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Welcome to Unexpected Savior.

Chapter 1: The Blonde and the Club by the Sea

"I don't know about this. He just seems annoyed." Whispered Pein to Konan, even though he should've known that Sasori could her him. He WAS a vampire. It was fairly simple to hear any little sound in the car. "Oh come on Pein." Replied Konan, "We gotta at least try and cheer him up." Sasori sighed. He knew his friends meant well…but…

The redhead had only recently gotten his heart broken by someone. (A/n: Not going into detail. Sorry.) And at the moment, Sasori would much rather be at home, moping. Unfortunately, his friends were sick of it. A month is long enough. Konan had said.

And so, here Sasori was, in the back of Kakuzu's van, his friends trying to find a nice place to hang out, and him just wanting to go home. He looked at his watch. 8:30. No way Konan would take him home yet. Itachi kept looking at him, as if he felt sorry for him. The raven was the only one who knew what Sasori was going through, having gone through heartbreak as well. But not even Itachi could save Sasori from Konan's planning.

The 22 year-old turned his attention to the beach outside his window. There were some people running through the water, though that didn't amuse Sasori. He saw a couple dancing and frowned. He was about to turn away, when he spotted a building.

There were flashing lights coming from the openings and people dancing. The building was fairly big, though it looked like a large gazebo with a straw roof on the beach. Sasori could see a bar behind the dancing bodies as music reached the car. A sign was hanging from the roof that read The Crescent Moon's Dance. A club on the beach. Sasori actually smiled. It was a cute place really, not too big, but not small. It was something different.

"You wanna hang out? Let's see what that club is about." He told his friends.They all glanced at the club. "Oh! It's so nice! Come on Pein! Let's take a closer look!" exclaimed Konan. Kakuzu sighed, "I guess." He said. Itachi elbowed him, "It's the only place Sasori has wanted to actually go to idiot. Just park the damn van." Pein and Konan laughed at that and Sasori turned back to the club.

What's this feeling? Like…something's pulling me towards the club? He thought...

~An hour later~

Sasori sighed.

What had possessed him to stop here? He looked around at all the people dancing before looking up at the ceiling. Whoever made this place had quite the imagination. The ceiling looked just like the night sky. The wall by the bar had a painting of a couple dancing. The woman hand beautiful long, golden hair and sapphire eyes. She was dressed in a blue sun dress that went up to her knees and blue sandals. The man had dirty blonde hair and green eyes. His clothes consisted of a white dress shirt and black pants and, an odd addition, black flip flops. They were dancing in front of a painting of the same ocean that could be seen outside, a crescent moon painted just a little to their left.

Guess the moon went with the name of the club.

Sasori liked that everyone seem to be having a good time though. Everywhere he looked around him; there were people laughing, singing to the music, and dancing. He just wasn't in the mood to be in such a positive environment. He drowned his drink and tossed the plastic cup in the trash. He should just tell Kakuzu to secretly take him home.

As he turned to look for his brunette friend, golden hair caught his eye. His eyes were suddenly drawn to him. Yes him. Sasori automatically knew, though he didn't know how. His beautiful golden hair was almost as long as the woman in the painting, but he kept some of it in a high ponytail and some covered the left side of his face. Sasori felt captivated by his amazing sapphire eyes and his beautiful smile. He wore tight clothes that seemed to match the man in the painting, right down to the flip flops. Though his shirt was a deep blue instead of white…

Sasori watched as the blonde made his way to the DJ and spoke with him. The albino DJ laughed and replied, but the words were lost in the music. The blonde's answering smile left Sasori in awe. How could someone be so beautiful? The music suddenly changed and the blonde started dancing to the beat.

Llorando se fue la que un dia me hizo llorar. Llorando se fue la que un dia me hizo llorar.

Sasori was suddenly captivated in the blonde's movements. He wanted to dance with him. He had to. He watched the blonde, observing the dance for a bit to learn how. Every second made him even more impatient.

Llorando estara recordando el amor que un dia no supo cuidar (my lover). Llorando estara recordando el amor que un dia no supo cuidar.

