Alternate Ending #8

It had been far too simple, far too easy to complete his goal. All the was left was to reap the rewards. He flew towards the Everfree Forest, knowing he had all night to indulge on anything he could find. After all, it had been so long since he had gotten a chance to do some real stalking of prey, so he felt justified in his actions by reminding himself of that. But still... Owlowicious could not believe how simple minded the ponies truly were. All he had to do was place one simple book within the right bookshelf, and everything was set into motion from there.

It all began with the book he found one night while helping Twilight in a late-night study session. She always had late-night study sessions... practically every single night. And when she went to bed, he would be left to clean up the mess she had made just like Spike usually did, only it was harder for him. He had to painstakingly grab each book with his talons and carry them up to each shelf, shifting his body and his wings uncomfortable to push the books back into place. And by the time he was done, he either had very little or no time at all to go out and find a mouse or two before the morning sun came up.

But not that night. That night he had planned something that would allow him much guaranteed free time in the future. All he had to do was take that very peculiar book and study it for a bit until he found the psychosarilic spell inside. Figuring Twilight would go off the deep end trying to master the spell, and probably making more work for him during the nights, he took the book away and flew it all the way to Canterlot one early morning. It was a long and painful trip, but he made it, managing to set it purposefully inside of Princess Luna's bookshelf. From there on, it was a waiting game.

He knew of the princess' relationship with each other. He knew that Luna still had some resentment of her sister inside of her, and he knew she would find the spell and use it as a prank only to fail from her inexperience, and that Twilight would have to rush off to help save her somehow, leaving him all alone. And even though it didn't quite work out that well, the princess's obvious dementia would prove just as useful as a tool to keep Twilight Sparkle and maybe even Spike occupied for a time. After all, even he got pretty annoying at times... stupid lizard.

It was all according to plan, and what better luck was there when he found that his plan occurred on the night of the sleepover. What luck indeed! He had even more time than he ever dreamed! He knew his plan was in effect when he saw Princess Celestia flying through Ponyville. Though it was incredibly dark his nocturnal eyes could clearly see that she was not sane, and he silently praised himself as he continued towards the Everfree. He knew Twilight Sparkle would surely be busy that night.

And after a wonderfully successful hunting session, Owlowiscious, with a full belly, came upon none other than Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Big Macintosh as they traveled through the outskirts of the forest. He was lucky they didn't see them, because it allowed him the chance to spy on them and then to come upon the entire scene with the effects and the ultimate curing of Celestia and her Molestia. It was so devious, yet so glorious at the same time! That would surely prove to keep Twilight away for a while, and even that lizard boy too!

Speaking of which, Owlowiscious decided to take a peek into a precariously placed tree house not far from the scene. As he flew inside, he noticed Spike and a trio of fillies asleep inside. Though he didn't care about the fillies, he decided to check up on the little purple pupil of Twilight's. Pausing briefly, he decided to awaken him by pecking him on the shoulder. After all, what fun would it be if he didn't get to relish the fruits of his labor a bit by getting some input from those effected?

"Eeh... uuh... w-what...?" Spike mumbled as he sat up slowly, wiping an eye with his hand. As he looked over, he saw Owlowicious' big eyes staring straight at him.

That was it. Spike was cofused, maybe even a bit crazy. He would have to be taken away maybe to some psycho ward, and Twilight couldn't function without him, leaving him all alone to do what he wanted. He knew it to be true, and he allowed himself one vocal taste of his victory.

"Just as planned..." he muttered with a sinister look.


"WOAH!" Spike yelled out in surprise. "Dude, I told you not to do that! It's creepy!"