The next two chapter are going to be sort of quick, light drawls to get myself back into writing. I don't know how this will turn out, but if it's terrible, I assure you it's because I haven't done this in a while. Anyways, to the chapter...

The next morning, Hanna awoke to the incessant beeping of her alarm clock and tore her eyes open. Her room was dark, except for a small ray of light that had seeped through the curtains and her mind remained fuzzy, as it always did in the mornings. She felt lazily around, groping to find her alarm clock. Once the pesky instrument had been silenced, she yawned and sat up, thinking of the day that was soon to come. She smiled at the thought of seeing Caleb but frowned at the thought of having to got to school. Finally, she sighed and lugged herself out of the sweet embrace of her blankets and shuffled to the bathroom.

She opened the door to be met by a cloud of steam and humid air. She took a step further to say Caleb with hair wet and towel wrapped around his waist. Her turned to her and smiled. "You're a little late for the show, but I'll be here tomorrow." he said with a wink as he grazed past her. She rolled her eyes and giggled before closing the door behind herself and turning the shower on. She stripped and climbed in to feel the warm water hit her body. She immediately relaxed.

SKIP: Caleb

Caleb sat down stairs, eating his bowl of Cheerios when he heard footsteps coming from upstairs. He glanced around the corner to see Ashley speaking on the phone and applying lipstick at the same time. She hurried into the kitchen, gave him a quick smile and grabbed her keys. No sooner had she entered than she left. She must be late for something, Caleb thought to himself when he heard another set of footsteps coming down the stairs. These were much slower and calmer. Moments later, Hanna entered the kitchen in what could've been the sluttiest outfit he's seen her wear. She wore black shoes with heels almost 4 inches high and a formfitting, opaque white blouse with a collar that swooped perhaps much lower than was appropriate for school. Her shorts were even worse as they seemed to be made particularly to fit her round ass and barely cover her toned thighs. Somehow, her fishnet stockings, though they were technically concealing more skin than having just bare legs, made her look much slutter, same for the makeup that crowded her face this morning. Though the outfit was quite tasteless, it turned Caleb on. Hard. However, Hanna didn't seem to notice and grabbed an apple, not bothering to sit down. "Good morning" Caleb said. Hanna's mouth full of apple, she could only smile and nod as a response. "You look…good this morning" he said, raising his eyebrows and cocking his head to the side. Hanna replied in a joking yet somewhat worried tone, "What are you smiling at? Do you not think I look good this morning?" She looked down at herself trying to find what exactly could be revolting about her appearance. "No, no…I love how you look. It's incredible. It's just…different." Hanna shot him a confused look. He smiled again and walked up to her, turning her towards him. She looked up at him so sweetly, innocently; he wanted to have her right then and there. But that would be out of the question.

"I only mean that you're dressing differently than normal. You…" he looked her up and down and had to clear his throat before continuing "Your shirt is kinda…see through…and low…and your shorts are" he bit his lip as his self control was slipping away and he was getting harder "short and tight. And you're heels…make you almost as tall as me. I…" he had to take another breath. He knew she could probably see his tent if she just looked down, but she was just staring up at him with those wide, cute yes of hers. "That's all I'm saying." he concluded, not sure how long he could take it before he lost all his self-control.

Caleb hadn't noticed that Hanna's cheeks had grown increasingly red and that she now stared down at the floor, not wanting him to see her self-consciousness. "I didn't think it was all that bad." She mumbled. Caleb, seeing now that she was embarrassed said, "Bad? Fuck no! I fucking love it. I wish you would dress like this every day." She giggled at his comment and looked back up at him. Confidence restored, she decided to banter back. "I know. I think your tent kind of proves that." as she sat down to the table with her apple. Caleb only chuckled and replied, "Well, maybe you could help me take care of that?"

"In your dreams."

"Yeah, actually. In my dream last night."

"Really? You fucking perve!"

"Don't act like you don't have those dreams!"

"Please, they're more like nightmares!"

"But you have them either way?"

"Yes…No! I don't! That's only guys! Well…no…I don't!"

"Then why were you moaning in your sleep?"

Hanna sat there dumbfounded. Had she really moaned in her sleep? No, he must be making it up. She didn't remember a dream like…that. "Do you watch me sleep, Caleb?" she asked jokingly. "No, but I'm in the room next to you and you were so loud…"he replied with that grin that drove her mad but turned her on at the same time. "B-fuking-S. Now, go take care of that or we'll be late for school!" she said, pointing at his crotch and trying to get him to go away. However much she loved their banter, it reminded her too much of the old days. He only chuckled and walked off to the bathroom, closing the door but not bothering to lock it. She sighed and picked up her backpack. Caleb's stay would defiantly spice things up…but she's never been good with handling spicy things.

That turned out 100 times worse than I expected. Sorry. I'll try to make up for it in the next chapter. I just don't have as much time to make my stories actually good. This was sort of just a quick drabble to get me back into my routine.