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Since it was such a late hour, nobody seemed to be present in the halls. Internally, I sighed. It was kind of lonely, even if I had a strong dislike towards most of the guests in the building, only because they can do harm to me here. Now, if I was back in the real world, then things would be different.

I made sure to be extra quiet when passing Catherine's office, even though she probably wasn't working in there now. As far as I could tell, everyone was asleep. This fact made me wonder if Gregory ever slept. He never seemed to.

I approached a corner and turned, still being as cautious as ever. As I passed the judgment factory, I could hear the clanking and cranking of the beams and rails which supported the judgment boys. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one were detached. Maybe they'd fall through the floor or something, I don't know.

Once again, I find myself in the hallway where the Mummy family's room is located up ahead. My heart pounds slightly, in which I frown and continue on. When I stepped near the steel door which led out to the garden, I could hear laughter.

Softly, I pressed my ear against the door. It was the mummy dogs alright. However, I could've sworn I heard I feminine voice in the bunch, yet it sounded so alike to the other two. I closed my left eye and eased the other by the keyhole and looked through it. There was another dog. She was tall, sleek, and blue, which overall gave her a more pleasant appearance than the boys by far. Her gown also helped differentiate, and oddly enough, a plant which looked like the piranha plants in the Mario series was growing out of her head.

"Mummy Mama..." I murmur, narrowing my eye slightly. It would be best not to disturb them... They looked like they were having a grand time as a family. It actually wrenched my heart. The family was so happy… while everything in this hotel would be dreadful. How they managed by being together touched me. Shaking my head, I sighed. I really did miss my family. One way or another, I swear I'd get out of here if it was the last thing I do.

On high-alert, I continued my little exploration and crept around the next corner, making sure not to make a sound. I felt abnormally tense. These halls felt like they stretched on for miles, even if they only took a few minutes to get by. Maybe it'd take even a minute to go through one if you were running for your dear life.

I reached the stairwell on the other end of the hall. My eyes scanned the area suspiciously as I climbed up, just to be sure I wouldn't be spotted by someone. The floorboards creaked underneath my feet, which made me tremble slightly. Every ten seconds I turned my head around, just in case anyone would be following from behind. This place certainly could make you paranoid to a high degree.

Yet again, there was that odd door where this new person apparently worked and slept. On my toes, I went over to the keyhole and peeked inside. That same guy from before was in there... He wore a navy blue top with a pocket protector on his left side, which held a spare pen. One eye was ice blue, which had a somewhat piercing look to it. A monocle hung around that eye, while the other was a hypnotic golden swirl with a purple backdrop. That side of his face was practically torn and revealed that inside, he was actually made of metal. His arm on that side was bare, showing no cover whatsoever, and there was a hole in his chest around there, too. I could see a mechanical heart. It was beating ever so slowly...

Gray hair hung on his cranium wherever there wasn't a tear. He had ears like a normal person as well. What unnerved me a bit more was that he had a mouth like Lost Doll, which made him look kind of like a puppet. At least he had a beard, which made it a bit less horrible to look at, since I found it a bit more bearable. Lastly, he simply wore black pants and shoes.

This man was holding a clipboard, and it seemed like he was talking to someone. Slowly, I turn a bit to see. Ah, Cactus Gunman. Why was he here so late at night?

"Please, tell me what the problem is," The odd man asked in a calm, monotone voice. As he spoke, he took out a clipboard and removed his pen from his pocket, clicking the back so the point would pop out.

The cactus on the other side cringed, then tilting his sombrero downwards as if to hide his uneasiness. "There are these leetle noises c-coming from outside of my room..." He shuddered. "I don' know what they are, but because of them, I cannot sleep. Please help me."

I couldn't help but smile a bit. Poor Cactus Gunman, having to be so insecure. Maybe now's the time I'd stop stalking. Before I left, I made sure to read the sign next to the door. It read, 'Hypno Earl's hypnotic therapeutic services.' Earl... I'll keep that in mind.

The library should have a few more books that could be snagged at this time, so I decided to go and take some, just in case. It's always a good thing to be extra prepared for anything, especially if something is needed to calm the nerves.

Still, the hallways remained clear. Sometimes I felt as if I could hear the faint sound of footsteps. Having an acute sense of hearing was a blessing and a curse.

The library was close by, which was quite the advantage. I didn't want to make any noise from walking around too much. With this in mind, I made sure to open the door in a way that would keep it from creaking as much as it usually would.

Most of the books weren't very interesting, to say the least. Usually, I'd be into fiction. To be more specific, fantasy. Even supernatural books would interest me. Ones I could find were books on health, physics, self-help... All of them were rather boring. I scanned the shelves further and found one related to lost souls. What would something like this be doing around here? Didn't Gregory want to keep new guests from finding out the truth of this dreaded hellhole? Even so, I snagged it. It'd be an interesting read later.

With the book tucked under my arm, I snuck out of the library and trotted to my room in silence. I could barely see, which was quite irritating, to say the least.