Patience finally failing him, Sasori went over to the blonde. Said blonde smiled at him, "I see I have a new admirer un." he said in the most angelic voice Sasori had ever heard. "Indeed you do. Mind if I dance with you?" replied Sasori. The blonde laughed and Sasori couldn't help but smile. "Not at all! I'd be happy to dance with you un!" he said and Sasori's smile softened. He was adorable. Sasori took the blonde's hand in his own and started to dance.

A recordacao vai estar com ele aonde for. A recordacao vai estar pra sempre aonde for. Danca sol e mar guardarei no olarh o amor faz perder encontrar. Lambando estarei ao lembrar que este amor por um dia um instante foi rei.

"I wonder, what kind of name is a beautiful person such as yourself blessed with?" Sasori asked. Deidara, still smiling, let his eyes slip shut. "My mother named me Deidara un. My father gave me the last name of Katsu. So, I am Katsu Deidara un." he stated. Sasori laughed, "I like your way with words Deidara. I'm Akasuna no Sasori."

Soca en San Pablo de noche, la luna, las estrellas, la playa, la arena, para olvidar me de ella. Una sirena que hechiza mientras tomando el sol. Uh oh. Un cuerpo que pida a gritos samba y calor, uh oh.

"I like that." Said Deidara, "Sasori. It sounds really cool un." Sasori chuckled, "Deidara sounds nice too." Deidara laughed again as they continued to dance.

Llorando se fue la que un dia me hizo llorar. Llorando se fue la que un dia me hizo llorar. Llorando estara recordando el amor que un dia no sup cuidar (my lover). Llorando estara recordando el amor que un dia no supo cuidar.

"You dance beautifully Deidara." Sasori whispered into the blonde's ear. Deidara giggled, "Thanks. You learn a lot when you grow up in a club un." "Grow up in a club?" questioned Sasori.

A recordacao vai estar com ele aonde for. A recordacao vai estar pra sempre aonde for. Danca sol e mar guardarei no olarh o amor faz perder encontrar. Lambando estarei ao lembrar que este amor por um dia um instante foi rei.

Deidara smiled at Sasori, "Yup. My father owned this club. After he passed…I took over myself un. I love this place…it's the one place I feel close to him." Sasori's eyes widened, "I'm so sorry." Deidara shook his head, "You couldn't have known un." Sasori smiled, "You're…very sweet Deidara. And what do you know; I'm dancing with the owner of the club."

Soca en San Pablo de noche, la luna, las estrellas, la playa, la arena, para olvidar me de ella. Una sirena que hechiza mientras tomando el sol. Uh oh. Un cuerpo que pida a gritos samba y calor, uh oh.

Deidara giggled again, "Yup. Lucky you huh?" Sasori laughed, "Yes. But only because I chose such an adorable dance partner." "Heh. Well then, I'm flattered. I saw you looking at the mural un. What do you think?" Deidara asked as the song melted into a different one. Sasori blinked, "You painted that?" he asked. Deidara, smile never leaving his lips, said, "Yup. A tribute to my mother and father un. So they can live on."

So he was an orphan…Sasori couldn't believe it. The blonde was so...bright. Like a light shining through the night. So different from Sasori who had been so miserable, and just because someone, who wasn't worth it, had dumped him. He was becoming more attracted to Deidara with each passing second…

About three hours went by as Sasori continued to talk to Deidara. Talking, laughing, dancing, Sasori was actually having the best time he had had for a while. And it seemed that Deidara's smile never left his face. That was what Sasori loved the most; that beautiful smile that he gave everyone, it seemed to make his sapphire eyes sparkle.

At the moment, Deidara had actually gotten Sasori to dance out in the sand. He had been a little reluctant at first, feeling as if the sand was going to trip him. But after he had seen Deidara moving so amazingly, well, he couldn't resist. He had to join him.

"Hidan…it's getting late."

Sasori heard a voice, though he didn't pay too much attention.

"I know Kisame. But you know Deidara won't leave until those bastards are gone."

Hmm…Sasori concentrated a little on the two talking.

"You have to try though. I'm getting worried…"


"He seems fine…"

"It doesn't matter. Looks can be deceiving."


