Have you ever wondered what it was like to actually escape from it all, to escape from the terrifying world of reality? Do you want to be able to rest without a worry, and see the unreal? That could be possible, if you use your imagination, but you must use it right. There is always a price to pay if you get too carried away with your thoughts. You might get lost if you do so.

There are many worlds known to human beings, may it be their own creation or those of another person. Video games, books, television shows, even dreams. They all exist somewhere, even if you don't know the way to enter that world. Some worlds you may not want to go to by will, but you may get trapped within it through the loss of your own humanity. Worlds like these should never be touched. If they ever were to be breached by a human being, someone is to blame.

The real world is tough. May you be a child at a daycare, a teenager in high school, or an adult with a job, there is no escaping the endless pain of what cannot be simply shoved away. There is always homework to be done, in order to attain a successful career in the future. Adults must work if they want to support themselves and their families.

Many other things can affect the human heart. Weakness can always shine through. Someone you love can pass away, and love can be a lie. Is love what truly makes the world go round, if it brings so much pain? Boyfriends and girlfriends cheat on each other, or just want something that can never be given back. Children may never be born at times. Dread and woe can come from this. Why then, why is this love needed? What is the point to it?

Why am I asking you these questions? You'll see. Trials as big as the one I have face alongside my friend can go a long way, and teach one of a thing called hope. Partnership and holding onto your wits can get you through more than you can ever imagine.

"Phew, what a long day of walking that was…" I yawned, gazing up at the night sky as I walked along the sidewalk. My friend, Sydney, who I had planned to meet at a convention in this state, followed closely behind, just in case.

"Well, yeah, walking sucks, but at least we got cool stuff, right?" In her clenched fists were the handles of plastic bags, each holding all sorts of goodies. I carried a Pokémon plush close to me. It was hard to resist the little bugger.

"You're right." I smile, yawning once again. I rubbed an eye underneath my glasses with a free hand. "Anyway…" I began, trying to start up a conversation. "How're things back at home for you, Syd? Have things gotten any better?"

Sydney, or Bright, the name I most commonly know her as, grumbled and shook her head. "Dad's still an ass, and so is my stupid brother. I have to do the dishes on Sundays to make Dad happy as usual, and Jeremy still won't stop bothering me about everything." She huffed. "Things must be better for you."

We took a turn, still lost in our conversation about how shitty our lives are. Yeah, I know, pleasant conversation, right?

"Well, I wouldn't say that." My gaze went to the ground, watching my feet keep gliding across the hardened cement. "It's hard having all these emotional issues… You know, with the medication, blah, blah, blah. It still makes me upset when my parents argue, and I'm afraid for when school actually starts. Some students can be such liars sometime."

"At least you don't live in a shithole like I do. Wish the kids wouldn't mess shit up a lot. It doesn't make it any better that we have our 'issues.'" She made this discreet, seeing as we were in public, and it wouldn't be good for people to know that we had 'problems'.

"I know what you mean. I hope no one makes fun of you for that."

"If anyone knew, I bet they would. Bunch of assholes, that's what these guys are."

I held the plush close, frowning. "Sucks." I reply, shaking my head slightly. "It's a shame how the world is… I hate it that there are bad people. Assholes that make fun of people for no good reason, gangs, rapists, murderers, I wish the world was a safer place."

"Yeah, people are fucked up."

"Yeah…" I stopped, seeing that we've reached a corner, and turned my head towards Sydney. "Say, Syd," I question, "Do you even know where we can find a taxi to go back to the hotel we're staying at?"

She stared at me blankly. "…I thought you knew."

"I suck at directions! Aw shit, we're screwed." I started cussing repeatedly in my head, my worry levels reaching its peak. What if we were stolen off of the street, what if I never see my family again, what if I die? Okay, maybe that was a bit too dramatic, but that's the way I usually am.

"Wait, I think I see a taxi right there." Sydney pointed to a regular yellow taxi with the usual sign on its roof.

"Oh, would you look at that. I guess we're lucky." Nervously, I lead us to the vehicle, now immediately becoming shy. I was never good with talking to strangers. For some reason, the windows were tinted, so I couldn't see the driver. A window opened on the other side.

"Do you need a lift to someplace, girls?" The driver asked.

"Y-y-y-yeah," I stuttered, immediately flushing.

"Where to?" He asked.

"W-Well, there's a hotel around here that we're staying at. We lost our way," I gathered my courage to continue, seeing that Sydney was hiding behind me even though I was much shorter, "Could you please take us there?"

"Yeah. I know which one you're talking about. You have to pay a fee, first, even if it isn't that far."

"Crap…" I muttered. "How much is it for a ride?"

"Not much. It costs at least seven bucks to hitch a ride there. You have enough?"

Thank goodness I didn't spend too much. There didn't seem to be much that I liked at the con, for the most part. "Yep." I reached into a purse I had slung to my shoulder and removed my wallet, taking out a five and two one dollar bills.

"You can pay me when you get inside. There's a cup in the cup holder to put your payment in."

Sydney gave a questioning look. I too, felt as if that was a bad system. "O…kay." I answered.

"Get in."

