young man at the Slytherin table. The scarf-wearing man looked a little disappointed.

"Ivan's the Russian rep. Toris, Eduard, and Raivis are the Baltic countries," Alfred said. "He spends his free time terrifying them."

"Nice guy," Ron said dryly.

Finally there were only three people left for sorting.

"Wang, Yao."

"Ravenclaw!" Yao gave a sigh of relief and dashed over to sit by Kiku.

"Waah! No!" Yong Soo exclaimed. "Big brother's in Ravenclaw too? How can I claim his breasts from here da-ze?"

There was a long period of silence from the Gryffindor table as the Hogwarts students stared at the Korean boy. Luckily, everyone decided to ignore the outburst.

"Williams, Matthew."

"Hey, it's Canada!" Alfred said. Scratching his head, he added in a lower voice, "Totally forgot he was here…"

"Do you guys call each other by your country's names or something?" Ron asked.

"Err… yeah, it's kind of like a nickname, I guess."

Matthew was sorted into Hufflepuff. He hesitantly wandered over to Tino and Raivis.

"Zwingli, Vash."


Gryffindor cheered, almost pleased at ending the sorting session with a person going to their house. Vash froze for a moment, looking like he was about to protest, but he took off the Sorting Hat and trudged over to Gryffindor table. He sat down next by Elizaveta, who seemed to be consoling him as his eyes flickered to the Ravenclaw table where Lilli sat.

"… Let's like, not get on Vash's nerves tonight," Feliks said. "Agreed?"


Harry wasn't sure what to make of all of this. He looked around the Great Hall, scanning the rows for all of the strange guests. Over on the Ravenclaw table, Francis was flirting with a couple of sixth and seventh years while Arthur reprimanded him. Heracles, who apparently had a cat on his head, was talking with Kiku. With the Hufflepuffs, Feliciano and Antonio were harassing Lovino. And at the Slytherins, Roderich was still being pestered by Gilbert, while a number of the students (including Draco) were trying to strike a conversation with Ludwig. Hogwarts was especially crowded now. Somehow, it reminded him of last year, when Beauxbatons and Durmstrang visited… except maybe a little more hectic.

Dumbledore got to his feet once again. "Now that the sorting is finished and there are no other matters to attend to, let us not sit hungry any longer. Tuck in!"

Food appeared out of nowhere on the plates, and there was a collective gasp from certain first years and the world representatives. "This is amazing da-ze!" Yong Soo exclaimed, reaching over to grab a leg of chicken. "Eh… No Korean food?"

"No hamburgers either," Alfred said, looking downcast. He looked into his cup and saw it filled with orange liquid. "What is this? It isn't soda, that's for sure."

"Pumpkin juice," Harry replied, taking a sip from his own glass. "Try it, it's good."

"Sorry mates," Ron said. "Welcoming feast is always English. You could always head down to the kitchens and ask the House Elves to cook you something."

"Ron!" Hermione said, looking almost appalled.

"What? They don't mind. They practically throw food at visitors!"

Across the hall, the sound of Francis's protests could be heard. "English food? No, I refuse to eat it!"

"Francis, don't be rude!" Yao exclaimed.

"Arthur's cooking is abhorrent! I refuse!"

"Bloody wanker!"

"Mr. Francis, maybe you could just try a little bit?" Lilli asked with a tilt of her head. "You don't like Mr. Arthur's food, but he didn't make it this time. Who knows, maybe it'll be good."

"Ahh…" Francis looked thoughtful for a moment. "Mademoiselle Lilli, you bring up a good point. Such an adorable little girl!" He made to jump from his seat and hug the little blond, but Vash suddenly got up, slamming his hands on the Gryffindor table and shaking the goblets and silverware.

"Take one step closer to her and I'll turn you into Swiss cheese!"


There was laughter from all over the Great Hall. "You guys sure know how to make first impressions," Neville said.

"We try," Alfred said with a grin before he bit into some roast pork.

After conversation, dinner, and dessert, the satisfied Hogwarts students relaxed in their seats.

"Man, it's been a while since I've had this much food!" Alfred said, still shoveling treacle tart into his mouth. Especially British food! It sort of reminded him of when England would bring him something to eat back when he was small and… He shook his head, waving the thoughts away. "Is dinner like this every night?"

"Maybe not as big, but the plates definitely refill," Ron said, patting his stomach. "I'm stuffed!"

"Don't you have meals served like this at your schools?" Hermione asked curiously. "Or is there a different way to get served?"

Alfred paused, recalling the last time he had visited the Salem Witches Institute back home. There was also Baton Rouge Magical Academy in Louisiana, and the Oakland School of Charms and Transfiguration in California to consider. "We usually just have a bunch of servers wandering up and down the aisles to take orders." He swallowed the last bit of tart before putting his fork down. At that moment, all of the plates were suddenly cleared. "Whoa! Awesome!" Sure he could have eaten more, but maybe it was about time to get a look at the place he'd be staying in for the rest of the year.

Dumbledore stood up to make another announcement. "Well, now that we are all digesting another magnificent feast, I beg a few moments of your attention for the usual start-of-term notices." He caught Harry, Ron, and Hermione smirking at each other when the old wizard mentioned something about an off-limits forest. Otherwise, it was mostly blah, blah, no magic in the halls, blah, blah. Alfred's attention was waning.

