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Chapter Ten.

Annie and Auggie held hands over the gearshift as Annie drove. They rolled to a stop at the guard shack.

"I.D.?" the guard asked and Annie handed him both hers and Auggie's. He disappeared into the shack. Auggie squeezed her hand as they waited, giving her the smile that she was now the only one to receive. The guard came back and gave them back their cards, before waving them through.

Annie parked in the spot now reserved for them and they stepped out. They walked to the building, arm in arm, much like how they had before they got together.

They got only a few stares as they walked together before the elevator doors closed behind them, hiding them from sight. Auggie raised his hand to her cheek and kissed her chastely. "I love you," he whispered against her lips.

"I love you, too," she replied as the doors opened and they drew apart once more. They stepped out and got more stares.

"Good to have you back again," Gibbs called as they made their way to the desk, already set up, for the post of CIA Liaisons. "I'd much rather have to work with you than Kort, like last time."

"Sorry about that. I was out of the country," Annie said as she put her things down. She glanced at the photo on display. "What are we looking at?"

"Petty officer Michael Witt was working with the agency on board the USS Arkansas. He was found dead this morning with the ship in port in Norfolk," Ziva said as she moved to stand beside Annie, showing her the new ring that adorned the third finger on her left hand. Annie's mouth dropped open before she grinned and mouthed 'congratulations.'

As Ziva relayed a new lead to Gibbs, Annie smiled. Despite the grisly picture of the dead sailor right next to her, Annie felt happy and content with her life. But it was time to get to work.

"Walker, what was Witt reporting on to the agency?"

As I hope you were able to realize, this is much further in the future. Like several months or even years. Also, I tried to make it as obvious as possible that their special post is on a needed basis and not permanent.

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