Day One: The Vase Tragedy Part I


It's Kanako's first day while being a house Keeper for the Shidou Residence. While doing her chores, Shizu causes her to fall and break the valuable and rare Shidou vase. In order to replace it, however, Kanako and the twins will have to venture off into the city and purchase a new vase that has to look exactly like it without getting into more trouble! How hard is that right?

P.S: Try to catch every random reference and see where it came from. xD


This sucks.

This really sucks.

Kanako groaned as she repeatedly scrubbed the floor with a dish towel and a blue bucket full of detergent by her right hand. Apparently, the Shidou adults had prepared her a jacked up long list of chores to do daily. From scrubbing the floors, to feeding the big ass fish without falling into the water at every jump, and reordering the bookcases in their own personal library, they had it organized A through Z.

All while wearing the prepared "maid" outfit that consists of a long jean skirt, a long sleeve buttoned up white blouse, a yellow apron, and yellow gloves.

Sometimes, Kanako felt like Martha Stewart with that outfit on.

"Keep your head down, I can't see the tv."

A familiar voice banged in her eardrums as Shizu placed his legs on her back to use her as his own private foot rest and coffee table. He had a bored expression on his face. He was wearing simple red pajamas all buttoned up and pretty looking.

His red burning eyes concentrated on the television screen as he took a sip of his strawberry smoothie, decorated with strawberries that hung off of the tip of the glass and a orange and green beach straw.

"I'm so sorry, your MAJESTY!" Kanako mumbled under her breath.

Mariya didn't respond to anything and just simply sighed. She knew she couldn't control her evil brother's antics. She wore a purple robe to cover her pink pajamas, which was similar to Shizu's.

Her long blond hair was set down and she was contently reading the "Princess Weekly" shopping magazine for little girls.

It wasn't even twenty minutes until Kanako grew tired of Shizu's legs on her back and went badonkers.

"I had enough of this! I'm your housekeeper, not your slave! I think I already have enough on my plate then to fool with you." She instantly yelled.

"Um, ma'am, the point of being a housekeeper is to take care of the house. And us. You were taking care of my feet. Which is apart of me. Get the picture?" Shizu sarcastically stated.

"That is utterly the most ridiculous statement I ever heard!" She waved her arms.

"Then what was the whole idea of becoming a housekeeper for us? Oh, it's because you wanted that Miku Hatsune figurine you saw at the Omigawa Mall and couldn't afford it right? And your elder sister, Yumi Miyamae, suggested this job for you? I saw her at the movies with some red headed guy and at the Yoshizora restaurant with some other red haired guy. What's the heck? Does she have a thing for red headed guys or something? I mean, what's up with that?" He stated with nosy eyes.

Kanako couldn't help it but let her jaw drop to the ground.

"Little boy…how….how did you know? H-Have you been stalking me and my family?"

"Only for a few weeks. I humbly listened to my parent's conversation and heared the name of some Miyamae chick who wanted to be a housekeeper or whatever," he replied with an innocent face.

I can't believe I'm listening to this nonsense…

"Then I researched the name on my tracking device and found the Miyamae residence on the radar. Lucklily for me, I had prepared my spy gear to search up on everyone in the house's personal data. You weigh about 1-"

Kanako quickly put her hands on the boy's mouth.

"I don't need to know!" She terrifyingly said as awkward silence swooped through the room.




"Miku Hatsune is my idol!" Mariya stated to break the silence as Kanako and Shizu stared at her with weird looks for her outburst.

It was night time and the twins had fallen asleep so it was the perfect time to finish some of those troublesome chores on the list.

No distractions indeed!

Damn, those little heathens can eat! I'm glad I made another batch of casserole or I would have been a goner!

Kanako struggled as she was on-or she swore she was on-a fifteen foot ladder in the vase room. It was her number seventh chore to do, and that chore was to organize and dust all the rare and highly valuable vases. The chore didn't seem to be that much of a big deal but here's the problem.

First, Kanako was deathly afraid of heights. Two, these vases were drop dead gorgeous! It would be a pity if Kanako were to somehow DROP one of the vases on the floor.

Therefore, having to go to several different furniture shops to buy another valuable vase that probably costs more than her whole lifespan!

But that wouldn't happen right? Right?

No. I'm a very safe and careful person. Nothing could possibly go wrong!


The demon voice spoke to Kanako as she carefully turned her head around to see Shizu rubbing his eyes.

"Kanako-chan, I want a glass of water…" He mumbled in his sleep.

"Well you're going to have to wait kid, because I'm pretty busy right now." As Kanako continued to dust the vases. "But I want it now..!" She flinched and almost hit a vase with the duster.

"You're a big boy Shizu! I'm pretty sure you can get it yourself. You have legs, don't you?"

"But I'm tired!"

"You're awake right now dude!"



"What are you doing?" He came closer to the ladder. "Dusting the vases." Kanako stated. It was a few seconds before she could've sworn Shizu had a troll look on his face.

"It would suck if you fell, you know? And broke one of our family's vases. They're extremely rare and costs millions of yen. Our parents have been having these for generations. They would've had a seizure if you broke one of them." Kanako did not risk being spited.

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can handle this." However, those words did make her nervous.

Shizu gritted his teeth.

"You're pretty high up there, Kanako-chan. It would be horrible if you fall."

At that very statement, Kanako was growing tense as he smirked that his plan was working.

'I-I'll be -fine!" She shook the ladder a bit.

"It's okay. Just don't look down."




And as you guessed it, she looked down and had a hyperventalic attack as the vase in her hands fell in slow motion.

You could see the vase falling out of her hands.

You could see the priceless look on her face.

You could see Shizu's epic face.

And the vase reaches the ground and breaks into tiny pieces.

"Touchdown!" Shizu smiled.

Kanako sobbed in defeat.