"M-maybe if we stay still they won't notice us...?" Kairi stuttered as she attempted to keep herself and her bestfriend calm. They were both backed up on the wall as several shadow heartless lingered through the room. Wait a sec...maybe I can summon my keyblade! That one keyblade that Riku gave me that one time! Kairi took a long breath and closed her eyes, trying to focus energy into calling her keyblade. She clenched her fist and opened her eyes. One more time Kairi, one more! She shut her eyes closed tight and tried calling for that deep, deep light in the abyss of her heart. She clenched her fist once again, and as her eyes fluttered open she stomped on the ground quite hard. Ugh! It's no use!

"Uhm, Riri, staying still isn't exactly working right now," Namine gasped as her eyes filled with horror at the sight of heartless crawling towards them. "All we can hope for is that Sora, Roxy, and Riku come and save the day or something." Realizing what she said, she giggled at the thought of them being in some kind of fairytale. Kairi took notice.

"You're giggling? Hey! This isn't the time for laughing Nene!" Kairi stated backing up closer to the wall, seeing as the heartless was crawling near them. Uh, did she just say 'Roxy'? ROXY?The redhead shook her head. Shutup Kairi! Er, Kairi-voice in my head! This isn't the time to fluster on about THAT. I'll ask her later!Namine sighed and moved to a corner so she could back up into the wall deeper.

"Eeep!" Kairi screeched as the heartless clinged onto her.

"Agh!" Namine buried herself deeper into the room corner. "Kairi!"

"Ollette?" Riku's widened eyes blinked as he stared at his ex.

"Riku?" Ollette wasn't so suprised at the sight of him- they were eventually going to encounter with him anyways, but what suprised her was that his appearance took quite some..change. Her eyes slightly widened. He's even more handsome than when I saw him a year ago. Who knew faces could change so much in ONE YEAR? He had definitely grown taller, his hair along with that. And his face seemed more mature, now that she noticed.

"Guys!"Sora groaned. "Now isn't the time for a reunion!" He summoned Oathkeeper, and Roxas nodded summoning Oblivion.

"Ollette, just...go and, oh I dunno, stand by that lightpost or something!" Roxas gestured to a lightpost that wasn't quite far from them, but far enough to not be harmed by heartless. He blinked srunched his eyebrows together- it felt wierd for him saying her name. Her, as in the girl that was his best friend once. Her, as in the girl he once crushed on. Her, as in the girl who changed- personality wise, when meeting her real parents. Her, as in the girl who dated Riku once. Ollette turned her head at the mention of her name, and looked at Roxas. Her lime eyes softened for a while looking at him, but she shook it off and did what she was told, running to the lightpost. Riku blinked and shook his head, clearing his mind. He summoned Way to Dawn once again and took his fighting stance, along with the three others. They together finished a small crowd of heartless in less than five minutes.

"Phew!" Sora wiped some sweat of his forehead. Fighting heartless was tiring now- he hadn't done it in almost a year. "C'mon guys! We still have to get to Kairi and Namine!" His eyes were filled with concern thinking of the girls as Ollette returned to the group.

"We'll come, too!" she nodded at Larxene reassure everything and then turned around to follow the trio.

"Okay then...?" Roxas caught his breath and blinked again. Why would she want to stay with.. us? Oh, right. She probably came to see Riku or whatnot.He shook his head and ran forward to Kairi's place, everyone else following. Riku hestitated at the thought that Ollette was gonna stay with them, but decided that Kairi and Namine were most important right now.

It didn't take them a while to get there, seeing as it was pretty much right around the corner of the neighborhood. Roxas, being as friendly as he was stopped to knock at the door. Sora rolled his eyes and opened it, simply running into the house.

"Upstairs!" Roxas suggested. With that, everyone made their way up the stairs, checking the rooms they passed by. The last room to check was Kairi's, and it was obvious they were in there since they were hearing muffles of screeches behind the door. Roxas once again, attempted to knock, but before he could Sora busted through it again. He dropped his shoulders.

"I really have to change that habit..." Roxas muttered making his way into the room. They were greeted with another tiny screech from Kairi.

"I can't believe that's actually working, Riri!" Namine's mouth was agape in shock. With that, everyone turned their heads towards Kairi, who was violently stomping on the small heartless.

"Well, I'm not so suprised, seeing as they pretty much look like oversized flies without wings.." Kairi shrugged, stomping on another one. That was when the two girls finally took notice of everyone that had randomly appeared in the room. She gasped and ran behind the three boys, grabbing Namine as well. "FINALLY! Thank ANSEM you guys are here now! What took you so freakin' long?..!" She then looked over at Ollette and her eyes widened even more, Namine's jaw dropping deeper. "YOU BRANG HER?" The two bestfriends said it in unison. Ollette rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"Naaaaw," she wrinkled her nose at the sight of the other girls. Riku groaned.

