Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, I have made up the characters for this story. Note that real places in the world will be used.

This story takes place in our world, but here Pokemon co-exist with us. Some of us take them to battle, others keep them for pets. The story takes place with a boy who lives in the United States named Patrick Schmidl. Patrick Schmidl has curly brown hair, and green eyes. Though he can be considered a boy, he is actually 22 years old. He is ready to become a Pokemon Trainer, travel through many places throughout the world, and become the greatest Pokemon Trainer in the world.

The story begins in Homewood, where Patrick Schmidl lives with his brothers John who is 26. has nearly no hair and has a little bit of a belly, Max who is 25, has brown hair and blue eyes, and his sister Margaret who is 21, has long black hair, and hazel eyes. They live with their aunt Debbie and Uncle Carey Yates because their parents are gym leaders. They have cousins named Diana who has blondish hair, and Beth who has short brown hair in a ponytail. They know of other cousins who live with their aunt Jackie Tonkel, Mark and Jake who are twins with thick brown hair, and Katie who has long brown hair. Patrick has a girlfriend named Meagan Puente who is 19, has long brown hair and a tan, she also has a sister also named Katie who is 15, has the same type of hair but a little shorter and in a ponytail. They live with their Aunt Debbie and Uncle Kirk because just like Patrick and his siblings, their parents are also gym leaders.

It is heard that all of them attend the Chicago Pokemon Accademy, Chicago is the closest big city to Homewood. All of them attend there in order to become Pokemon trainers. You have to be 10 in order to attend this accademy, but everyone didn't feel ready until they were older. When they finish, they get to recieve a Pokemon. What they do there is learn about Pokemon, how you battle, and pratice battles with the school's owned Pokemon.

Now we begin the story of Patrick Schmidl.