Chapter Two...

Debbie was waiting when Michael ran up,pulling his jean jacket over a blue T-shirt. She pulled him along to the bus station, checking the gold pocket watch her father got her for her birthday every five minutes.

Debbie had recently turned thirteen.

She had on a red shirt that fit her form snuggly,and jeans with black ballet flats. She had painted her nails blue(Billy's favorite color) and was wearing the little black Scottie dog pin he had sent her. She had on a bit of pink lipgloss and peach eyeshadow.

When they finally reached the bus station they quickly found Tony and Billy's Dad(Debbie never could quite remember his name) and stood with them.

The bus soon pulled in. People started pouring out of it. There were only six or seven people still on it now. A girl walked out onto the platform. Debbie stared despite herself at her. The girl was the prettiest girl Debbie had ever seen. A real life Odette. The girl's glossy red hair was swept up in a flawless bun and secured with a jeweled pin. Surely, this wasn't the girl Billy had met...

Billy came off the bus.

"BILLY!" Debbie and Michael called. He looked over.

"DEBBIE! MICHAEL!" He cried,running over and huggning his tw best friends. The girl smiled a glossy red lipped smile and walked over. Debbie saw the silver nail polish glint with rhinestones.

"Im Sirenelly. But call me Siren." She said with a small shake of he hand as Debbie and Michael took her hand in turn.

Billy's dad and Tony came over.

"Dad! Tony! Oh, I missed you!" Billy said, hugging his father and older brother. "This is Siren." He said.

"Wel Siren, welcome to our humble town. We hope you'll like it."

"It's alot different from the upper class of London. I like it already." She said cheerfully.

Debbie smiled. "We hope you do. I'm Debbie by the way. Debbie Wilkinson. And this is Michael Cafferey." She said, pointing to the boy next to her.

"Hi." Michael said quietly, it was obvious he thought Sirenelly was very pretty.

"Hello." Siren walked over to the luggage pile, took to brown travellers and walked over.

"So...Shall we go?"