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Hikaru seemed in a hurry to get home, fidgeting in the car.

"What's wrong Hikaru? You seem anxious." He stopped fidgeting.

"I'm fine. You're the one who should be anxious, Kaoru." He suddenly pushed my shoulders back until I was lying down, and he straddled me.


"You should be worried, and don't say I didn't warn you later." The car slowed down, and he got off. I sat up slowly, not quite sure what he had meant by his statement.

As soon as we walked through the door he pulled me up to our room, telling the maids not to disturb us because we had homework. I looked at him in confusion. "Hikaru, we don't have-"

He pulled me through the door to our room and silenced my sentence with his lips. "What?"

"I know we don't have any homework, Kaoru-chan." His smile was in that mischievous smile.



I locked the door. Kaoru looked slightly confused, having realised part of what I was thinking about, but noticing my locking the door. Whenever we normally did it, we didn't bother with the lock. Our maids were used to it.

"Hikaru, why are you locking the door?"

I didn't reply, simply going over to him, pulling him towards me, and pressing y mouth against his, my tongue automatically following the familiar curves of his mouth. I undid his shirt quickly, as he undid mine, and followed it down to his pants, slipping my hand beneath them, and quickly arousing Kaoru. I slipped my hand out. But ground against him as I pushed him towards the bed. Kaoru quickly undid my pants, slipping them down and off, but as he went to do his own I grabbed his hands, and placing them either side of his body I began to make my way down his body with my tongue. I let go of his hands, and he placed them on my on my back, fingers clenching slightly as he tried to repress the noises he made while I traced patterns across his chest with my tongue. I pressed my erection, only my boxers covering it, against his, which was still fully clothed, as with one hand I flicked my fingers around one nipple, my teeth gently tugging on the other. These actions were rewarded with a moan, so as I continued, I glanced up slightly to make sure Kaoru wasn't concentrating on anything but our bodies, and reached over with my free hand to open up the bedside table.


My body responded to his each and every touch. I wanted to free myself from my pants, but Hikaru continued to renew each burning touch, distracting me. I stifled a moan as I felt him grind against me, my own erection throbbing.
Suddenly, he sat up, straddling me, and let his hands slide up my arms, pulling them above my head, and he bent down to kiss me. I didn't even notice what he was doing until I heard a click, and he pulled away, grinning. I pulled my hands, but it was no use: they were handcuffed securely to the head of the bad. His words from earlier echoed in my head. "You're the one who should be anxious." Crap.


I looked down at the body of my twin, grinning. "I told you so, didn't I?" I bent down and kissed him again, deeply. His lips were as soft as ever, and he seemed to melt and forget about the restraints as he pressed his body to mine. His eyes, lids covering them, making him look kind of peaceful flew open suddenly, as I ground hard against him once more. I broke my lips away, and licked his neck, which I presumed did not cause the loud moan he failed to contain, as the sensation of his member under pressure from the tightness of his pants and my own, freer arousal against his. I continued to move against him, making sure we could feel each movement made by the other. Each slight arch in his back as he moved his own hips closer to mine, the hardening of his nipples beneath my fingers. I heard his breath catch, and each gasp made me want to make more noises of his pleasure.

I suddenly moved slower, but harder against him, and he moaned even louder than any previously. His body, seeming to move without instruction, pressed itself against me, begging to be relieved of pain. I leant over and bit him softly at his collarbone, and then looked at his face. His head was back, his mouth open but only silently expressing his pleasure. His lids fluttered slightly as I watched, and his face already pink, turned dark red as I pressed into him once more.

I could no longer restrain myself and keep up this game I started. I tore his pants and underwear off as one, and ran my hand over his erection as I pulled of my underwear. He sighed as he was freed, and I knew neither of us would be able to keep ourselves anywhere close to under control for much longer. I resumed my lower bodies occupation from before, while our clothes had still been on, bare flesh causing more reaction in both of us. I placed my fingers of one hand in Kaoru's mouth as he coated them with his saliva, while I kissed from his ear down his jaw, my mind not caring how rough I was anymore.

My hand, fingers now covered, made its way downward, as the other reached up and uncuffed Kaoru. I pressed on digit inside of him, and I brought his wrists to my mouth as I sat up, and ran my mouth around the slight marks on him. I added a second finger as soon as I judged he was ready, and bent down to mark his chest with my mouth.
"Please, Hikaru…"
Who was I to disagree with my darling brother? I tried to make as much room as possible before adding a third finger, and-
I pulled Kaoru so that he sat upon me, his hands on my shoulders as I lowered him onto me, His wince covered up as he kissed me. The heat all around me, his erection pressing on my stomach, our breaths combined, and became faster the same identical rhythm as we moved. His head tipped back once more, and I kissed and licked his neck, while his hands gripped my shoulders. We moved faster, and pressed into each other as if out lives depended on it, until we came as we did everything – together.
We collapsed on the bed.
"Kaoru, I'm sorry for-" He cut me off with a kiss, and pressed his head into my chest until we slept.

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