Never Walk Into Unknown Portals

Ben x Gwen

Ben x Kai

Adopted from Blade100

I am looking for artists that can draw and are willing to draw pictures and scenes I describe. (No commissions-I don't have money right now.) So if you know someone who is willing to draw for free and has time then PM me.

Story Start

Ben and Tennyson trailed deeper into the fiery expanse of the forest, Ben using Big Chill's freezing vapor to easily extinguish the fire after Heatblast absorb the majority of the fire and project it outwards to the sky so it would fizzle out. They continued searching the area for the man's missing family when they heard a scream.

''Over here!'' Big Chill said as he went intangible and flew through several trees with Heatblast trailing behind. Following the source of screams they came across a woman of her forties, short raven hair wearing a violet sun dress who was shielding a young boy who looked no older then five. They were cornered by a large orange skinned lizard with an ember flaming coming out of it's tail with slit green eyes and walrus like tusks. The creature also had four dragon like wings.

''Hey Lizard breath! Over here!'
' Heat Blast shouted as he shot a fireball at the creature which immediately fizzled on impact. The creature let out a snarl and turned his attention on the Ben as it began to flapping his small wings, which looked like it couldn't support it's body frame but miraculously enough the creature slowly took up to the air. The beast was obviously stronger then it looked as it took to the air and began exhaling a stream to fire.

Both Bens dodged out of the way as Big Chilled fired more breathing vapor at the creature as it froze one of his legs, the added weight caused the creature to slowly drop until it used it's fire breath to thaw out the ice.

''Tennyson! Get the civilians out of here. I'll take care of this creature!'' Ben said as he activated his Omnitrix. Big Chill was enveloped in another flash as Big Chill's blue skin was changed to red.

''Dude what happened? Your changed!''
Tennyson asked as he was completely stupefied by the change. '

''I'll explain later. Just get the civilians and go!'' Ben ordered as he turned his attention back to the lizard. Ultimate Big Chill breath onto the creature, dodging and twisting under his fire streams as the ice quickly enveloped it's form. The creature tried to thaw out the ice with its flames, but it was becoming increasingly thin as the creature's skin started to go a palish blue color until it became a sheet of ice and dropped to the ground frozen solid. ''Time to put the fire out!'' Ben said as he transformed into an aquatic alien completely made out of water. (Read Naruto X)

Not wanting to freak them out any more then they did Tennyson reverted to his human form meaning traveling back to the RV on foot which took a bit of time. Though when they did come to the man was already conscious. The happily reunited family thanked the teens before they went on their way.

Ben was able to easily put out the fire thanks to Aquas and returned to the camp site where Tennyson was waiting for him with questions. ''You wanna know what that change was about right?'' Ben spoke up, asking Tennyson's question for him as his doppelganger merely nodded.

''It's called the Ultimate Feature! As you know Azmuth created the Omnimatrix and he had the help of several creators, but you probably haven't met Albedo yet. He was vanished by Azmuth from trying to create a second Omnitrix and was locked into a default form...our form. Unlike Azmuth who wanted to use the Omnitrix for peaceful purposes Albedo lusted after power and recognition so he created something called the Ultimatrix that evolves alien to their ultimate form after a civil war simulation amongst the species. How this works...I'm not sure but I try not to think about it. What you saw was Ultimate Big Chill.''

''Man...where was something like that during all those times I had to fight Kevin or Vilgax?''

''Anyway...'' Gwen spoke up as she wrapped her arms around Ben. ''We need to get you home Tennyson. Ben, do you think Alien X could do the job?''

''And have to deal with Serena and Bellicus? Sorry, but we both know that all they want to do is debate endlessly and quite frankly it's useless to even bother. Don't you have a spell that could do the job?''

Gwen paused to think about it. ''I know of travel spell but I never crossed a different dimension.''

''What about Grandpa Max?'' Tennyson suggested with a hopeful look. ''Grandpa Max is still our grandfather I hope.''

A mischievous smirked formed on Ben's face and was about to say something to the contrary but Gwen's disapproving glance stopped him before he could say anything. ''Sure kid...just follow us.'' Ben urged his younger doppelganger as he and Gwen began leading him to where Max was.