Quinn stirred in her bed and realized that it was almost 9 in the morning. She remembered clearly that last night she had been asleep on the couch but how had she ended up in her bed? Maybe Sam had brought her in. She had been so worried about him locking himself in his room so she had waited on the couch for him and then fallen asleep.

Sam, I wonder how is he now! Quinn thought and quickly jumped out of her bed then quickly went to Sam's room. He must have felt better. She had to talk to him.

The blonde slowly turned the handle of the door and she was so surprised that the door wasn't locked. But that wasn't the only thing that shocked her, the bed was empty, the closet was opened and the clothes were all gone!

"No, no, no. He can't," Quinn mumbled to herself and ran downstairs. She kept calling out his name desperately but no matter how loud she was there was no answer. Then she saw it, a white piece of paper on the kitchen table. She could tell what it was and she was afraid to read it but she did it anyway.

Hi, Quinn.

You must be very surprised (and upset) after finding out that I'm gone. I'm so sorry I didn't say goodbye to you because I knew it would make everything harder. After the visiting of my father, I thought a lot about what we were doing and I realized that he was right. I've never made a good decision in my life. My stupid idea got us in trouble, got you in trouble, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the times I've made you cry. I'm sorry for all the mean things I've said to you. I'm sorry for every wrong thing I've done. You deserve good things, Quinn. You deserve to live your live. So I go because if I stayed I would ruin your life.

Just don't forget about me okay? I won't forget about you, either.


Sam :)

Quinn gripped the letter tightly as a tear ran down her cheek and dropped onto the letter. She broke down on the floor because she could barely stand anymore. Why would he think that he only hurt her? He was the best thing that ever happened to her. If Puck and Rachel hadn't fool her to go to London she wouldn't have met him on that plane to London, she would've missed the best thing in her life!

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Quinn looked up through her tears and immediately ran to the door. It could have been Sam.

What if he changed his mind? What if he came back? What if…

Quinn grabbed the handle with her shaking hand and quickly opened her door. The hope inside of her disappeared when she saw who's behind that door. Santana Lopez.

It wasn't Sam. He's gone. He would never come back.

"Oh my god, Quinn! I thought you were in New York? Are you crying? What happened? " Santana covered her mouth with her hands, looking at Quinn. Her hair was messy, her make up was ruined and she didn't even care. Santana stepped inside and closed the door behind her than she held Quinn's hand and walked her to the couch.

"He's gone…" Quinn tried to speak out the words in sobs. Santana knew what she was talking about but she wasn't saying anything. She was waiting for Quinn to stop crying.

The blonde shook her head slowly as she tried to let a small smile appear on her face, "I should've told him how I felt before he's gone."

Santana sighed. Sam had told her how he'd felt before he'd gone. She felt so awful. She felt like she's the reason that Quinn was crying her eyes out, the reason that Sam had gone, the reason that Sam and Quinn couldn't be together. She felt like a terrible friend. She had tried to make Sam happy but all she had done was making his life fill with tears and sadness.

"I love him very much…I know this is stupid but I can't help it…"Quinn bit her lip to stop herself from crying but it seemed like she couldn't. "He's the best thing that ever happened to me…and I lost it…"

Santana put her hand on the side of Quinn's head and laid it on her shoulder, "it's okay. Don't cry, please."

"If I had told him, everything would've changed. I know he loves me, maybe just a bit but…" Quinn said, crying harder.

"You're wrong…he…he loves you a lot."

The words that had just escaped Santana's lips had got Quinn's attention. She tried to stop crying and looked up at the girl next to her, "what?"

"Yes, he loves you. He just didn't tell. He was heartbroken when you were with Finn. He went to the airport to stop you from going to New York. He went out with me to make you jealous," Santana said, her eyes were already teary. She gave Quinn a friendly smiled to help herself from crying, "it's always been you. I couldn't make him happy no matter how much I tried. He chooses you."

"Wh-Why didn't he tell me?"

"He's the type of person that never shows people how he feels inside. He did try to tell you, but you were with Finn and…"

"I was with Finn because he was with you! I didn't know!" Quinn cried, burying her head into her hands then pointed at the door, "please…please leave. I want to be alone."

Santana opened her mouth to say something else but she knew that it wouldn't work because Quinn was totally broken. She needed time. Maybe after being alone with herself and thinking she would be better. Sanata slowly grabbed her bag and walked to the door. She knew what she could do to bring Sam back. She was going to fix what she had broken.