Turned Towards The Wrong Person

Hiya~! This here is my FIRST story, so please don't be harsh! I'm sure my writing skills will keep improving :D ! I'll make the story as interesting as it gets and left with cliffhang-eys! I'm just gonna make sure you guys are curious as to what happens next.. ^.^

CHAPTER ONE: Teeny-weensy Feelings


I sighed and lazily slouched down in the seat that was in my boring house. I looked over at the silent blonde, who was holding a small drawing pad with a pencil just staring at the blank page. I looked on over at the raven-haired girl who fiddled with her nails. Finally, somebody decided to say something.

"Aye, Riri, aren't you bored?" Xion asked. I shook my head.

"Haha, no, I'm having lotsa fun, Nio! Of course I'm bored, isn't it obvious we all are?" I playfully replied. She giggled and looked over at Namine, who now closed her drawing pad and tugged it into her shoulder bag. I grinned and sat up.

"We should go to Sora's!" I suggested happily. Xion nodded and we both looked over at Namine.

"You up for it, Nene?" Xion asked. Namine looked at us with and 'isn't-it-obvious?' look. Sora's older sister, Yuffie, could make amazing smoothies. From fruit smoothies to chocolate milkshakes- it was like heaven drinking one made by her. Sora seemed like the luckiest person to come home to amazing beverages. I stood up and skidded towards my front door, with Nene and Nio following. We gave each other those nicknames, that only us three BFFL's called each other. If anyone else did we'd bitch-slap them. Okay, maybe not do THAT but we'd still get back at them! I eagerly turned my doorknob to the outdoor daylight. I took a long, happy breath of the fresh air. Yes, I like Sora. I can't wait to see him! He's my best-guy friend, aside from Riku. I'm scared of ever confessing to him.. because I like the way our friendship is right now. If he doesn't feel the same, I can't risk losing our frienship. Namine stood beside me and looked up at the sunny sky, shielding her face with her hand. Xion playfully shoved me so she could get out and then looked at me with a 'Whatta hell?' look. I giggled and skipped towards Sora's house, which was right across us. It was either Nene and Nio were to slow, or I was to fas- nahh, they're just slow. I turned around from Sora's yard and lifted and eyebrow. When Nene and Nio finally made it, I gave them a small lecture.

"You guys are so slow! I was only skipping!" I said with my hands on my hips.

"Noooo, you have that all wrong. You're so FAST." Nio replied with a slight snitch.

"Yeeaah, I'll bet 'cause she can't wait to see Sora..!" Nene wiggled her eyebrows. I slightly blushed and turned back to the house.

"Shuttup!" I shouted back hiding my embarassment. I looked up at the door and knocked the special beat that told Sora and his family it was us. Someone opened the door and our eyes were slightly wide looking at the person in front of us. Nene slightly blushed, and I'm sure I did to because he raised and eyebrow at us.

"Oh, uhh, err," I stuttered. Nio laughed and rolled her eyes, looking up at her older cousin, Sora's brother.

"Hi Terra!" she waved her hand at him. Yep, Terra. He's just so hot. Even though I like Sora, Terra's cuteness could stun a girl. I shook my head at my thought. Oh, hush Kairi! Obviously my older sister Aqua has a thing for him! Besides I'm sticking to Sora. But still... he is cute-ish. Ah, whatever, I'll just ignore this. I got out of the thought when Terra waved his hand in front of me, laughing.

"You back on earth, Kairi?" He laughed. I noticed Nio and Nene were laughing to and I couldn't help myself but laugh to.

"Uh, yeah. I think so," I chuckled and he made room for us to step into the house. I smelled the Sora smell. Yeah, Sora smells goood. I giggled and looked over at Yuffie who was now in front of us.

"Hmmm, what can I get for the three cutest girls in the world?" she complimented us.

"Heehee, the usual," Namine said smiling at her. I liked the strawberry-lemonade smoothie, Nio with the watermelon shake, and Nene with the pineapple-mango smoothie.

"Oh, and add in a Sora for the redhead here!" Nio added and chuckled. I blushed like 3 shades of red and they all laughed.

"Alrighty!" Yuffie grinned. Her great mood put a smile on our faces. She looked up at the stairs and yelled out Sora's name before heading into the kitchen to make our smoothies.


I skidded on down the stairs and looked at the three girls who were sitting and the counter stools. I smiled and gave Kairi a friendly hug. I had the feeling that she didn't wanna let go.. but she did. I looked over at Namine. Her stunning bright blue eyes glowed up the room, and her dazzling light-blonde hair sparkled. She has this amazing personality and is just and awesome but great person. Wait.. what am I thinking. Do I... LIKE HER? There was only one way to find out now. I gave her a friendly hug and I just didn't wanna let her go, but I had to eventually. Shit. I do like her. Crap, crap, crap. Wait, isn't liking a person a good thing? No. Not if your cousin likes her too. Damn it. I looked over at Xion who raised an eyebrow at me.

"Ew, I'm related to you. I don't need a hug." Xion stuck her tongue out at me. I made a 'tch' sound and stuck my tongue out back at her.

"The hell..? What are you, eight?" I turned around to look at Terra.

"Oh, shuttup, don't act like you don't have moments like this!" I stated.

"I'm not acting because I never have moments like that anymore," he teased me and walked over to the couch. I sighed and Yuffie had our smoothies ready. I grabbed mines and sat next to Xion, who was already chugging hers down.


"It's ironic how the weekends are always what you look forward to, but they sometimes end up being so boring," I sighed and looked over at Roxas, who's eyes were glued to the T.V. screen. He sighed too and put down the remote, turning off the game.

"I have a feeling going to Sora's house right now is gonna change that," He muttered. I picked up my phone to think of ringing him, but it was useless because he was my neighbor anyways. I stood up and Roxas and I made our way there. Roxas knocked on the door to see Xion open it. Xion slightly gasped a gasp of enlightenment.

"Roxas!" she was happy to see her best friend.

"Xion!" Roxas called out back and they hugged in a we're-hugging-in-a-friendly-but-not-love-way. Xion looked over at me and smiled while waving. I smiled at her. Xion, she was just so pretty. Her smile was contagious all the time. Yeah, yeah, it's obvious I like her, 'cause I do.


I looked over at Roxas. He smiled a cute smile and laughed a cute laugh. Like how Kairi likes Sora, I like Roxas. Just scared to admit it- still the same reason as Kairi to Sora. They stepped in and Kairi and Yuffie jumped up.

"Let's play truth-or-dare!" they shouted excitedly in unison. I gulped, and I heard Roxas and Riku gulp too. I had a feeling something weird would happen.


I looked at Namine who just nodded. I decided to step into the game too because she did. It was obvious I like her.. Sora and Riku were the only ones that knew. And only because they confiscated sea-salt ice-cream away from me 'till I spilled out the secret.


I nodded at Roxas and turned to Riku. I slightly blushed when he turned to me and I smiled at him then looked away. If I had looked any longer I'd look like a freakin' cherry right now. Riku, I don't know yet if I can see us two together. I shrugged off the thought and looked at Kairi, who was eager to start the game. I was nervous, but heck, the game was practically calling out to me.

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