Six years had passed, and obviously, Berwald's sprained ankle had healed. His relationship with Tino had healed as well, in fact, it had grown stronger.

A testament to the strength of their relationship sat on the shelf above the fireplace in their new house. It was a silver framed photograph depicting Tino and Berwald. They were formally dressed and locked in a sweet kiss. Two years ago, same-sex marriage had become legal in the state of Kentucky, and the couple found themselves at the courthouse in their best suits only a week later.

Tino and Berwald were sitting on the living room sofa, which was directly across from the fireplace. Their hands were intertwined, and Tino was resting his head on one of Berwald's strong shoulders. Hanatamago, meanwhile, was lying in Tino's lap, enjoying the way he scratched her behind the ears.

The calm domestic scene was interrupted when the shrill sound of a baby crying drifted from the top floor of the house.

"Sounds like Peter's up." said Tino with a soft sigh.

Berwald rose from the couch, "I'll bring 'em down."

Soon, Berwald returned to the living room with the newly adopted addition the family cradled in his arms. Peter was still a newborn, and his hair was little more than blond peach fuzz. What hair he lacked on his head was more than made up for by his comically thick eyebrows.

"I can't get over how tiny he is." Tino said, taking the baby from his husband.

"He's a n'w baby, they all 'r tiny." Berwald said.

"Thank you for pointing that out." Tino said with a hint of good humored sarcasm in his voice.

Berwald just smiled, and Tino melted. He never would have guessed that everything would turn out so perfectly. He had Berwald, Hana, and now Peter, and nothing was better than that.

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