Eventually I made it back to the bedroom. My eyes felt cloudy and I yawned briefly. Now would be a good time to get some sleep. I opened the drawer to the desk and slid the treasure of a book inside, then pushing the drawer back into place. Tired, I removed my glasses from my face and placed them on the tabletop, then sliding back up into bed. When would I get my hands on my first soul? Only time would be able tell... Closing my eyes, I instantly drifted into slumber.

At least four hours later, Bright awoke to find herself in bed without a jar cradled in her arms. The soul was successfully handed over to Death. She yawned, pulling her tail back up from the edge of the bed. In curiosity of Erica's well-being, she peeked over the edge of her bunk to find her partner sound asleep.

"That's what she gets for not going to bed early..." Bright murmured, and then taking the ladder to help her down onto the floor.

She pondered on what her next course of action would be.

'It's early. Breakfast may be soon, and who knows how many people will be there...?' She wondered. 'Maybe if I hide under the table... I'll get a crapload of information. It's genius.'

With a bright smile on her face, she slipped out the door and headed for the dining room in a silent fashion. There, she slid under the table and made sure her tail wouldn't be swishing around and possibly brushing against one's legs.

"...Ew, it's dirty under here." She complained to herself in a whisper. Her eyes scanned the rug momentarily, finding a few crumbs here and there, as well as some stains, which hopefully from food and not something else.

For an hour being the longest, she had herself curled under the table, waiting for some of the guests to arrive. She cringed at the thought of the ones who intimidated her the most, but now was a time to be a team player. Her ears perked at the sounds of footsteps, as well as voices.

"So, what do you theenk about the new guests, Catherine? I haven't seen them yet..." A feminine Spanish accent could be heard beyond the doors. They creaked as they opened as two guests let themselves in and sat down next to each other. Bright froze, making sure to be quiet and as still as a rock.

"Ohh, the human is simply adorable. The other one is pretty ugly, if you ask me."

Bright rolled her eyes. 'Thanks, psycho bitch.'

"For some reason, the thought of the human's blood riles me up." Catherine then cackled ominously. "I have a surprise planned for her...a blood test, simply as a housewarming gift."

Bright perked. 'Oh shit, Erica's gonna be in big trouble... I have to warn her when I get back to her.' She frowned, now anxious.

"But Catherine, that eesn't right... Eesn't it?"

'Go on, tell the bitch what's right.'

"I mean... We don't want them to be weakened just yet, do we?"

Catherine paused, tucking her large syringe under her arm. She quirked a brow and glanced over at the cactus sitting right next to her. "That may be so, but it has to be done sometime..." She giggled.

'Shit.' Bright cussed in her mind.

More guests started to flood in and occupy the seats, which made Bright uneasy. 'If I ever get to telling you the news, Erica, you better be thankful...'

"Mrgh..." Groggily, I sat up and opened my eyes. Here, it still felt like it was nighttime. Why did this place have to be dark every hour of the day?

Hopping out of bed, I rubbed my eyes to be rid of the sleepiness and went over to grab my glasses and place them back on. Looks like Bright left not too long ago, seeing that her bunk was vacant.

A bit hesitant, I strode over to our door, peeking through the keyhole just in case anyone was going to bump into me. If only I knew what time it was, then it'd be easier to know the locations of the other guests. No one seemed to be coming, so I stepped outside and made sure to close the door behind me. Not like that would keep anyone from snooping.

I had a feeling that it'd be best to go to the lobby. Something was bound to happen there since it was pretty much the center of the building where most events would occur, especially the arrival of new guests. That'd only be important to Gregory...

Once there, I checked if there were any clocks for me to find the time. There didn't seem to be any. Hearing voices from the dining room, it was probably morning or noon. If it were any later than that, I probably beat my record for the longest time I slept from night to whenever.

"Should I...?" I asked myself, a bit shaky at the thought of actually speaking to any guests or checking the room. Who knew how many people were in there, especially the ones I feared most. Shaking the feeling off, I looked inside to see some of the kids for a split second, but it looked like the doors were about to be opened.


The doors burst open, causing me to fall back and scramble back to my feet. Most of them didn't seem to be very interested with me, like My Son. The little clock child started heading to the storeroom to work on the grandfather clock in there.

One, however, had a spark in his eye. "Hey!" That voice was awfully familiar. I'm surprised I didn't hear the usual term from his mouth.

A child with a red face hopped up to greet me, his black eyes staring up endearingly through his brunette bangs. As if a hat, a roulette wheel hung on his head and he wore a checkered outfit to match the theme. It was Roulette Boy, which was just peachy.

"You don't look like you're having much fun. Why don't you play with me? I know the perfect game!"

"Well, I really-"

"Okay, let's go!"

With a tight grip he held my arm and started pulling me over to the basement door. I guess I was going to play the only game in which a terribly sadist child could think of himself: Hell's Roulette. With only a split second to look back at the blur of other guests, I was brought downstairs without much time to have a say in anything.

"I hope Erica's still in our room..." Once the dining room had emptied out, Bright shot out from under the table when the coast became clear. Swiftly, she made her way to the bedroom to check and see if her friend was still asleep in her bunk. However, little Bright know that Erica was going to be involved in an unforgettable board game.