The young, violet eyed man stood tied against the trunk of a tree, the coarse fibers of the rope rubbing painfully against his bare flesh. He was naked, defeated, and humiliated, and worst of all, his entire village stood around him, staring. Their eyes were as wide as the full moon, yet they seemed soulless, empty, disbelieving.

A tall brunet unsheathed his puukko and pressed it against the smaller man's naked chest. It was sharp, and it cut into his skin slightly, causing a river of red blood to dribble down. The violet eyed man groaned and glared up at his captor, defeated, but not willing to go down like a coward.

The brunet frowned at his prisoner, and growled out a simple question.

"Did you love him?" the puukko was pressed slightly harder into the prisoner's chest, causing him to heave out a pained sigh before responding.

"Yes," he gasped.

"You loved him, you loved the traitor?" The puukko was pushed in further, lightly touching a rib. The violet eyed man yelped in pain and looked down, his eyes and mouth agape. The incision, he could see it.

The brunet angled the sharp blade away from the bone and in the direction of the heart.

"For helping him and housing him, I, the de-facto leader of the village, officially declare you a traitor as well." and with a final stab and an ear shattering yelp, the prisoner was executed.

((A/N: I know, what a violent way to begin a fanfic. Sorry if you are squeamish, the first real chapter will be far less violent, I promise.

As the ancient Finns (the villagers) had no written language, I am taking my liberties with how their society actually operated, so forgive me if it isn't too accurate. Also, a puukko is a kind of traditional Finnish knife.))