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Prologue: The Long and Winding Road.

The guide sighed to himself as he watched the two honourable (or not so as the case may be) customers leap onto the bamboo poles that emerged from the cursed springs.

"On no honourable Mr. Customer, sir! Very bad! Must not fall in spring!" he cried futilely, as the portly man and his son continued to trade blows in the air above the springs. The guide nervously glanced up at the clouds as they began to gather, circling in a most unusual manner, even for Jusyenko.

"Mr. Customer! Please stop! Is bad you fall in…! Too late." As he had been speaking, the younger boy had struck out and launched his father into one of the nearby springs, sending him deep into the cool waters.

"Hah! Too slow, Pop!" The boy crowed. After a pause and no movement, the boy frowned and hopped nearer. "Pop? Hey, Pop!" He called before turning to the guide. Before he could gather the words to speak, the spring burst open in a spray of water to reveal an overweight panda in a tattered Martial-arts gi.

"W-what the hell?" The boy turned to the guide in his surprise, seeking an answer.

"Oh very bad, Honourable Sir. You fall in Spring of Drowned Panda, very tragic story of Panda that drown 1200 year ago. Now whoever fall in spring take body of panda."

The young man stared at the guide in surprise.

"Why the hell didn't you say so earlier?" he demanded. Overhead, thunder rumbled ominously, and several flashes of lighting lit up the darkened sky threateningly.

"Please Honourable Mr. Customers! Must get away! Something very bad happen!" the guide said frantically as he looked toward the overbearing sky. As he returned his gaze back to ground level he watched with morbid fascination as the panda leapt at the younger man and crashed through his surprised defence, sending him sailing straight for the centre of the valley, and the single uncursed spring that was left. And the only reason that it was uncursed was simply because nothing made it that far, being either drowned or cursed before very long.

Sighing, the guide prepared to spin another tale of woe for the newly formed "Spring of Drowned Young Male Martial Artist," only he never got that far. Just before the young man could land in the murky water, a tremendous crack of thunder and a blinding flash of lighting lanced out to strike the pool. The young man, stunned by the deafening sound, disappeared into the electrifying beam of light and the pool beneath it. With a final rumble, the fireworks died down and left the panda and guide blinking in confusion. Hurrying closer, the guide peered down into the water and, not finding any sign of a body, turned to the panda that looked extremely nervous nearby and shook his head.

"Very sorry Mr. Customer, but there no body. Young Mr. Customer just gone!" With that, the panda fainted.


Elsewhere, on another plane of existence, a young man groaned as he felt a sharp digging in his side.

"Whaa?" he mumbled grouchily as he opened his eyes. The sight that greeted him was one he would rather not have seen. Ranma crossed his eyes at the spear point that jabbed him sharply in the nose and cursed to himself.

This is not a good thing… he thought sullenly.


There ^_^ Hope that's not too bad. I didn't know whether to get Ranma cursed or not, so there's always the possibility of it happening later on. Oh yes, and don't worry, the story won't have any real spoilers to the Plot of Legend of Dragoon, as it's set in a different time. You'll see what I mean later on ;)

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