Since I was the only one with a free hand, I opened the door, holding it so that Sydney could get in. I slipped inside once she took her seat and buckled her seatbelt, placing the money in the small plastic cup. It was the only money in there. Gee, I wonder why.

Once I shut the door and fastened my seatbelt as well, the taxi started running and made a turn. On the way there, we talked some more about our lives. There was a divider between us and the driver, so we were sure he wouldn't hear us, whoever he was.

"So where was I…?" I trailed off; staring out the window as I usually would, at least, if I didn't have a portable gaming system with me.

"We were talking about how messed up people are."

"Oh, yeah."

Our conversation kept going on for a long time. It felt as if we had been going in circles. As I stared out the window, I could see the same sign over and over, the same people over and over and the same buildings over and over. It's no wonder that this guy doesn't get paid. He must piss off the passengers that he ever gets a chance to pick up and drive them around in circles just for their reactions.

Ah well, at least it gave Sydney and I some time to chat. It was tiring to let off some steam for such a long period of time. My eyelids started to grow heavy, and I had been yawning for quite a while. Reluctantly, I let them shut, drifting off into a deep sleep. Sydney did the same, eventually.

"Hey. You're at your stop. Wake up. C'mon, do I have to honk the horn?"

A terribly loud HOOOOOOOOOOONK ensued afterwards.

Both of us immediately woke up, blinking.

"Took you long enough." Sydney retorted.

"Yeah, really…"

The driver grunted. "Well, you can get out now. Have fun, kids."

Sydney and I glanced at each other, a look questioning 'really?' in its gesture. We both made our way out, opening the door and scooting off of the seats.

I frowned. My plush wasn't in my arms. "Hey, sir…" I poked my head inside of the car. "Where's our stuff?"

"Huh?" He questioned. "I don't remember you girls carrying anything into this taxi. If you did, you must have dropped it before you came in, or something."

"But-" Before I could even close the side door, the wheels screeched and the taxi wheeled off like a racecar, leaving us in the dust.

"…The freakin hell was that?" Sydney stared.

"…I don't know." I turned to face her. "C'mon, let's just get to the hotel."

I turned my head back to the road in front of us. Never did I expect a sight quite like this.

A dense fog drifted through the dead woods. Leafless trees hung over the two of us like hungry vultures. The grass underneath our feet was devoid of life, yellowing by the second. The path ahead was narrow and gray, and silence was our only company that we could identify. Headstones spread throughout the fields like a plague. My eyes widened at the sight. I swear I've seen something like this somewhere before, but I couldn't put my finger on it…


I silenced Sydney with my index finger raised in front of her face. "Shh." I warned. I've seen this, and it's killing me. Where have I seen this before? I motioned Sydney to follow me. Hesitant, she nodded, keeping close as we both treaded through the eerie woods. Nothing made a sound. The suspense thickened…

My eyes scanned the graves. Nothing of particular interest could be found. This was true, until I actually took a gander to the dirt underneath us. A few skulls littered the cemetery. I shuddered. "E-eww." Shaking my head, I had us move onwards. My foot hit something made of glass. I stared down. It was a bottle, possibly for an alcoholic beverage.

"…Who in the right mind would drink booze in the middle of a-"

"Quiet!..." I jumped slightly from the sudden voice. I knew it was Sydney, but still, when things are as tense like this, anything could give me a heart attack at this point.

We were about to pass a circle of graves until I felt something grip my ankle. It felt rather bony. Slowly, I tipped my head down to see a skeletal hand being the thing that held onto my leg. For a moment of silence, Sydney and I stared. Seeing as this was very abnormal, I was obliged to scream. I did just that.

"AAAAUGH!" I flailed my leg around, pulling something out of the ground. Sydney immediately kicked it off.

The figure growled, echoing in a sinister sense. Red eyes flickered, causing a light of its crimson shade to reveal the form of an undead creature.

I immediately knew what it was.

"OH MY FUCKING JE-" Sydney screamed.

I paled. "FREAKIN RUN!" I yelled, snatching her by the wrist and tugging her forwards. The chase was on.

"BODIES!" The voice shrieked from behind.

When we thought it wasn't following us anymore, it would pop up from one of the graves, begging us to give up our lives for its own. Hell no, mother- yeah I shouldn't say such things.

About to cry, I kept running as fast as my short legs could take the two of us. Sydney kept spouting a ton of curses as we ran. That thing was catching up to us fast.

I was about to panic until I saw a building yards away from us. Right now was not the time to examine said structure, so I quickly swung the door open and pulled Sydney in, having the double doors slam behind us and slapping the creature right in the face. Hell yeah.

The only thing that we could hear right now was our heavy breaths. That was freaking scary.

"Oh my…holy…fuck…" Sydney stammered.

I kept breathing, examining the room around us. A large table sat by the front door. It looked like this was a lobby of some sort. Nearby was a desk, with not too many items placed on it. The most noticeable thing there would be an old book. A door sat behind the desk, for some reason. At the back of the room also laid two double doors. This looked awfully familiar.

The door behind the desk creaked open, and the flame of a small candle flickered in the dark.

"Excuse me, but do you need a room for the night?"

…Oh, crap.