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I stopped in the door frame and looked at the girl Diana.

I was frozen in my spot and so was she when she stopped to get a good look at me. How the hell could this happen?

We looked like each other as if we could pass for twins! This Diana chick had the same brown eyes, body shape, and one thing I even forgot about my self was the mole under my right eye, except hers was under the left.

We stared at each other trying to make sure it wasn't a mirror or something we were looking at. We analyzed each other and I noticed the similarities and differences between us like I'm sure she did.

Her skin tone was the same as mine I was just a bit lighter, our hair was the same too but again mine was a lighter shade of her dark brown. Diana's hair was also straight and mine curled at the bottom. The other difference was she had glasses. She was also a bit taller, maybe about an inch or two. There were some slight differences but we could pass for twin sisters.

"Hi Im Claudia," I said getting out of the trance first. If I knew this was going to happen I would have asked Stark to stay so I knew I wasn't going crazy.

"I know. They told me when you would be coming, its nice to meet you," Diana said still looking at me as if she was still trying to figure out what was going on.

"Yea same here," I said closing the door. Did roommate always look alike?

Diana went back to putting her clothes away in the closest, what I'm sure she was doing before I came in.

To see what Diana was like I took a good look at the girl who was going to be rooming with me for the next four years, as Zoey had told me when she and Katherine were explaining stuff to me about the school. I was good at observing people and seeing what their quirks and stuff were.

I noticed she was quiet type but it was that scary kind of quiet like you were afraid to piss them off because you wouldn't know what to expect. She was kind of intimadating also, I've been described like that until people realize how loud I am. Diana looks as if she keeps to herself but will fight back if she needs to. Thats a million miles from me because I argue constantly with people and won't stop until I get what needs to be heard out or until I'm told I'm right.

"Diana could totally pass as my sister, we look so much alike and our personalities are almost the same but its mostly from guessing but just by looking at her I can sense it."

"Alright I suggest we go over the roommate rules and get to know each other better," she said while putting on a jacket that had a symbol on it.

"Roommate rules?" I asked.

"Yea like what is yours and whats mine?"

"Oh alright."

"Okay well first off, ask before you use my clothes, I had a problem with that with the last roommate I had, don't touch my cell phone I have a brother in the Army so I take any chance I can to talk to him, don't touch my cd's they belonged to my dad so pretty much don't touch my stuff and ask first," Diana said matter of factly and cocking her head to the side.

"Oh girl got attitude, I both admire and dislike like that. Two can play that game."

"Well the exact rules apply with me, especially the cell phone rule," I said with the same tone of voice. She wants to be demanding so can I.

"Good then maybe we should move on to the dating rule," Diana said moving towards me.

"Ah the dating rule, also known as the boyfriend rule," I said doing the same.

"I don't ever back down."

"Also known as the girlfriend rule, I'm bisexual," Diana told me.

"Then it seems we don't have a problem with that rule seeing as I'm straight," I told her.

"Wait you don't care I'm gay?" Diana asked surprised.

"Am I supposed to?" I asked. "I don't care who you date."

"I think you and I are going to get along fine," she smirked and walked back over to the closet.

"So is there room for me or I do put my stuff in a box?" I asked using my favorite language of sarcasm.

"The closet has both of our stuff in it, we share it but we also have our own dressers," Diana said.

I looked over at the bed that was by the bathroom that had the sheets and stuff folded up ready for the next person to sleep in it and I saw my two bags were half empty, Diana must have noticed my confusion.

"They put your clothes away for you in the closet and dresser, your stuff is in the bathroom on the second shelve, top one is mine, and all your other stuff is for you to unpack later and set up,"

I sighed in relief. I was glad they didn't touch my art supplies.

"A little possesive much?"

"No its just i'm real cautious about all my art stuff," I explained.

"Well I can't draw to save my life so don't worry about me touching your pretty little crayons," Diana smirked.

I rolled my eyes. I was going to love her, especially if she was sarcastic.

"Alright well I think its time for you to put your unifrom jacket on so we can go to class," Diana said tossing it to me.

"Uniform jacket?" I said catching it.

"Yea its just to let other fledglings know what year you are," Diana said opening the door.

I threw the jacket on and followed her out the door. We walked down the hallway to the front room of the dorm that Stark brought me in and Diana showed me the kitchen so we could grab some food before class.

Diana grabbed a bannana and juice I just got a bottle of water. Diana and continued to get to know each other as we walked to class, she only had second, third and fifth with me. She said that were lucky because most roommates don't have classes together.

As Diana and I walked she told me about her brother Isaac whos in the Army and about her parents. She never met her mom, she skipped out after she was born, no warning or anything. Her dad died three years ago of Tuberculosis. She was marked at 16 like me but is now 17.

"So your class is here and I'll see you for second," Diana said.

I nodded.

Diana walked away and I walked into class.


I turned to see Zoey sitting at one of the desks. I walked over to her.

"Hey High Priestess," I said smiling and doing the bow I saw Katherine do.

"Nice your learning," Zoey smiled.

"Actually I was trying to be smart ass but whatever tickles your peach," I said sitting in the desk next to hers.

"I deal with smart asses all day, your gonna have to do a little better."

"Yes your majesty!" I said saluting.

Zoey laughed. "So you how did you do with your roommate?"

"Well I didn't get to talk to her very much but she seems cool and weirdly she looks like she can be my twin," I told her. Maybe Zoey might know whats going on.

"Really?" Zoey asked surprised.

"Yea I mean there is some slight personality differences and physical ones but she could totally pass for being my sister or something. Its eerie," I explained.

"I don't know what to tell you, Claudia. I never heard of anything like that before," Zoey said. She really looked as if she wanted to help me and as if she was trying to understand herself. What the hell was going on in this school.

"Speaking of which, are you ever going to tell me whats going on?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like about that Neferet chick and Darkness and whatever the hell Stark was talking about being a Guardian, ringin an bells here princess?" I asked.

"Okay now your being a smart ass and not a very nice one. At dinner tonight I'll tell you everything deal?" Zoey said with her hand out.

"Deal," I said also putting my hand out but Zoey grabbed my forearm instead.

"This is how we handshake at the House of Night."

I looked up to see Zoey give me a 'Whos a smart ass now?' look.


We got situated in our seats as the bell rang and I got ready for my first class at the House of Night.