Don't ever push me away

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Beck POV

"I want you, Robbie not Jade." He just nods doubting me I know he is. He doesn't trust me anymore like he used to. And I am ashamed of letting him down but he keeps pushing me away. I'm just sick of it I didn't mind when he had a huge crush on Cat. Or when he kissed Trina so why, why is he treating me this way? I ask myself but I should be asking him that. I only kissed Jade but felt nothing at all for her. My emotions are too attached to Robbie ever since we were young we grew up with this love. And I'm just not ready to break that apart I don't think I ever will be able to. Some rush just runs up me and I push Robbie's back down hard on the bed. This just happens way too fast. My emotions raging in my heart for Robbie aren't given me enough time to process them in my head. "Beck!" he screams I want him to scream my name again. Wait no I'm trying to push these dark and dirty thoughts out of my head. I'm trying to hold myself back before I hurt Robbie but I just can't. All this anger that has built up inside of me from all those of him pushing me away. Are coming out now and the anger forces out these words that I scream at Robbie. "Say my name again, Robbie." He starts to shake his head hard and tries to break loose from my tight forceful grip. So I straddle him my ears hear him gasping. "Don't ever push me away again, Ok." I growl at him and I realize that the animal inside of me. Begging to claim Robbie is not trying to hurt him and neither am I. I just want to let Robbie know that I really do I love him. But my want for him is just too dangerous that it is hurting us. I don't want to see this fear in his eyes anymore I just want to kill the secret animal inside of me. I just want to put it to sleep I don't want to scare Robbie anymore. I whisper "I fucking love you Robbie." But me and my animal manage to say together. "We fucking love you Robbie."