It was a most regular day in Jump City at Titans Tower, which Raven carried on with her usual tea-sipping, meditating day. Robin would carry on training, just to be prepared for any "quick" attacks. Starfire playing with Silkie and admiring Robin as he trained. Cyborg fixing the T-Car from the mauling Beast Boy gave to it last week while trying to turn it on for Cyborg, but secretly Beast Boy really had nothing to do but play on the GameStation trying to defeat Cyborg's high score on every game he owned.

"Almost! Almost!" Beast Boy yelled as he threw another punch at the hamster pirate ninja master.

"Hey after you get beaten again why don't you let me try showing you how a pro does it?" Cyborg gloated jumping on the couch, grabbing the second game control.

Raven was on top of the tower doing as usual,

"Azarath Metrion Sinthos" Raven pleaded as she elevated one foot in the air, when.

"Hey! Raven wanna hear another one of my jokes?" Beast Boy asked a little too loudly.

This caused Raven to fall on her ass and say

"I'm not particularly in the mood right now"

"Oh… well maybe later then…." Beast Boy trailed off and went back inside the tower.

"As you say" Raven could have cared less as she returned to her regular meditation.

"Didn't go to well huh?" Cyborg asked a disappointed Beast Boy.

"Just leave me alone…" Beast Boy walked into his room and locked the door.

"What is wrong with friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked Cyborg who was more interested into Pirate Hamster Ninja III then what Starfire was saying, but then eventually lost train of thought and lost the game.

"I dunno I guess B.B tried one of his worthless attempts to get Raven's attention" Cyborg explained to the Crimson haired girl.

"Should I go talk to friend Raven?" Starfire asked Cyborg as he was returning to his game.

"Well- NO NO!, I don't think it's your-Wai-!" Cyborg stopped playing Pirate Hamster Ninja III to explain to Starfire why it wasn't a good idea.

"Look, I think it would be a better idea if you kept stayed out of Raven and B.B's romance" Cyborg explained.

"What romance?" Raven asked with her hood on carrying in a book of poems, and spells.

At this point Cyborg wasn't sure what to say so, he said.

"HE CAN SHOOT A ROCKET FROM HIS SHOE!" and zoomed into the kitchen.

"If you need me I'll be in my room…" Raven grumbled.

Starfire was sure she could fix the problem, but didn't understand the circumstances.

The remainder of the day for Starfire was pacing her room thinking of ideas to lift the romance between the two titans. Eventually Robin came in to ask what Starfire had been doing in her room for 3 ½ hours without coming out. Starfire replied, in a fast manor including every detail.

"I see…" Robin said touching his chin thinking deeply.

"Well, as Cyborg said it would be nice if you could *cough* you know….. give them some privacy?" Robin tried to tell Starfire slowly so she wouldn't misunderstand, or even worse, get mad about it.

"Robin!, it seems you have forgotten that this is our poor friend Beast Boy were talking about!" Starfire yelled, but was just trying to prove a point.

While that was going on Beast Boy was passing Starfire's room on the way to kitchen, and then turned back to his own room.

Raven was thinking while under the covers in her dark lonely room.

"Was it really necessary to get mad at him?" She thought.

"Childish!" She scolded her self.

Raven got out of her room to the hallway and stopped at Beast Boy's door.

"Should I really do this?" The sensitive side of Raven started to show, Love was in command now.

Raven knocked on the door but ran back into her own room.

"huh?" Beast Boy wondered as he opened the door to nobody being there. But he just went back into his room to think about what he did wrong to make Raven mad. He usually couldn't sleep when Raven got mad at him.

"Why do I always do things wrong?" Beast Boy wondered as he lied on the bed.

Nervous, Beast Boy got up and walked to Raven's room. He knocked on the door very slow like not to draw attention too fast.

Raven opened the door speechless.

"Wanna hear that joke now?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven let him in.

"Make it quick…" Raven knew that it was going to be a pretty corny joke.

"Okay, so it's like a joke in a joke okay?" Beast Boy reassured.

"Super" Raven said sarcastically.

"Okay, so I walk up to an Italian eyeball, and I tell him a really bad joke and he says 'That's a cornia!"

Raven giggled.

"Did you just laugh at one of my jokes?" Beast Boy asked in surprise.

She just sat and stared at him for a while her violet eyes with an innocent glaze. The two got closer, and closer. Until, they kissed. Raven could tell that Love was having a party and doing flips and twists all because of this. They stopped. Beast Boy gulped,

"What was that?" Beast Boy asked in shock.

"It's what I feel about Beast Boy…" Raven answered smiling.

"Raven…" Beast Boy trailed off.

"Yeah B?" Raven answered not sounding like herself at all.

"Me too" Beast Boy whispered.

It was getting late and the two of them just lied there all night. Hand in hand, they fell asleep. The next morning they were awaken by Cyborg claiming he was making waffles for breakfast. At that moment Raven got up, and dressed into her usual leotard and cloak.