"I'm just as worried as you are…but…don't blame me! Get those assholes outta the club and then I'll talk to Deidara!"

"Are you ok Sasori?"

The statement brought his focus back to the blonde dancing with him. "Yeah. Sorry, just thinking." He said. Deidara giggled…

And coughed.

And coughed.

It turned into a fit and Sasori, worried, put a hand on the blonde's shoulder. "Deidara?" The coughing continued and Sasori was suddenly pushed aside as the DJ grabbed Deidara by the shoulders. "Dei?" Deidara shook his head as he coughed. The albino looked back, "KISAME! GET THE CAR!" he yelled. "We…can't leave the club…like this…Hidan." Deidara said between coughs. Hidan turned back to him, "Don't you worry about that Dei. I'm staying here. Kay?" Deidara nodded as a shark-like man, whom Sasori recognized as the bartender, came over. "Come on Dei. Let's get you outta here."

Sasori watched, helpless, as the shark-like man, Kisame, led Deidara away. Where were they going? Would Deidara be ok? He turned and saw Hidan looking out at the ocean. A couple of guys in black suits walked over to the albino DJ. Sasori, curiosity getting the better of him, focused his hearing on the three.

"Hello Hidan. I see that young master Deidara didn't look so good. It's getting worse isn't it?" said one of the suits.

"Fuck off. Deidara's fine. He's just a little tired you ass." Replied Hidan with a glare.

"I would hope so. Because without the Katsu money, this club won't hold for long."

"Not that you care. You WANT us to sell it to you jack asses. But you know that Deidara would never do that. So you're hoping he dies. Well, fuck you."

"Oh Hidan, you know it's inevitable."


Sasori walked over, "Hey…can I ask you something?" he asked Hidan, pulling the enraged albino away. "What the hell do you want…you're the one that was…sorry. What is it?" said Hidan, calming down as he and Sasori watched the suits walk away from the club. "Where did that other guy take Deidara?" asked Sasori…

~After talking with Hidan~

"Sasori!" the red head turned to see Konan. "What happened to the guy you were dancing with?" she asked. The others were coming over as well. "That other guy wouldn't tell me…he said to find out myself. Kakuzu, I need you to take me somewhere. If not, I'll just be taking your van." Explained Sasori. Kakuzu, knowing better than to argue, walked with Sasori to the van, "Where are we going?"

"The hospital."

~One van drive later~

Sasori went inside and straight to the desk. "Excuse me, can you tell me where Katsu Deidara is?" he asked the raven haired nurse. "Of course, Deidara-kun is on the third floor. His room is numbered 325." Sasori blinked. Room…

Did this mean that this wasn't just a sudden thing? Was Deidara really sick?

"Thank you." Sasori hurried to the elevator and jammed the 3 button. "How sick are you Deidara?" he muttered, worried about that blonde. He laughed, "I'm worried about a guy I met only three and a half hours ago…" But…he seems so…pure. Like he could never hurt anyone.

The doors opened and Sasori stepped out, not noticing that he walked right passed Kisame. The shark glanced back, but decided it wasn't worth the thought and stepped into the elevator.

Sasori stopped in front of the door marked 325. What was he doing? He couldn't believe he was so worried about someone he had just met. But…Deidara…he was something else….such an odd human…

Very quietly so not to disturb the blonde if he were asleep, Sasori opened the door. Deidara was sitting up in bed, as sketch book in hand as he drew something. He was connected to a heart rate machine, IV, among other things. Sasori slowly closed the door. "Deidara?"

Sapphire eyes looked up at him and widened. "Sasori? What are you doing here un?" he asked, a smile appearing on his lips. Sasori walked over, "I was worried about you. All that coughing…and the way they just rushed you out…" Deidara couldn't help but chuckle, "It's all right. It happens when the bastards won't leave me and my club alone un. After a while, my body tires out and I start coughing and getting dizzy…"

"So you ARE sick…" whispered Sasori, his heart aching at the thought. Deidara just smiled and nodded, "Yeah. But it's ok…" "What do you have?" Deidara looked away for a minute before locking eyes with Sasori.

"I have cancer in my lungs."

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