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Chapter One.

The bell above the door jingled as Annie entered the coffee shop. It was busy from the early morning rush. Annie stepped into line and waited. The bell jingled again as someone came into the shop and stepped into line behind her.

"New here?"

Annie looked back to see a tall, handsome man. He had a nice smile. "Yeah. A friend of mine suggested it. He said the coffee was heavenly."

"Well, he has good tastes," the man said. "In coffee and friends. I'm Tony DiNozzo, by the way."

"Annie Walker," she smiled at him.

They chatted while they were in line. Eventually, it was their turns to place their orders. Tony insisted on paying for his and the two Annie got.

"Well, will I see you again?" Tony asked with a smile.

Annie took a sip of her coffee and hummed in happiness. "You just might," she said. "Here, or maybe sooner, if you want to."

Tony smiled and they exchanged numbers before they left the coffee shop. Tony on his way to the navy yard and Annie on her way to Langley


"Hey, Auggie! I went to that coffee shop you suggested," Annie said as she came into his office. "Coffee at your ten'o'clock."

"You sound more chipper than usual. Meet a new guy?" Auggie asked as he searched for his coffee. His smile grew when he felt that it was surprisingly warm.

"Maybe," Annie said, thinking of Tony, leaning against the desk beside her friend.

"Ahh, he must have been a charmer," Auggie said. He took a sip and sighed from the pure bliss of his favorite drink.

Annie grinned. "He was."

"Annie, Auggie! In my office. Now," Joan said from the door.

They both frowned as Joan turned and walked away.

"What do you think it is? Are we in trouble again or is there a new mission?" Annie asked as Auggie stood and took her arm. They began to walk out of his office.

"Who knows?" Auggie mused as he slid the glass door shut.

The forgotten coffees sat on his desk, cooling.


"Morning everyone," Tony called as he sat at his desk, sipping his latte. He noticed Ziva scrutinizing him. "What?"

Ziva leaned back, with a small smile. "Who is she?"

"What are you talking about?" Tony asked, playing dumb for once.

"The girl you met. Who is she?"

"You caught me, Ziva," Tony grinned. "Annie Walker. She was at the coffee shop I stop by every morning."

"Heaven help that girl."



When the door was shut behind them, Joan turned on the overhead and handed them dossiers. The man on the screen was in his mid-thirties. He wore a marine's uniform.

"The man you see is Lt. Noah Sudler. He works on a team that develops weapons for the military. It was recently discovered that there has been a leak on that team. Lt. Sudler tipped us towards Nathan Dawson," Joan told them.

Another picture joined the first of a younger man also in the marine uniform.

"Lt. Sudler has agreed to give us any information he can in exchange for our protection of his children," Joan continued. Two more pictures joined the other two. These were of a teenage girl and a young boy. "Tomorrow, Annie, at 10.00 you will meet the Sudlers in front of the Smithsonian's Castle as the children's aunt. They will leave with you and come back here. Auggie will be your handler."

"Shouldn't another agency be handling this?" Annie asked.

"Lt. Sudler contacted us. Normally we would give the information to a different agency, but this is different. They were also working on an assignment for us," Joan answered. "It is imperative that we cork this leak."

Allen's was busy that evening. It was so loud that Annie almost didn't hear her cell ring. She answered it without looking at the caller id. "Hello?"

"Annie? It's Tony, from this morning."

Annie smiled. "Oh, hey."

"Did I catch you at a bad time?" Tony asked.

"Oh, no. I'm just out with some friends from work," Annie replied. Auggie snorted into his beer.

"I'll let you go then-"

Tony was interrupted by Auggie taking the phone.

"Hey, Tony? I'm a friend of Annie's," Auggie spoke into the phone while keeping it away from Annie.

"The one who suggested the coffee place?"

"The very same. Listen, do you want to see Annie, tonight?"Auggie asked. Annie quit trying to get her phone back and smacked his head. "Ow!"

"Uh, yeah," Tony answered.

"We're at Allen's tavern," Auggie said, giving the other man the address.

"Okay, well, I'll meet you soon," Tony said before hanging up.

Auggie gave Annie back her phone. She put it in her purse and glowered at him.

"Come on, Annie. I knew you wanted to see him," Auggie said.

She leaned in close to him, so that only they would hear what she was saying.

"August Anderson, although I am grateful that you just set up my first date with Tony, if you ever do that again, you will never sleep with another woman again," Annie whispered and then patted his cheek. She leaned back and spoke up. "Now, I have to go freshen up a bit. I'll be right back."

Auggie heard her walk away and lowered his head. Little did Annie know what her threat did to him. He could live with not sleeping with most women again. There was just one woman he ever wanted to be with. And she was his best friend. And on a date that he had just set up for her. Auggie sighed and rubbed his face.


Tony turned his car off in front of the bar that Annie's friend had said they were at. He got out and locked up before he walked into the bar.

It was loud inside. There were some guys playing darts in the corner and most of the tables were filled, along with the bar.

Tony looked over the people, looking for Annie. He finally found her at a table sitting with a guy. He had dark hair and was thin. Tony made his way through the crowd towards them.


She turned and smiled when she saw him. "Hey, Tony."

Tony finally made it to a seat and sat with them. He held his hand out to her friend. "Hi, I'm Tony. Nice to meet you."

Her friend grinned. "Auggie." He held his hand out as well, but a few inches from Tony's. Tony didn't pay it any mind and moved his hand so they could shake.

"So what do you want to drink?" Annie asked.

"Beer's fine," Tony answered her.

"Good. We guessed right," Auggie said. "I'll go talk to the bartender."

Auggie stood and walked away. Tony raised his eyebrow.

"What?" Annie asked.

"Is he... okay?" Tony asked, unsure of how to phrase his question.

"Auggie's blind," Annie said, looking towards her friend. "He lost his sight overseas."

"He's a veteran?" Tony asked. Annie nodded. "My boss would probably like him. Depending, of course, on which branch he's from."

"Oh? Where do you work?" Annie asked.

"Naval Criminal Investigative Service. NCIS," Tony replied. "What about you?"

"The Smithsonian. Acquisitions," Annie answered as Auggie came back. He set a beer in front of Tony. He held a white cane Tony hadn't noticed before.

"I met a girl while I was waiting at the bar so I'll leave you two alone to get to know each other," Auggie told them with a lazy smile.

"I'll see you later, Auggie," Annie told him. He walked away.

Auggie sighed as he left the bar, going to the cab he had called. There was no girl. He didn't want to stay there and get to know the guy that Auggie could already guess was great and more real than any other guy Annie had ever been involved with. Especially him.