Okay. So I got this idea from Ask Me Anything. I Pmed her and she said she would let me use it, seeing as she isn't continuing her story anymore. So, this is gonna be ultra fun, and I'm going to go ahead and start this.


"WILL YOU TURN THAT OFF?" Raven shouted, her purple hair swishing up in the air as her eyes glowered with anger.

"Oh come on Raven, it's a fun movie!" Beast Boy said, his mouth full of popcorn. Raven, still seething with anger, glared at Beast Boy, her hair returning to normal.

"Oh Raven, must you shout? I enjoy this movie!" Starfire said, snuggled underneath Robin's arm. Robin was staring off into the distance, clearly bored with the movie. Suddenly, the alarm went off, signaling an intruder.

"Titans; G-"

"Don't bother kiddies, this will only take seconds!" a voice cackled. Before they could attack the intruder, they disappeared from the couch, surprised expressions on their faces. The voice cackled before fading away with them, the only thing remaining a DVD case of Tangled.


Tis a short, short preview. Yes, I'm still continuing Hawaii Aloha, this is just a side project I'm doing for fun.