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Chapter 1: Home Room

Seto had gone on a business trip and Joey, Tea, Tristan, and Duke disappeared god knows where.

Yugi broke out again, probably to go find his friend Seth.

Yami... well... He really didn't want to admit it. Especially while remembering the last time he was bored.

No, he wasn't bored.

There was just nothing to do. There was nothing that didn't have to be done. There was just nothing. God, it was so boring.

Yami is not the type to sit still. So, after a fun stroll through the park, working out, thinking about going after Yugi and deciding that was a horrible idea, working out, looking for his deck to organize it then realizing he had already did that, working out, trying an attempt at reading a book and failing, and almost throwing his back out from working out too much, it was official.

Yami was bored.

Yami sighed again.

The pencil he was holding, snapped in his hand.

Huh? Defective pencils.

What was he thinking about? Boredom! That's it! He was bored.

To keep from fidgeting too much, Yami rose from where he was sitting to take another walk around house, to see if something interesting would happen. Doubtful, but there was chance.

Walking pass the door to the kitchen, he realized that the door was halfway open, which struck his curiousity. Not too many people ever actually went into the kitchen. Too many t.v. dinners and take out floating around. Did this mean food? Quite possibly.

Opening the door fully, Yami walked in, the expectant smell of food not hitting him in the face. There was no one there. Then,...?

There was some shuffling on the other side of the door that lead to the dinning room, where they usually ate. Some shuffling going on in a room hardly anyone entered except at dinner? This sounded fun and embarrasing at the same time.

Running on boredom, Yami opened the door.

Oh, it was just Yugi... wait... What?

"Yugi?," he asked incrediously. Yugi had come back? After an hour? Of his own free will?

The teen in question had papers and books spread out on the table around him as he looked over a notebook. Upon hearing his name, he looked up. "Oh, hey, Yami," he said looking at the slightly confused man who still had a hand on the door.

"What is... all this?," he asked, looking across the table at all the random papers and books. Other than the calculator, the only slightly odd things was the microscope and grey box with holes along the side, sitting at the other end of the table.

"Homework," Yugi casually answered, turning his attention back the notebook.

"Got a little backed up here, don't you think?," Yami stated more than asked.

"Not really," he answered,

"Then...," the pharaoh looked back at the work, "Why'd you leave if you knew there was this much work to do?"

"Tried to get Seth to help me, but that didn't work out. Im in a higher level then him"

"How so?"

Yugi looked up, "In high school theres 3 levels: univerisity level, college level and essential level. Im University level and Seth is College level." ''Seth shoved it back in my arms. He said to go back to his house when I wanted to watch Saw."

Yugi's eyes suddenly lit up. "Hey, hey!," he suddenly said, putting his books down to give Yami 'the look'. You know. That look that says 'I want something that's impossible, but I still expect it right now'. Yeah, that look. "You want to help?"

"Help?," the word was suddenly foreign to Yami.

"With my homework. You want to help?"

Yami stared at him.

"What's first?," Yami asked.

"Well, I have just about every subject. So, what do you want to start with?"

Yami could have sworn that Yugi had just asked him to 'pick his poison'.


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