is my first Maria Holic fanfic and I hope you will like. This is the first chapter. XD

Notes: Mariya is Shizu and Shizu is Mariya! Confused? Tough, read the manga! lol XD

This is also doesn't show that Kanako isn't a lesbian. She's just a normal teen. *Crowd aws* Shut up! XD

Children, why did it have to be children?

Fifteen year old, Kanako Miyamae, sighed as she hopped inside the taxi cab. She tugged on her rather heavy luggage that seemed to be-I don't know-a hundred pounds! It was so heavy for the tall raven haired girl, that the taxi cab offered to to call on other men to carry the heavy bags for her. Exhausted as ever, Kanako plopped herself in the back seat. At least everything fit inside. Though I didn't think the board games would fit at first. The large bags pretty much took up seventy five percent of the space and the poor girl had to bond with the steamy blazing hot window. Her cheeks were so close to the window, it was burning and she felt as if someone put her head in boiling water. And the lack of oxygen was too much that she had to ask the driver several times to roll down the windows. Sweat piled up on her forehead and there was barely enough space to wipe it off! Talk about claustophobia!

This is all nee-chan's fault! The ravenette cried in her head. I just needed a quick week of a summer occupation to purchase a new limited edition Miku Hatsune figurine and here she suggests this! the worst kind of job a women my age could course I already spent my allowance on some manga volumes but this is extreme! I could've gotton a job at the local Mcdonalds for all I care. I heared their fries were tasty and thei-...Anyway! But no, she just had to immdiantly called the Shidou residence and promised I would babysit their twins for a whole week. And I couldn't refuse since the money reward was too high! She knows I'm bad with kids, espically the incident with the Kitamura's! Good gravy on toast, there were seven of those monsters! SEVEN! And don't forget baby Makoto-the one who threw up on my new jeans. I had to burn them. BURN them I tell you! CURSE YOU STOMACH ACID FUNCTIONS!

The now depressed Kanako looked out the window and remained silent for the rest of the ride. I just sure hope the Shidou twins are nice sweet angels. I mean, they can't be that bad, right? RIGHT?

"Here you go madam, the Shidou residence. Would you like me to carry your bags all the way to their door for you?" The cab driver excaimed, as he opened the door before the tall teen passed out on the sidewalk. It was only a twenty minute drive but Kanako already had lumps below her eyes and her face looked like an old japanese skinny dude that hadn't ate in days. She looked up at the driver.

"Oh, no thank you, I'll carry them myself. I already caused you enough trouble with the ride and everything."

I need the exorcise anyway. Gym class really doesn't pay off very well.

Though looking at the young girl's attitude and struggle to get out of the cabs with the bags, he agreed. "Suit yourself then. Have a nice day." The driver waved but Kanako was too caught up in her own misery to wave back. She was then alone on the sidewalk with her bags.

However, her lousy expression faded away as she stared wide open at the Shidou mansion.

The mansion was enormous and drop dead beautiful. She was in between two allies of grass shaved hearts perfectly imprinted onto the grass. The grass was definitley the greenest grass Kanako had ever seen in her whole lifetime. The house was the icing of the cake- the biggest house she had ever seen. Of course, she had never been in a mansion before but let's stay to the scene, shall we? The house had lot's of glass doors so it quickly indicated that the house had plenty of rooms.

"That house is beautiful!" The ravenette shouted out to herself as she immidiantly grew into a Super Saiyan and somehow managed to carry the bags all the way to the front door.

Since the glass was designed beautifully, Kanako didn't want to bang hard like a serial killer maniac so she made a soft knock on the door.

This is it, Kanako. You must be prepared to face either a pair of demons or a loving band of angels. Sisters back at home and mother up in heaven, please wish me good luck!

"Hello? Who is it?" An angelic voice of heaven answered at Kanako's knock. The voice was soft, melody like and definitley was the sound of a little girl. The voice was so prety that it almost made the tall girl pass out from the moeness. "Uh, erm, it's Miyamae Kanako. You're housekeeper for the week." She tried to remain still without passing out from the cuteness. The door opened and kanako felt like singing a high angelic note.

But before the door fully opened, the raven haired girl stuck her head to see what was inside, but the door swung at her and hit her on her forehead so hard, Kanako lost her balance down the door steps and fell epically on the ground.

