Caleb and Hanna venture deeper into each other, as they find that their lives are soon to be changed, in a game of lies and love. Hanna and Caleb's hearts are tossed and turned with betrayal and sacrifice, as they strive to find their true feelings.

The beginning of the story may seem like it has nothing to do with Haleb but I assure you it does. This takes place in the episode "Blind Dates", when Haleb are friends, but they aren't dating. Reviews are always appreciated!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pretty Little Liars or any of their characters!

Hanna Marin walked to her locker and swung it open when Daniel, a popular, handsome senior, walked by her, joining his crowd of friends that were waiting anxiously to discuss the football game that had aired on tv the previous night. Hanna sighed, because as he had walked past her, he hadn't even glanced at her, almost as if she didn't exist. That was not something that she was used to, but she had fallen head-over-heels for him, and she was determined to get him. In an almost obsessive trance, her eyes bore into his back, lusting after him. Hanna leaned against her locker, as if to appear casual when her heart was pounding and hormones raced through her, making her feel…excited. She'd been waiting for this moment for well over a month and finally, she decided it was time to make her move. Mustering up all the courage she had, Hanna Marin approached Daniel Wreath and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. He turned around, a grin spread wide across his face. "Oh…hey. It's Hanna, right?" he asked lightheartedly. Hanna felt wounded that he was unsure about her identity, but she just smile, nodded and cleared her throat. "Yeah. It's Hanna. So…Daniel, I was wondering whether or not you were free this weekend. I thought maybe we could get some dinner." she stated, calm and serene. Her stomach twisted and turned but she kept a straight face, one that proclaimed she was strong and that no one should mess with her but that she could be gentle, assuming you handled her right. It was almost as if she was challenging you.

Daniel looked her up and down, almost stripping her with his eyes, and after a thorough inspection, he smiled to himself, seeming satisfied in some way, and nodded. "You mean, like a date?" he asked with a smirk. Hanna nodded, anxiously awaiting his answer. "Yeah, you seem nice. I'll pick you up at 7:00 on Saturday. I know this great sushi place." he said. Hanna's icy demeanor faltered a little as a smile met her lips, but she quickly redeemed herself and nodded, for lack of any words. Daniel turned back to his friends and Hanna walked away, pleased with herself. This was going to be perfect.
Three days later, Hanna stood in front of her mirror, examining herself. She wanted to insure that she looked casual, as if this was no big deal, but all the while still sexy. Finally, after deciding on a purple blouse, that showed a sufficient amount of cleavage and tight, white caprees, Hanna took her purse in hand and went down the stairs, anxiously awaiting the sound of the doorbell. "Where are you going looking like that?" asked her mom. "I'm going on a date. Do you think it's too much? I tried to make myself look casual" said Hanna, fretting now that she looked as if she was trying too hard. "No…you like nice, honey. Who are you going on a date with?" Ashely inquired. "Daniel Wreath." She proclaimed. "Ooooh…the guy you've been ranting about for over a month? You know, his dad works with me. I've seen him before. He's a hottie." Ashley said, winking to her daughter just as the doorbell rang.
Hanna laughed at her mom's comment and once-overed herself again in the mirror by her door before she opened it, smile spread wide across her face.
"You look awesome, Hanna." Daniel said, eyebrows raised upon seeing her. Hanna flushed a light shade of pink before she yelled to her mom, "I'll be back by 11!" and climbed into Daniel's hummer. "Ready?" he asked. "Ready." She answered with a slight smirk plastered on her face.

Upon walking into the sushi restaurant, Hanna noticed that Daniel had chosen a very secluded, romantic place. There was only one other couple in the one room the restaurant consisted of, and the lights were scarce and dim. It had a very regal aura to it and Hanna loved it. Hanna was ttornout of her thoughts when a Japanese woman with a kind face greeted them. "Welcome to Star Sushi. Please, take a seat anywhere." Daniel nodded and sat on a booth directly behind the booth of the only other couple. Hanna slid into the seat across from him and set her purse down. "This is a really nice place." She whispered, to insure that the other couple was not disturbed. "Thanks. I love it here." Daniel replied, slightly more obnoxious as he picked up a menu and began scanning it. Hanna did the same.

"What are you thinking about getting?"
"Probably a bowl of the udon noodles. How about you?"
"The fried banana sounds interesting. I didn 't think that those were Japanese."
"I don't think they are. I think they just do that 'cause they're in America."
"Oh...well, I don't really care whether they're Japanese or not. Anyways, I kinda have to go to the bathroom. Be right back." Hanna said, before getting up and heading towards the back of the restaurant, in hopes of finding a restroom. As she came back, she noticed the other couple in the restaurant. There was a georgeous woman, maybe in her early twenties or late teens, with a boy that looked around her age, who was sitting back-to-back with Daniel. She couldn't quite make out his face until she got up close, but she knew that strangely alluring, deep, seductive voice and to whom it belonged: Caleb Rivers. Shit. Everything just had to go wrong, didn't it? This is going to be an interesting date, she thought to herself.