Producers El Tango De Leo

Pairing: Leo/Ulla, Max/Leo

Note: yes another Producers fanfic I have decided seeing as I have writers block with some of my other upcoming ideas and the second chapter of my fic It's Only a Game simply won't flow smoothly at the moment i wrote two one-shots both based around Max/Leo.

Anyway I was listening to El Tango de Roxanne and suddenly became inspired to write this so here it is...

I do not own the Producers.

Max watch Leo and Ulla dancing together over the on the dance floor they were all at Rogers De Bris annual Christmas Party. Max knew about Ulla sleeping around with most of the other men in town but Leo still seemed oblivious to the fact. Max gripped the glass in his hand even harder as he looked into the amber liquid; he wished he could just get up the courage to tell Leo he loved him. That's right Max Bialystock was in love with his male business partner no less and was incredibly jealous and overprotective of him. It was driving him mad.

His gaze once again crossed the room to where Ulla and Leo were twirling around and giggling madly. He couldn't stand watching Ulla touching his Leo, her eyes upon his face, her hands upon his hands and her lips caressing his... its more than he can stand.

Max's grip on his drink tightened even further shattering the glass.

Why does my heart cry?

Max looks around to see everyone staring at him he sees Roger and Carmen not too far away Carmen was looking at him with a sad smile on his face.

Max mutters an apology and rushes out of the room. Leo saw max break his glass and moved to go after him but before he can take a step Ulla puts her hand on his arm and says

"Do not worry Leo, he can take care of himself" as she steers him back onto the dance floor.

Leo wonders why he felt his heart constrict when he saw the pained look on Max's face but Ulla quickly catches his attention again and is left with one sentence floating through his head-

Why does my heart cry?

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