The door was fully opened to expose two little children, both twins, who's faces looked like something bad happened. Well, at least one did.

"Nii-sama, I told you not to hurt the housekeeper!"

"What are you talking about, idiot? You're the one who was opening the door. Heh, talk about clumsy."

"You're the one who closed it on her!"

"Lieing won't get you anywhere. And besides, it's not like she suffered so much brain damage then she already has."

"You're so mean! The least we can do is help her up!"

"Tch, no thank you. She's probably too big anyway. With all that weight on her, I say she looks like a pig."

"She can hear you, you know!"

"Couldn't care less."

While listening to to how the twins were babbling, the unconsious looking teen struggled to get up. How they had paid attention to their argruement and not even made an attempt to help the poor girl up. While trying not to pay attention to the stars that were circling her head, Kanako slowly got up and proceeded to snap open her vision.

"Kanako-chan, are you okay?" asked the kind twin. The two twins were blond.

This partically twin had long blond hair, along with two ponytails.

She was dressed nicely- in a nice pink snow gown and ballerina shoes. Kanako could tell that that twin had a sweet personality.

Her twin, on the hand, was a boy. With a short bob cut. He was dressed nicely too, with a small blue vest and brown pants. He looked nice, but the raven girl could tell he wasn't much as sweet as his twin. "You see, Mariya-san, she's getting up now. That means she should be fine."

"I-I'm okay." Kanako managed to get up, with the help of her bags and Mariya.

"You should come inside so we can make sure your head is okay."

The girl grabbed Kanako's hand and she already felt as if she was in heaven! However, she couldn't see this but the boy glared at the older girl.

Inside the house was beautiful as well. The dining hall had a fine table set and decorations. The kitchen was big. The bathrooms were big. The living room was big. Everything was...well...BIG! After seeing such wonderful sightings, Kanako was already feeling better. The Shidou twins sat her on a beautiful chair in the dining room. "I hope we didn't cause you much trouble. I'm Mariya and this is my brother, Shizu-san." Kanako looked over to where Shizu was. He was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. She could tell he was intensly staring at her and his red eyes were pierced on her which Kanako feel a little awkard, even if he was little.

"Mariya-san, why don't you get Kanako-chan a cold ice for her head? I'll make sure she won't pass out." Shizu smiled at Mariya, which was hinted that he was going to do something devious to the poor new housekeeper but Mariya agreed anyway. "O-Okay." She stepped away from shockness. As Mariya went to get Kanako something for her head, there was intense silence between Shizu and her.

"Your sister seems so nice. What a-" As Kanako was about to finish her sentence, Shizu holded out his leg for her to trip and she fell on the ground. "Ow! What th-!" Shizu bended down to her face and they were only about an inch away.

"Listen to me, because I'll only say this once," The intensity grew as Kanako gulped. Damn rich people you scary!

"Not only will you be our housekeeper but you will be my personal slave. You will do what I say, when I say it. There will be no privlages for you, other than to breathe. Understand, servant?"

Those words were biting for Kanako. who the heck does this kid think he is? For goodness sake, he is twelve years old! I think a fifteen year old can overpower a twelve year old! But before Kanako had time to argue back, Shizu was on his way to the vase. "This is mother's favorite antique vase, I'd hate to see it get broken." He smirked at the older girl. "Y-You wouldn't!" The raven haired girl cried out nervously.

"Oh, I would."

"Of course, you wouldn't have the money to buy a new one, huh? Since you already spent all your cash on mangas, so you're pretty much sold out. Not only you have to pay for the broken vase, but you will never get your money for your precious figurine. An unachievable goal, eh? But also, if you dare to treat us unwell, I'll say you sexually assaulted us several times."

"No way! Your parents will never believe that crap!"

"Oh really? The sweet, adorable, Shidou children over the untrusted housekeeper? Very reasonable to me. I could even trick Mariya into it. But if you be my servant and keep your little mouth shut, we will relook that. What do you say, Kanako-chan?"

His eyes shimmered with devious intentions.

Kanako looked shocked. No way this little brat out smarted me! This kid has some nerve. But what do I do? I really want to have the money but I don't want to go in as a child molestor and a vase killer!



"P-Please go easy on me!"

"That's great to hear. I hope we get along, Kanako-chan!" He showed her his fake smile.

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