Draco had never felt the way he felt after he had kissed her. She had left him feeling almost haunted by her presence. She was everywhere on him. Her smell clung to him as her body had moments ago. He swore he could still feel her delicate soft hands on his chest. He could feel her soft skin as if it was still underneath his rough caressing touches. The emotions mixing within him were completely foreign to him he dare not try to name them. Just lust he willed his mind to think over and over again. Perhaps the only other thing bothering him more than his emotions was the large bulge still throbbing in his pants. She wouldn't give him today. He had to get his mind of her anyway. He quickly pulled himself together and left the classroom that was the start of something he wasn't ready to confront.

Hermione couldn't believe what just happened to her. She really couldn't wrap her mind around it. Her long forgotten childhood feelings crept their way back up to her. She remembered seeing him for the first time. She remembered thinking how cute he was gelled back white blonde hair, his piercing eyes. The boy who had now grown into a man, a very handsome and sexy man at that, he had become tall, muscular, his blonde hair cut short and laid perfectly. She could go over his features for hours. Everything about him pulled her in, and she had just been kissed by him, and a little more than kissed. She felt her cheeks grow hot as they were stained crimson red. Their encounter was welcomed by her body without hesitation. Her mind however was afraid, afraid of the unknown, afraid of her interpreting things much differently than he was, afraid of how she was going to feel about him. She couldn't like him. She was now more physically attracted to him than ever, but she couldn't like him beyond that. Because she knew he would never feel in anyway affectionate towards her, maybe he could think of her as a sex object, but nothing more. Hell she wasn't his favorite person to begin with. Draco Malfoy didn't have girls for anything but conquests. These were girls he had no ill feelings towards. He had expressed nothing but ill feelings towards her since their second year at Hogwarts. She sat in a deserted corner of the library. This is her home at Hogwarts much more than her dorm; this is where she felt safe. She couldn't let herself feel around him, because she could no longer pretend she hated him. Someone she hated could never make her feel the way she felt in that empty classroom. She still felt his full soft lips all over her neck. Her lips were tingly and swollen from his soft yet rough bites that left her feeling as if she could stay in that room forever, as long as he was close. Everywhere he had touched her felt warm from the outside in. She didn't know what to think about him, but she liked how she felt.

Draco had gone looking for Pansy, he wasn't in any state to have any one difficult, and Pansy was the easiest of easy. He had sent one of his sycophants to tell her he needed her in a classroom, far away from the one he had occupied earlier. It wouldn't have feltright, he decided. She came almost as quickly as he had sent for her.

"Draco." She cooed as she entered the room. Dressed in a mini skirt that left very little to the imagination, not that he had to imagine, she did whatever he told her too. He needed that right now, no matter how much her very presence truly annoyed him.

"Knees now." He said coolly, as if he had done it thousands of time.

She stepped her body into him as he looked down at her. "Oh Draco can never resist me can you." She moved her lips to his and he quickly moved aside.

He didn't want her lips on his mouth, not when he could still taste the perfect rosy ones he had earlier. "What did I say?" He asked the daft girl.

"Oh bossy tonight, you know I like that thanks baby." She said in her trying to be sexy voice, as she dropped down to her knees and unzipped his black pants, and removed him from his silver silk boxers.

You like anything with a cock inside it. He thought to himself.

She wrapped her lips around his large perfect cock. Taking him all the way in slowly, as he grabbed the back of her hair and made her go faster, he just needed a release. He pumped himself in and out of her mouth quickly. He needed to forget his feelings that just wouldn't be set free; he couldn't feel the way he was feeling. He felt her tongue swirl around his head and then she resumed her task with her mouth and hand. He was close. He soon filled her with his seed. He removed himself and quickly zipped up and left the girl probably dumb founded. He didn't care. Hell she probably wouldn't care, brainless slut. He wouldn't think anymore tonight for he feared that all of his thoughts would be consumed by her, and how she smelled of white roses.

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