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Deidara placed the fresh, red roses in front of his mother's grave with a smile. "I'm so glad I got to talk to you un! Heh." He said as he took a step back and admired both her and his father's graves. "I can't believe it's been three months already un…" he let his eyes slip shut and just felt the breeze that went by, "Everything is so much better now! Sasori healed me completely! I'm not sick! I was even released from the hospital un!" with a laugh, he continued; "Now I can be in The Crescent Moon's Dance all I want! It's great! I can sing and dance and paint just like I used to un!"

Deidara opened his eyes and grinned, "It's wonderful. I feel so happy! I have wonderful new friends, and Hidan and Kisame will always be there un! And Sasori…I love him so much."

"I love you too Dei-chan." Smiling widely, Deidara felt Sasori's arms wrap around his waist. The red head looked down at the Red Roses and the Blue Forget-Me-Nots, letting a smile grace his lips as well, "Hello Mr. Katsu, Mrs. Katsu. Don't you worry about this one." He said before kissing Deidara's cheek, "We all promise to take very good care of him. I love him way too much to let anything happen to him." Deidara giggled, "And why is that Sasori-no-danna?" he asked, poking Sasori's nose at the same time.

Sasori chuckled, "Well, you saved me Dei-chan." "And you did the same for me!" "Yes…but…you knew I would be there for you. You know how much I care about you…the difference between that and how you saved me…is that for me, it was unexpected." "Unexpected?" Sasori couldn't help but chuckle again. Deidara was too adorable when he was confused. Well, he was too adorable period. "I was lost…and then I found you unexpectedly. I wasn't looking for something so wonderful…but I found my savior…"

Sasori looked up at the clear blue sky, "My Unexpected Savior." Deidara smiled, "We both did un. I never thought someone would come and give me life." The blonde started to hum, something which Sasori was used to know.

"Sonriendo, caminando haci al futuro. Sonriendo, caminando haci al futuro. Con amor y una vida especial, yo puedo cantar con passion. Con tu a mi lado, la vida es halgo muy hermosa con felicidad!" sang the blue eyed male. He laughed and said, "Come on Danna! I'm hungry!"Sasori laughed with him, "All right, on the way, tell me…where did that come from?" "Smiling, I walk towards the future. Smiling, I walk towards the future. With love and a special life, I can sing with passion. With you by my side, life is something beautiful with happiness. It's exactly how I feel right now Sasori-no-danna." Explained Deidara as he placed one hand on each grave, "Because…I've been given such a wonderful opportunity! How could I not be so happy! Mom…Dad…I'll come visit again soon un!"

Grabbing Sasori's hand, Deidara pulled him back to Sasori's bike…

~At the club~

I see you driving 'round town with the girl I love and I'm like forget you~. I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough. I'm like forget you and uh, fuck her too. Said if I was richer I'd still be with ya. Heh, now ain't that some shit? And although there's pain in my chest, I still wish you the best with a forget you~!

Kisame glanced around the club and smiled in satisfaction. As usual, the place was packed; people were dancing, laughing, and just having a great time…just like they always had since he'd first gotten here. This was such a positive environment, and he loved it.

He could see Hidan talking with Konan and the others, laughing at some joke that one of them had made, and thought of how fast things could change. For the past two and a half years it had been just the three of them: Hidan, Deidara, and Kisame himself. Suddenly, some redheaded guy comes…

And their little trio had become a group of eight.

"Kisame~! Someone's ordered a margarita~!" exclaimed Konan as she came over with the tray. Kisame chuckled as he started to prepare the drink, "In a good mood Konan?" he asked. The female blunette giggled, "Of course! Why wouldn't I be? It's this club! Such a great atmosphere!" she explained. "Can't argue with that." Replied the shark.

"WHAT'S UP PEOPLE?" Kisame chuckled as he heard Hidan on the stage that was set up. Seems like it was starting. "Let's start up the music right? Live music is the shit! Music…I love music. And so do each person under this gazebo! I wonder…"

Pein started a rift on his guitar. (.com/watch?v=5bjFZwmgAP8)

"Music…hey turn on that radio, as loud as it will go. Wanna dance until my feet can't feel the ground." Started Hidan on the microphone. "Say goodbye to all my fears! One good song, they disappear! And nothing in the world can bring me down."

Deidara jumped up unexpectedly. Unexpectedly because he and Sasori weren't even at the club five minutes ago. "Hand clapping, hip shaking, heartbreaking, there's no faking what you feel when you ride it home! Yeah~!"

Sasori appeared from behind Deidara as he tended to, and sang with the blonde, "Music's in my soul~! I can hear it every day and every night! It's the one thing on my mind!"

He pulled the blonde over and started dancing with him, "Music's got control! And I'm never letting go~! No, no! I just wanna play my music~!"

Hidan laughed, "Music…Got my six strings on my back, don't need anything but that! Everything I want is here with me."

Kisame smiled as the two boys he watched grow up did what they loved; played their music.

"So forget that fancy car! I don't need to go that far! What's driving me is following my dreams! Yeah~!"

Deidara couldn't help but laugh as Hidan pulled him away from Sasori, causing the redhead to roll his eyes. "Hand clapping, earth shaking, heartbreaking, there's no faking what you feel when you're on a roll! Yeah, yeah!"

Pulling away from Hidan, Deidara danced a bit by himself before Sasori joined in, "Music's in my soul~! I can hear it every day and every night! It's the one thing on my mind! Music's in control! And I'm never letting go~! No, no! I just wanna play my music, I just wanna play my music!"

Konan giggled as she watched the trio on stage. Hidan pulled Deidara away and kissed his cheek. This in turn got Sasori to frown. The redhead was so possessive! Deidara laughed and sang, "Can't imagine what it'd be like…" Hidan continued, "Without the sound of all my heroes singing all my favorite songs!" The three sang, "So I can sing along~!"

Deidara took a step forward, "Music's in my soul~. I can hear it every day and every night. It's the one thing on my mind!"

"Music's got control! And I'm never letting go~! No, no! I just wanna play my music!" The crowd was singing along too, of course. Clapping their hands and dancing with the beat.

"Music's in my soul~! I can feel it every day and every night! It's the one thing on my mind! Music's got control! And I'm never letting go~! No, no! I just wanna play my music all night long~"

Deidara laughed as he came to a stop in Sasori's arms.

And seeing the blonde so happy and healthy…Kisame loved it. Now Deidara was back at home. Now he was painting, singing, dancing…living his life to the fullest. Sasori had taken him all over the island, showing him places he had never seen before as well as places his father had taken him when he was a child. He was planning a vacation for the two of them…

And Konan and Hidan got wind of it and now the whole group was going. The club was going to be closed for the holidays anyway…And Deidara had always wanted to see snow.

Thinking of everything that Deidara was going to do now…all the things he COULD do now…


The shark looked up on stage. For a moment, he saw Hidan, Deidara, and Atisuto there, smiling at him. Then it turned to the group of friends that he had grown so accustom too in the past few months. Deidara had a huge grin, "Come on Kisa-san! I'm still waiting for my piña colada un~!" Kisame laughed out loud as he brought the drink over.

Deidara ginned and took his drink, looking at all of his friends…his family. The Crescent Moon's Dance…it was a big part of his life. That was what that stupid Mujona didn't understand. This place was his second home. He spent so much time here! This place held so many old memories, and he knew there were new memories to be made here. He would never let this place go.

Sasori tightened the grip on his waist before stealing a chaste kiss from him. Giggling, Deidara took a sip from the familiar drink and relaxed into the redhead's embrace.

And he would never let Sasori go either…

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