Seriously, though, speaking of magic, he couldn't wait to try out his new wand again. Cherry, 13 inches, totally awesome dragon heartstring core. Alfred had never needed a wand before, letting the Magical part of America work things out on its own. They usually didn't need his help anyway—it was the rest of his country that called for his assistance.

Still, it was because of the Magical community in America that he could even use a wand in the first place. Their magic was his magic. Without them, he wouldn't have been able to levitate those tomatoes earlier (although in hindsight, messing with them while Antonio and Lovino were trying to eat had probably not been a good idea. His shoulder still hurt from that incident).

Suddenly Alfred became aware of the silence in the Great Hall. Had Dumbledore stopped talking? Focusing on the staff table, he noticed that the short woman in the fluffy pink cardigan had made some weird noise. "Hem, hem!" Was it coughing? Was she sick or something? Did she have a chicken bone lodged in her throat?

Dumbledore sat down and looked to the woman expectantly, waiting for her to speak. When she did, it was like a cheese grater to Alfred's ears. High-pitched, breathy, girly little voice. "Thank you, Headmaster," she said, "for those kind words of welcome. Well, it is lovely to be back at Hogwarts, I must say! And to see such happy little faces looking back at me!"

Did she think they were a bunch of kids or something? This was the hero America she was talking to! Alfred exchanged a look with Yong Soo, who made a face, and Feliks, who looked like he wanted to rip apart that cardigan because it was a crime against nature. 'Thank God she's not an American!'

The Umbridge woman kept talking, but again, Alfred's mind was wandering. They had classes the next day, right? He wasn't really looking forward to having to do work, but if it was magic, it'd probably be fun! 'I wonder what classes I'm going to have…' Hell, when was he even scheduled to teach about American magic history? They still had to work that out.

"Hey, Alfred."

The American blinked, looking around. Students were getting to their feet. "Whoa, I miss something?" He paused. "Where's Ron and Hermione?"

"They're prefects," Harry replied. "They have to show the first years where to go. Come on, I'll take you guys to the tower."

"Tower?" Feliks asked, looking interesting. "We get to sleep in a tower? Sweet!"

Harry took the lead and walked in relative silence with Alfred and the others following. Other students were shooting them eager looks, some of them introducing themselves before rushing off. Alfred spent most of his time looking around and making comments about changing staircase, or the moving pictures, or the ghosts (which happened to terrify him).

Finally, they reached the end of a corridor and stopped in front of a portrait of some woman. Then Harry, who had been relatively quiet the whole way up, paused. "Er…"

"No password, no entrance," the woman said.

"Password?" Alfred asked.

"You need a password to get into the house common rooms," Harry said. He looked frustrated. "Great, we have to go find a prefect or someone that knows the password."

But in a stroke of luck, Neville came running down the hall towards them, shouting about remembering the password or something. "Mimbulus mimbletonia!" he said, and the painting swung open to reveal door.

"That's so cool!" Alfred exclaimed. "I should totally do something like this at my house!"

Harry almost looked like he was going to smile or laugh, but he climbed through the door with the others following them.

It was a really comfortable place, the common room, with a number of armchairs and tables, a fireplace, and a notice board. All of the Gryffindors in the room looked up at their arrival, and most of them hurried over to Alfred, Yong Soo, and Feliks to begin asking them questions while Harry ducked out and headed off. Alfred didn't mind answering some of them, but he was really starting to get tired. That train ride had taken a lot out of him.

Vash approached them from the other side of the room, hands in his pockets slight frown on his face. "Dorms are over there," he said awkwardly, nodding towards a set of curving stone steps.

"Great, I'm wiped." Alfred yawned loudly, stretching his arms. He walked up the stairs, past a sign that said "Boys' Dormitory", and halfway up he came across a door. "'Gryffindor World Representatives…' Oh, wow, awesome. It's like it's been made just for us." Just as he pushed open the door he heard voices coming from further up the stairs, probably to another room.

"What are you asking me for? Just read the Daily Prophet like your mother, why don't you?" It sounded like Harry, and there was a heated conversation going on.

"Hey, Alfred, found your room?" Ron's sudden appearance nearly made the nation jump.

"Oh, yeah."

"What's going on up there?"

Alfred shrugged. "No idea. Sounds like Harry's getting into a fight or something."

"Ah, hell! I'd better take care of this. See you later, Alfred."

"Right, see you." As Ron headed up the stairs, Alfred entered his dorm. There were four beds set and made, scarlet blankets folded over the white sheets, and red divider curtains tied to the posts with golden rope. The two windows in the room showed the night sky outside. Alfred was a little surprised to find his supply trunk already at the foot of one of the beds.

"Ah, sleep." Bypassing the trunk, he walked over to the bed and collapsed, only bothering to kick off his shoes and place his glasses, Texas, on the nearby nightstand. Exhaustion had its hold on him now, and his eyelids drooped. Alfred was asleep in a matter of minutes.

Sorry if the sorting seemed too long; I prefer it over skipping and telling who's where later. I was iffy on where to put people (especially Poland!) I had to do some improvising because I would have put too many people into Ravenclaw. I also did sort of use some dialogue from the book at certain points.

Oh, and are there any other nations I didn't include you'd like to see later? I do know of a few openings where they could appear.

Feedback appreciated!