The Scooby Doo idea, via Bearrose and Black rose-raven angel ( A lot of you like Scooby; It's okay, I do too) In other slightly depressing news, the new Adventure Time episode was rather...sad.


"Where's the god damn sword?" Raven groaned, picking herself up. To her chagrin, she was wearing an ugly over sized orange turtleneck, a short red pleated skirt, red mary janes, orange knee high socks and black framed glasses.

"Dude, not cool." Beast Boy muttered, rubbing his aching head. He was wearing a lime green shirt and red pants with black shoes. His hair was rather shaggy and he had a relaxed look on his face, despite how angry he was at all this traveling. Dusting himself off, he gave Raven his hand and helped her to her feet. A light blush spread across her face and she was glad that it was too dark for Beast Boy to see it.

"Where's Robin and Starfire?" Raven grumbled, dusting her now grimy clothes off.

"Ohhh. I get it. We're in Scooby Doo." Beast Boy said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"And that is...?"

"We always split up. Starfire's Daphne and Robin's Freddy." Beast Boy explained, as he checked his pockets.

"Figures. What are you looking for anyway?" Raven said, as Beast Boy's hands dove into his pockets.

"A-aha! Flashlight!" Beast Boy said with a grin, turning it on and lighting up the room.

"So what 'wacky hijinks' happens in this show?" Raven said, rolling her eyes as the inspected the room.

"Wacky hijinks?" Beast Boy laughed.

"Shut up, you know what I mean." Raven replied, a small out of place grin on her usually stoic face.

"Hey, I have a question, aren't we missing..." Suddenly, a sneeze escaped from from Beast Boy, turning him into a big, green spotted dog.

"Never mind; found him." Raven mumbled, as they opened the door, Beast Boy waving the flashlight around.

"So...Rae. When was the last time we went out?"

"Was I suppose to keep track of these things?" Raven replied, looking up at the ceiling.

"Well, aren't girls supposed to?" Beast Boy grinned.

"I guess I'm not very good at being a girl then."

"Oh no. Trust me, you're very good at being a girl." Raven rolled her eyes and punched him lightly in the arm.

"Shut up." she mumbled, sporting a well hidden blush. There was a strange sound emitting from the door frame and Beast Boy gulped obviously nervous. Raven meanwhile, rolled her eyes at his cowardice and placed her hands on her hips.

"W-what was that?" Beast Boy said, hiding behind Raven.

"Beast Boy, grow up. It was probably a mouse." Raven replied, pushing him off of her.

"But I'm scared Rae Rae." Beast Boy moaned. Raven arched her eyebrow.

"You'll most definitely be scared if you call me 'Rae Rae' again. I can deal with Rae, not the double Rae." the purple haired half demon growled.

"You got it babe." Beast Boy smirked. Raven, however, had no time to react, as there was an ear splitting scream coming from the door at the end of the hallway.

"Come on." Raven said, grabbing his arm and running toward the door.

"Please don't make me go!" Beast Boy begged, attempting to slow down.

"Stop being a baby!" Raven replied, swiftly opening the door. What emerged was a green ghoulish creature about several feet tall. Drool dripped out of it's mouth and it's right eye was lazy. It made an undistinguisable gurgling sound and limped toward the two teenagers.

"I...I don't know whether to be scared or disgusted." Raven said, disdain in her voice as she backed away from the monster.

"Let's be both!" Beast Boy squeaked, cowering behind Raven.

"I feel like we're supposed to say something..." Raven murmured, arching her eyebrows at Beast Boy.

"Huh? Oh, right. Zoinks!" Beast Boy shouted, changing into Scooby and running away. Rolling her eyes, she hunched over.

"And what am I supposed to say?" she screamed at Beast Boy, who was halfway down the hallway.

"Jinkies! Say jinkies and get the hell out of there!" Beast Boy replied urgently.

"Er...jinkies?" Raven said unconvincingly. With that, the creature roared and Raven took off running. She felt a hand grab hers and was pulled into an abandoned room, panting and out of breath. Beast Boy slammed the door shut and slid against it, running his hand through his hair.

"That...was too close." he panted.

"You left me out there!" Raven shouted incredously.

"I was coming back!" Beast Boy replied, stumbling over his words.

"Riiiight. Let's just find Control Freak and get the hell out of here." Raven sighed, opening another door.

"Raven! I am so happy to see you!" a cheery voice suddenly said, surprising Raven.

"Starfire?" Raven questioned, staring at the alien. She was wearing a purple head band, and her hair was now a bit shorter and thicker. She wore pink stockings and a purple dress with one lilac stripe, a green ascot and purple oxfords.

"Let's just go." Robin moaned. His black hair was greased back neatly and he wore blue jeans with a white long sleeve shirt. He also wore an orange ascot and brown loafers. Raven resisted the urge to crack a smile, while Beast Boy blatantly pointed at him and laughed.

"Titans! I have come to-"

"Destroy us, we know!" Beast Boy snapped, turning around to face Control Freak as a freakish looking monster. The pimple faced, over sized nerd pouted.

"For that, you will pay extra!" Control Freak exploded. Beast Boy rolled his eyes.

"Look buddy, you might wanna turn around." Beast Boy said.

"What? Why-" Control Freak was met with a lamp to the face, courtesy of Raven. Before, however, he could pass out, he pressed one button on his remote.

"Go to hell!" Raven shouted before they were all absorbed in white light.


Portal. Portal. Portal. Portal Gun, you shall be created!

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