So this is my first House of Night fic. I have always wanted to try it out and now I am finally able to after getting and idea. This doesn't really take place before or after anything, its pretty much AU. Also in this story Zoey becomes the Tulsa House of Night High Priestess and Neferet and Kalona are already beaten. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Italics-Claudia's thoughts

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I was walking home from one my many after school detentions while listening to my Ipod with only one headphone in my ear. I have five detentions that I have to serve this month and I've only done two, but what the hell it was all worth it. All my teachers are surprised that I get in trouble so much but can keep my grades close to straight A's. One of the many perks of being me, Claudia Martinez.

The detention I just finished serving was for disobeying Miss Richards about not dancing on the tables in the court yard. I get along with her great but she doesn't like that I disobey her and not follow the rules. I've been getting in trouble since I could remember, my Grandma and Aunt Gloria call me 'Little Owl' because owls are known to get in trouble alot but be very wise, hence I get in trouble so much but can still maintain a good G.P.A.

I don't think much of how the nickname I have relates to who I am I think its just a coincedance, but in my family being pretty much from Mexico and having a Native American heritage with a bunch of silly old stories,myths and legends, an owl is pretty important thing in my family like most animals.

My family likes the stories my grandma tells us at partys and gatherings that she got from her time as a young girl. I'm probably the only one who doesn't take the stories seriously like the rest of my family does. Some of them became researchers in that folklore stuff wanting to learn more about cultural history and what not but not me.

I love my Grandma to death, her and my Aunt Gloria are like my second moms since mine passed away when I was nine of a car accident but the stories she tells are just stories not the realistic things she makes them out to be. My family disapproves that I don't take the stories seriously and care more about my dancing and art work.

That being the reason I don't talk much with my family except my Grandma, Aunt, and of course my Dad. I love my Dad, hes my best friend in the entire world even if I don't see him alot. He travels around the United States alot to research stuff on Native Americans for his papers and books he writes.

He has been successful with his books and teaches at the University here and it keeps the roof over my head. Hes not to happy that I'm a troublemaker (which I fully admit that I am) but doesn't care since I keep my grades up. I'm glad that today we were going out to dinner to eat, I get to spend some time with him. I'm an only child and since I don't talk with my family that much and my Dad isn't home alot I'm pretty much a loner in my family but at school I have tons of friends, my best friends are Jordan and Jessica.

I've known both of them since 5th grade. Jordan is mixed spanish and black, Jess is Italian and American. Sometimes people think were related because of how close we are, plus were like insepreable.

We all have pretty much the same interest in the art and music thing. I like to dance and draw things, Jordan likes to rap and act, and Jessica is a singer and photographer. I don't know what I would do if I lost them, their my family.

I looked down forgetting about my thoughts to change the song that was playing but when I looked up I saw the vampyre dude standing there. A Tracker from the House of Night. I was hoping he was after some other kid but I was the only one on the sidewalk and in the area. I stood still hoping my name wasn't going to come out of his mouth. I didn't need this, I don't want this, but as usual nothing goes my way.

"Claudia Martinez! Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!"

I felt a big pain on my forhead and I grabbed onto it and fell to my knees. I knew what this ment, I just been marked as a fledgling vampyre and I have to live at the House of Night.

"Great freakin de-whoop! Like I don't have enough to deal with!" I thought to myself as I passed out from the pain. I felt that once I woke up my life was going to be far from normal.

I couldn't tell where I was, there was a very misty waterfall in front of me and huge trees around me. It was a forest.

"What the hell I am doing here?" I asked myself out loud.

"You are here because you have been given a wonderful oppertunity," said a woman voice.

I turned and saw a woman in a long gown that shone brightly and she light outlining her body. She was beautiful.

"Who are you? Where I am?" I asked.

"I am the goddess Nyx and you are in a realm of mine that is used to talk to my children," Nyx said.

"Children? Last time I checked I only had my dad."

"Not to be rude or anything but I don't exactly know you and your are not my mom so what the hell am I doing here? I want to go home," I said.

Nyx laughed. "Claudia this is a home for you, as I had said this is an oppurtunity for you to help me."

"Help you? I don't even know you."

"Claudia you may not know it but you have extraordinary abilities that can help save the world," Nyx said.

"Okay none of this makes sense. Can you please just tell me exactly why I'm here and why you need me to help you pass a message," I said.

"Certainly child."

"There goes the child thing again."

"There is a fledgling named Zoey Redbird that has defeated a ancient immortal named Kalona and his lover Neferet. She had gone through terrible experiences to reach her goal but there is something else lurking that she does not know of. I know of your heritage and you will be of much help to her, I need you to pass the message to her."

"So the oppurtunity is to help you and I'm here to help pass a message but what are the abillities your talking about and why can't you send the message? Your the Goddess." I said.

"You will soon recognize your abillities, you have had them all along daughter and I will not pass the message because Zoey and her friends will know thay can trust you once you pass the message," Nyx said fading away.

"What abillities? How am I supposed to help save the world?" I asked.

"Everything will soon be revealed, daughter," Nyx said as everything had gone blurry.

I woke up on the grass underneath a tree. I sat up and saw no one was still around.

"What did everybody decide to take a break off from life?"

I grabbed my Nike backpack and dug around for my makeup purse that had my mirror. I moved some of the bangs out of my face and saw it. The fledgling tattoo, except there was more than just the outline, there was some detailed swirls coming out from it.

"I thought fledglings were only supposed to have the outline and when they fully change theres more to the tattoo?"

I put the mirror away and moved some of my bangs to cover the mark and put on my big Aviator sunglasses. I grabbed my stuff and ran the rest of the way home.

A/N:So theres the first chapter. I promise it will get better and more interesting its just that its the first chapter and I wanted to introduce Claudia, but of course we'll learn more about her along the way. Review?