October was in full swing and for the students of Fukenawa Academy it was shaping up to a great fall. The air was crisp and color splashed the leaves of the elms, oriental maples, and cherry trees around the campus were splashed with bright and vibrant colors. It was a time of Rugby games, racking leaves and being as Halloween was on the way, a pumpkin on every door step and peaking out of windows.

The golden light of afternoon illuminated the close cut auburn hair of Sae Sawanoguchi sitting under a large oak tree completely absorbed in a book. It was quite a large book and when she had found in the library she could barely wait to read it. The book itself was a large leather bound tome, inscribed on the cover with the words "Magical Use and the Black Arts of Witchcraft."

Sae bit into an apple that was all that remained of her lunch and continued reading.

"All is one and one is all. In order to fully understand the power granted to magical users one must first understand that all things are of equal importance on a universal scale. In order to obtain therefore, something of equal value must be lost. In this way, the law of Equivalent Exchange is up held and equilibrium is maintained. This is the world's one real truth."

A step rustled the leaves nearby and Sae looked up to see Doctor Washu coming towards her. Doctor Washu was always very easy to spot, despite her short stature, by the vast amounts of red hair that cascaded down her back. Today however, Washu had her hair up under her bag like hat that not only made it look as though she had a crab perched on her head, but also accentuated how much the professor looked like she was twelve years old.

"Hello Professor Washu." Sae called out as her teacher approached, closing the book on her finger so as not to lose her place.

Washu, who had been lost in her own thoughts, looked up some what startled.

"Oh, hello Sae. Sorry, my mind was miles away. I was thinking about the new building opening for tonight, the one for the new Integra building donated by the Hellsing Organization. Are you going to that by the way?" Washu asked strolling over.

"Yes ma'am. It's required for my paranormal studies course." Sae responded cheerfully.

Washu raised an eye brow and smiled slightly.

"Is it now? Well, it is shaping up to be quite the to-do; I'm told that Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing herself will be flying in from England for the dedication." Washu said looking off towards where the new building stood next to the campus church. "Personally, I don't hold with the idea of goulies and ghosties, demons and monsters were the product of the fears of ignorant peasants. To quote Mark Twain, "When the magic of Falderal goes up against the magic of science, the magic of Falderal gets left. Well, anyway, I guess I'll see you at the opening then."

As Washu walked away, Sae's face fell slightly. Of course she knew magic was real, but there were so many people that didn't believe in it. She was just on the point of reopening her book when she caught sight of the time on her watch. Jumping up and brushing herself off quickly Sae hurried off toward the nurse's office where she was supposed to have reported for volunteer work seven minutes ago.