Okay, so after some thinking, I've finally decided to end my Kuroshitsuji One shots series. I wanted to try and make it to fifty but for the past year, my love for the series has dwindled seriously. Not because it's taken a turn for the worse, no. I have just found other interests that have replaced it.

My friend introduced the series to me in my last year of high school and I remember when I first started reading it that I though must have been seriously fucked up to read such a strange manga. But for the life of me I could not leave it alone. I just kept coming back to it over and over again until eventually it just had me hooked. Now it will forever hold a special place in my heart as one of the best manga series I have ever read but like with everyone it's time to move on.

There are several one shot's that had potential to be great fics, but I never had and probably never will have with any series, the patience or the time to continue on and write and finish a long fic. Wish I could but...

There are One shots in here that remain unfinished however, and for that I am sorry. I wish I could have continued them but the spark has just gone out of me.

I will say this however for all the wonderful fans of this series and of my work...

If any of you wish to build on any of my stories in Tales at Midnight, or use them as backgrounds for your own work then you have my permission as well as my blessing. I only ask you one thing, give credit to any of my work you use.

Never let this shipping die.

It's strange, it's beautiful, it what drives our creativity.

And remember always remember this...

Remember why you write. It is important. You write because you love character. You love these characters. You write because you love dialogue and narrative, in that order, and you love it even more when either reveals character without being expository. You write because you can't not. You write because you are compelled to. It is not just a mental need. It is a physical compulsion for you. If you cannot touch a pen to paper, if your fingers cannot flutter across a keyboard, you suffer. You lose it. You can't. Not. Write.

You do not write for others, though it can be great motivation and inspiration. Reactionary writing, too—you can feel a great compulsion to write when you feel you are responding to something. But you cannot let either of those things become the only reason you write. You cannot let every piece become a gift. You cannot make every piece a part of an argument or debate or conversation. You cannot let that happen, because if that happens, then you are no longer writing for yourself, and this is important.

Remember why you write. You write because the need to do so is overwhelming. You write because it makes you happy. You write because it keeps you healthy and sane. You write because you have to. You write because you can't not. You write because out of all the things you need to do in this world, you need to do something for yourself. And writing should be for yourself. Your words, your blood, your sweat, your tears, YOU!

But most of all THANK YOU!

All of you guys. Those of you who have stayed with me, commented, reviewed, drawn fanart and asked questions, those of you who became friends, with whom I exchanged e-mails and messages about writing and fandom and sometimes boring old real life itself, you guys especially, more than anybody. You guys. You ladies. You wonderful, glorious people, you.

Thank you.

With all my hear and soul.

Good luck and may all your writing be great.