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Inuyasha x Sango

Kagome x ?


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Story Start


Sango had no idea where she was running to, but she knew that she had to keep going. She was tired of being the brave and strong warrior. All she wanted was to be a little girl again. At least when she was a child she could have found comfort in her father's loving arms. He always made her pain go away. At the thought of her father, the tears Sango had been holding back came crashing down her face, as she slid to the floor.

And just like that, the taijya melted away, and Sango became the heartbroken young woman that she was. No more barriers or pretenses, this was the real Sango in all her glory. This was a grieving daughter, as well as a woman drowning in her own sorrow.

But right when she began to feel that she would never come back up alive, she was saved by an unknown face.

A pair of arms encircled her waist, and Sango felt as if she could breathe again. She lifted her head up to her savior, and was startled to see Inuyasha's worried eyes looking down at her.

He didn't say anything, just looked sadly at her, as if he understood what she felt. Sango realized with a jolt that he probably did know. After all, he was orphaned at an early age, much earlier than her. At least her father was still alive to protect her until she could take care of herself.

Inuyasha, on the other hand had to fend for himself when he was just a child, with no training of his demon abilities. She felt almost ashamed that she should be so weak, when Inuyasha had gone through so much more than she had.

But Sango couldn't help it; she still felt an immense melancholy at her family's death. And pushing that sorrow away for so long was beginning to take its toll on her. She felt as if her energy was being sucked away as time went by. Her head dropped back down to his sympathetic shoulder, and she drew strength from its calming warmth.

"Oh Inuyasha," Sango murmured. "I'm so tired of this. I don't think I can deal with the sadness anymore, it's too hard."

"Hey," he said firmly. "Don't forget that I'm here if you need me."

When Sango looked up at him with her tear-stained eyes, Inuyasha hastily added, "Not to mention, you've got Shippo and Kagome as well." In a more soothing tone of voice he said, "We'll be right by your side if you ever need us. You have friends Sango, and you should never forget that."

Sango smiled thankfully at Inuyasha for understanding her troubles and her insecurities. It wasn't every day that she got to see this side of Inuyasha. The only other person that he had been this tender to was Kikyo.

Her heart skipped a beat at that realization. "Could he possibly have some amount of feelings for me?" She mused. "I mean, I don't remember Kagome ever telling me about Inuyasha acting this way." Sango decided that it was too soon to tell, and that she shouldn't get her hopes up.

"For now," she vowed. "I'll just be a friend. But some day, I'll be more."

Sango sighed, and got up off of the floor. If she could have her way, she would have stayed there forever in his arms, surrounded by his enchanting scent. Who would have thought that the best smell she'd ever encounter would belong to that of the man that had captured her heart?

A year ago, she would have scoffed at the mere idea of being in love with someone. She never understood why any sane woman could tie herself down to be with a man, the very thought made her shudder.

Now that she had experienced love for herself though, she could appreciate the impact of it on a person's priorities. She would jump at the chance to be with Inuyasha, no matter what the price. That's just what being in love with someone will do to you.

"Sango," Inuyasha spoke up quietly. "Are you ready to go back now?"

She nodded silently, and began to walk back to camp. As she turned to go though, she was stopped by Inuyasha's hand on her arm. When she looked back, Inuyasha was motioning for her to get on his back. Sango's breath caught in her throat, but she shakily climbed on. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for her, and she wasn't going to pass it up.

"Hold on tight." Was all the warning Inuyasha gave her before he took sprung into the air. Sango was caught off guard at the thrill she got from this sudden flight. No amount of riding on Kilala could prepare her for this. They were so high up that Sango was astounded by the view. It was breathtaking to behold. Usually when she was on Kilala, she paid no attention to the scenery, either because it was in battle, or because she was keeping an eye on the monk's hands.

Now though, all Sango had to do was watch. She saw so many new and exciting sights that she was practically giddy. She actually had to stop herself from throwing her head back and laughing out of sheer ecstasy. As it was, a small giggle of childish pleasure escaped through her lips. Inuyasha seemed a bit startled at Sango's outburst, but thankfully, didn't mention say anything about it. When he finally put her down just outside the campsite though, a small blush adorned her cheeks.

"What is it about Inuyasha that makes me feel like an inexperienced child all over again?" She asked herself. "It must have something to do with his gruff way of showing tenderness or kindness, it's just so endearing." In the meantime, the hanyou in question was thinking the same thing.

"Why is it that Sango makes me the tiniest bit nervous whenever I'm around her?" thought Inuyasha. "I mean sure, she is beautiful, and she is a hell of a fighter, but does that really mean that I should be all tensed up when I'm near her?"

By this time, the taijya and the half-demon have reached the camp, where they were greeted heartily by everyone else. They said hello in return before they sneaked a glance at the other.

That night, they both went to bed with a smile.