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"Kaoru." I pulled myself out of a daze and looked up at my twin from where my head rested… on his thighs? How on earth did it get there?

"Kaoru. Are you listening to me, or are you too busy gazing at my face?"

I sat up, blushing. "Of course I'm listening to you, Hikaru. I was just… trying to find a pattern in the ceiling." My lying was terrible.

He pulled my chin towards his as if he was going to kiss me, but kept our faces a few centimetres apart. The girls near us held their breath as they awaited another beautiful moment of brotherly love. "You know, Kaoru, sometimes I think you should be punished slightly for not paying attention to these lovely ladies." His breath tickled across my lips, bringing me to a slightly aroused state, which Hikaru covered by moving slightly over me. At least one girl was going to faint, from lack of oxygen, if not from the sight of us together like this.

"But… H-Hikaru, you know it's hard not to get distracted sometimes… Y-you wouldn't really punish me would you?" I bent my head away, my face a dark red, trying to get away from those beautiful lips. The girls mistook this for me hiding my embarrassment from Hikaru, and a couple seemed to start having asthma attacks.

Hikaru pulled me to his side and whispered in my ear, loud enough for everyone near to hear, "We'll see when we get home tonight." His voice ran shivers through my body. With the hand that wasn't lingering around my hip, he pushed my head down to his shoulder, indicating I should rest. "You seem tired, Kaoru." He said in a normal voice, as if no one else was supposed to hear what he had said before. "You should save your energy for later."

Hikaru gave a small smile as I closed my eyes, the last thing I glimpsed being every single girl near us passed out on the floor with a nosebleed.


"Well done, Hikaru-kun, Kaoru-kun! 50 points for MOE OVERLOAD BROTHERLY LOVE Sequence Two!"

I sighed at Renge, who was perched in her seat overlooking the clubroom, shouting into a loudspeaker. "Thank you, we know we're wonderful, but do you really have to name every single thing we do? You only started this points thing yesterday, and ten minutes ago you called out a +10 bonus points for Kaoru partially asleep on my lap. Which was BY ACCIDENT."

Renge smiled. Sometimes her smile reminded me of Kyoya's. "But, the hosts with the most points at the end of the week get to choose a cosplay!" She came to stand beside us, her loudspeaker thankfully turned off.

The constant clicking of keys on the other side of the room stopped and suddenly Kyoya was right beside them. "I never approved this. And Renge, can you please stop using that loudspeaker? Just take some notes on the points, otherwise you'll scare all of the clients away."

"Well, I think that one of the hosts deciding on the cosplay will be good. It can reflect their beliefs and view of the world, the things they love, The people they cherish…"

"Or whatever weird thing they decide to dress everyone in." Kyoya glared at Tamaki, who was still hosting.

"Maybe so Kyoya, but it's still something that is truly romantic!" Renge spun around, a light shining in her eyes, ignoring the unconscious girls on the ground around her. "You could even tell them that each designation will add to the points that they get." Renge grinned at the Shadow King, knowing she had won. The number of extra designations they would get, each girl determined to help their favourite host to be able to pick the cosplay.

The keys of his laptop as he began to calculate extra cost of the new cosplay against the extra designations signified his defeat.

"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" Renge's mechanized platform took her back up to her seat from which she tallied points, thankfully leaving the loudspeaker behind.

Haruhi walked over and began waking up girls lying on the floor near Kaoru and I. I let Kaoru rest for longer and began to help Haruhi with her task, not really concentrating, I thought about what I had said before about punishing Kaoru. My later remark about him saving his energy for later had in fact been a coincidence, but they gave me an idea…


I opened my eyes again, realising I had accidentally gone to sleep. The others weren't going to be happy. I felt Hikaru's arm around me, and without thinking lifted my head to near his. "Hikaru…"

He smiled at me. "Hello sleepyhead, I didn't think you'd actually sleep."

I heard girls giggle, and I looked over at them, faking a blush, as if I'd only just noticed them. "Hkaru, you should have woken me!"

He kissed my cheek. "But you were so cute sleeping, it reminded me of this morning." This time I really did blush. A much darker shade of red.


As soon as I could I got Kaoru talking to Kyoya about something and rang one of the maids. I instructed her to move the contents of a certain secret box into a cupboard in our room. I had a very good idea.

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