Tenkuu: Chapter 10

Pluto lifted her staff above her head, "You must call the crystal out! Only then will your past be reviled." Tenkuu raised her arms up, facing her palms to the sky; Tenkuu called out the Silver Crystal. It took more than a few minutes for the crystal to react to her voice, but when it did the 1/3 piece of crystal glowed so brightly in her palms that it almost blinded her.

"Now, wish for your past!" Biting her lip, Tenkuu wished from deep down in her heart. Please Sliver Crystal; show me what happened in my past. Revile why I am here!

The light of the silver crystal surrounded Tenkuu, and then quickly faded into darkness.

Darkness. Complete and udder darkness. Serenity tried to move but there seemed to be something holding her. Serenity knew that she had to find a way out of this prison. She tried to call out the crystal, but as soon as she did a sharp pain flowed threw her entire body. It never stopped. The power kept growing larger and the pain increased ten fold. Serenity felt something forcing the crystal out of her; she saw the crystal's glow light up and then fade just as quickly.

"No! Not the crystal."

"Yes, and with it gone you shall be the one to destroy this pathetic kingdom."

"I will neve-" Serenity screamed a dark energy filled her entire body and soul.

"You shall be my number one soldier. You shall be Isei. And you shall destroy the Queen." More dark power shot threw her body, changing her body and mind.

"Give her back! She is not yours to take!" Queen Serenity yelled up to the large dark cloud. Beo had almost reached the cloud but a large energy force sent him back to the hard ground below. He was now standing beside the queen and awaited what ever evil force that was hiding behind the clouds.

The clouds broke open and hundreds of strange but powerful monsters appeared. There powers were amazing and all of the fighter that stood on the Moon's surface knew it. Beo's eyes scanned the entire army that stood in between him and his soon to be mate. Beo was ready, and so were all the other fighters, but what was about to appear, they would never be ready for.

The attack lasted only an hour, all of the monsters were dead; and so was over half of the fighters that stood in their way of getting to the queen. Beo was one of them, and so where 8 others. Atreus of Mercury. Melpomene of Venus. Rhea Silvia of Mars. Medea of Jupiter. Hespera of Saturn. Horatius of Uranus. Minerva of Neptune. Sisyphus of Pluto. They all stood in front of the queen and beside Beo, ready to fight and ready to die.

Again the clouds parted, but this time there was only one. A woman dressed in black, with long hair that flowed freely in the harsh wind that suddenly appeared. Even though her hair went from the fake black that it was to bright gold and her green eyes went back to the bright sapphire, everyone, including her mother knew that her soul had changed.

"Serenity, please come back to me!"

"She does not hear you. Serenity has been destroyed." Beo had not taken his eyes off her since she had appeared; it was as if he was searching for some sign, no matter how small, of the real Serenity.

Tilting her head to the side, Isei smirked. "Oh goody, toys." She slowly descended towards the ground, studying each of the fighters. Her eyes caught Beo's and she froze. Isei became suddenly infatuated with the man. She would find some way to make him hers. She smiled, or destroy him.

Melpomene was the first to die; it was quick but very painful. Aterus stepped up next; he figured that she had a weakness, but never got the chance. His neck was broken before he could try.

Hespera, Minerva and Rhea Silvia followed quickly. Leaving Medea, Horatius and Sisyphus to try their hand at destroying her. Medea and Horatius decided to double-team her, which only let them live a few more seconds then the others.

Isei and Sisyphus stood facing one an other, glaring and waiting for the other to make the first move. Sisyphus knew what was going to happen but she still fought like hell. Sisyphus lasted the longest so far, but she still met her end at the hands of Isei.

Beo was now the only one that stood between her and the queen. In normal circumstances Beo would have just stepped aside and let the queen die, she was not his queen, what would it matter to him. The only reason why he stood in Isei's way was that he had to save her. Sure a powerful and evil princess was great and he would sleep with her any day of the week. Beo only wanted to mate with his Serenity.

Walking towards him, Isei growled seductively, "I wonder, will you fight me as well Saiyajin?" she began to circle him, her hand outstretched and barely drawing a line on his body as she did so. "Or will you join me." She pressed her body against his, and began to whisper into his ear. "I know your kind, none of you are good. Strong, yes, but not good. Why would you want to protect this weakling? Let me destroy her and then you and I can rule this universe." She licked his ear slowly, making a trail down to his lips, claming them for herself. Smiling, Isei bit down on his lip hard, breaking it apart and spilling blood into her mouth.

Grabbing her by the arms, Beo threw her across the blood covered field. Wiping his blood off onto his sleeve, Beo smirked; he would have to get her back for that without hurting her to much.

While the others tried to defeat her, Queen Serenity came up with a plan of her own.

"If you could weaken my daughter, I would be able to use the crystal to heal her. Just don't kill her." Beo had agreed, though he didn't realize how hard it would be.

He powered up, Beo knew that he was stronger than Serenity, but this new Serenity, she was infused with dark powers, and Beo knew, that with dark powers came incomparable fighting skills and a large and powerful boost in energy.

Picking herself up off the ground, Isei laughed, "Alright, let's play."

Even though Beo was using all of his power and strength, he was still on the loosing end. Because Beo was fighting to disable, Isei was fighting to kill. Isei sent a large, black ball of energy towards Beo, and then disappeared. Beo sent a golden beam towards the dark one to destroy it before it did him.

Just as he destroyed the black ball, a piercing pain shot threw him. Looking down, Beo saw the end of a sword sticking out of his chest. Falling to his knees, he gasped for breath.

"Se-Serenity." Pulling the sword out quickly, Isei placed it back in its hiding place on thigh. Blood began to pool around him, Beo's arms could barely hold him up. Walking to his side, Isei kicked him over so he lay on his back. Looking down at him she laughed, "I guess I broke it."

"Se-Seren-" He was cut off quickly when she sat down hard on his chest. Tilting her head to one side, Isei watched as his ragged breaths becoming shorter and more forced. Her smile began to fade as their eyes locked. "Seren, I…I forgive….yo-" his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his breathing stopped for the final time. Her hands began to shake, and tears started to fall down her cheeks. "Beo…Beo…NO!"

"She is flat lining. I don't know what is happening." Bulma looked up at Gohan. "She is dying."

"We found it. We found her."

"What shall we do?"

"We wait for when she is most vulnerable. Then we strike."

"What if she does not have it?"

"She has it. And if she denies it, we will just have to beat it out of her."