"Now isn't the time, okay? We can all talk when the heartless is gone." he took a deep breath looking at the horde of heartless all over the room. "There's so much.." he added in a mumble.

"I know! Urgh," Sora sighed and dropped his shoulders.

"I'm not suprised. Kairi's the princess of heart, her heart is pure light. Of course the heartless are drawn to it. They're all coming here..." Roxas stated the fact that was pretty much the most obvious thing in the whole world.

"Shutup, smartass." Sora rolled his eyes. "We knew that.." Everyone in the room knew that was definitely a lie.

"Whatever. Don't be so jealous, Sora," Roxas stared daggers at the boy.

"I AM N-"

"IF WE DON'T FIGHT THEY'LL NEVER DISAPPEAR!" Sora was cut of by a very annoyed Larxene. Everyone was astounded at her outburst, but at the same time agreed. Those with keyblades, summoned keyblades. Those with knives, summoned knives. Well, more like one with electrocuting knives. They all fought, minus the three girls left back beside the door. Kairi awkwardly folded her arms- she was standing next to the girl she absolutely hated. If it was possible, all of Kairi's hate for this girl could be converted into power and that power would probably be more than enough for her to actually summon her keyblade. Namine closed her eyes and inwardly sighed and groaned at the same time. If that was even possible. I ... sighoaned. If that was even a word.

...Probably not. Namine shook her head. Kairi sighed as she watched the fight, but she decided to take this as a chance to ask Namine about her 'nickname' for Roxas.

"Hey, Nene. Why'd you call Roxas 'Roxy' earlier?" she scrunched her eyebrows in curiosity as she whispered. Namine looked flustered at the mention.

"W-what?" She gasped. I said that? Oh no! She shouldn't have heard!

"...You two have something going on, eh?" Kairi elbowed Namine and all she could do was blush.

"Wha- No! It's just.. uh, I'll just explain it to you later!" She blurted it out as fast as words could fly. I can't tell her now...through the corner of her eye, Namine looked at Ollette.

Ollette's eyes had slightly widened. Roxas and... her? She rolled her eyes in disgust. I could never see that.Realizing what she was thinking, she mentally face-palmed herself. Why am I somewhat... jealous? Okay, no, no, NO. I have no reason to be and I would never... She glanced at Roxas and looked to the ground, her eyes softening again.

"You've already planted the heartless all over that witless town?" An old, cracking voice seeped through the darkness.

"Yes, Master." A younger voice now was heard.

"Very well. Keep on distracting those keyblade fools. When I get everything back... they won't see it coming."

"Will it be soon?"


"What will we do about that Aerith girl...?"

"Hmmm. Put her aside. We'll save her for later... see what good use we could make her in the future."

"Yes, master." The sound of a whooshing corridor was heard, and the voices were gone.

The raven-haired girl sighed through her nose as she sat beside her father's bed. Please wake up. Please.. She dropped her shoulders and looked to the ground, trying not to tear up again. No. I can't cry. Crying won't do anything. It won't help Dad, neither will it get Aerith back. She sat up straight and wondered where her older sister could be. She wasn't exactly... dead, but she was missing. Xion was glad that when her Aunt meant gone, she didn't mean gone forever. Xion took a long breath before getting up to go and get something to eat. She didn't want to come back to Twilight Town anorexic because of depression, mind you. Before she left the room, though, she took out her phone and looked at her contact list, wanting someone to talk to. She blinked, and clicked one specific contact. Riku.

Sora slashed his keyblade through the last heartless, and it disappeared into what looked like black dust. He looked at everyone and gave a thumbs up, grinning. Riku leaned against the wall and his eyes directed straight at Ollette and Larxene. Why are they here? They'll just cause more trouble..

"Ahem, okay, so," Roxas paused to scratch the back of his head. "Just why are you guys here?" He gestured to the two girl that had come back only recently.

Larxene stared daggers at the boy. "...And why not?" She folded her arms and rolled her eyes. "Brat.." she muttered.

Roxas glared at the blonde. "Hey! I heard that! You eraser-stealing woman..." He mumbled.

Ollette sighed, and loudly, mind you. It was obvious she wanted to catch the attention of everyone in the room. Everyone's eyes darted towards her, and she cleared her throat. "Riku... you said there was, someone else. I want to know who." She went straight down towards her business, and she didn't care about anything else at the moment.

"And just why do you care?" Riku said it with no emotion in his voice. At all. Ollette stood up straighter and tilted her head, as if gesturing him to go on. Suddenly a phone rang. Riku took out his phone, and looked at who was calling. The picture of the raven-haired girl had shown up on the screen, and Ollette glared at it.

"Her, yeah? Okay. That was all I needed," she smiled deviously.

"What are you thinking of doing..?" Roxas was getting defensive over his best friend. Ollette laughed the most simple, fancy, laugh anyone could ever laugh.

"You'll see."




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