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"Xion! Get over here for your mission!" I groaned and reluctantly trudged over to Saix, the biggest and bossiest jerk of all Organization 13. And we have a lot of jerks here.

"What is my mission? Heart collection?" I asked, really not up for fighting Heartless again. Yesterday's Darkside was enough for me. Saix glared at my tone and spat, "As a matter of fact, no. You're mission is to go to the newest world and find everyone I sent there. They haven't returned yet and I had sent them out days ago. So hurry up and find them!" I glared back at him, but I took the mission. "Who'm I supposed to look for?" I crossed my arms, probably looking like a delinquent or something.

"Zexion, Axel, Demyx, and Roxas." he answered coolly, but you could tell in his eyes that he was ready to snap. My eyes went wide. So that's where they've been the past few days! I have to find them! They could be in trouble! I quickly opened a portal and ran into it, not sure what kind of trouble I was getting myself into. As I ran through the corridor of darkness towards the new world, I looked at my mission. The world was called Johto and by the picture of it, it looked like a pretty nice place. How could Roxas and Axel have any trouble there? I was almost to the world when suddenly, a bright light flashed from it and completely blinded me. The light had some force, too, and I could feel myself being pulled into its core.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay?" I heard a girl's voice say as someone gently shook me. I groaned and opened my eyes to see a girl with short, red hair and blue eyes looking down at me with worry. "That looked like quite a fall! Are you feeling okay? Anything broken?" I shook my head, or at least tried to as she looked over me to check for any bruises. I felt a stab of pain when I tried to move my head. "Wait right here. I'll get Nurse Joy." she said and ran towards a big, oddly shaped building. Soon, she came out and ran to me with a young looking girl with pink hair in a somewhat pretzel hairstyle closely following her.

"Can you move at all? Without being hurt, I mean." she asked me. I nodded, ignoring the pain, and started to get up. The redhead, and the pink-haired, whom I'm assuming is Nurse Joy, helped me up and lead me into the weird looking building. The sign on it said, "Pokémon Center." They set me on one of the couches and went to get me some food. While they were busy, I tried to cure myself. It didn't work. I tried again, but for some reason, I couldn't cast the spell. I tried summoning my keyblade. No luck with that, either. I started to panic. How was I suppose to find Roxas and Axel if I didn't have any weapons?

Nurse Joy and the redhead came back with some soup and bandages. As I ate, they carefully cleaned my wounds and put band-aids on them. I didn't have a lot of scratches, so they finished pretty quickly. Nurse Joy kindly told me that I would be fine and all I needed was some rest. I don't know why, but I got the feeling that she said that a lot. Once she left, the redhead started to talk to me.

"Sorry I didn't get to introduce myself earlier. My name's Kairi," she told me and offered her hand. "Xion." I answered shyly. She smiled and asked me, "So, are you just starting your journey, too?" I looked at her, confused. "What journey?" I asked her back. She looked just as confused as I did. "You know, the journey of being a Pokémon trainer." "What's a Pokémon?" She looked shocked, as if knowing what a Pokémon is one of the most important things in the world. "How could you not know what a Pokémon is?" she whispered fiercely, probably not wanting to attract attention. Apparently, people in this world know what a Pokémon is, whatever it is. I shrugged. "I'm not from around here. Where I live, there's no such thing as a Pokémon." I told her, hoping she would understand.

"Wait. So you're saying that you're from the outside world?" her eyes were lit up by a serious curiosity. "Well, if you mean from a different world, then yeah." I answered. She squealed and hopped in her seat. "Yes! I'm not the only one!" she shouted and punched the air excitedly. This girl was really starting to weird me out. But she was from a different world, too? She might know about my friends.

"Have you ever met someone named Roxas or Axel?" I asked, hoping she did. She shook her head. "Sorry, but I don't really know anyone by those names. Do you possibly know anyone named Sora or Riku?" she asked back, the same kind of hope in her voice. I shook my head and we fell into a disappointed silence.

I felt bad, so I figured I could try to help her. Who knew I was so caring? "Well, since we're both looking for people, maybe if we stick together, we might be able to find them. Could you tell me what your friends look like?" Kairi looked at me gratefully and described her friends. Sora has chocolate brown, really spiky hair and blue eyes. Riku has short, silverish hair that looked kind of looks like a girl's and green eyes. I described my friends as well. Roxas with his blond hair spiked more to the right and his baby blue eyes. Axel with his flaming, spiky red hair, emerald eyes, and upside down triangle tattoos underneath them. Demyx with his dirty blond, spiked up mullet and sea green eyes. And lastly, Zexion with his emo styled, slate colored hair with bluish streaks and his one showing purple eye. We got ready to leave when Kairi suddenly stopped me. "Here, Xion," she said, giving me a ball about the size of a heart that was red on the top half and white on the bottom half. There was a white button in the middle. "It's a Pokeball." she explained, noticing my confused look, "Inside of it is a Pokémon called Espeon. You're going to need a Pokémon in order to go anywhere. For now, you can borrow one of mine."

I nodded and put it into one of the hoops of my belt. Wait. My belt? I don't have a belt! I looked down and stared at my outfit. My Organization 13 coat was gone. Instead, I was wearing a tight white colored tank top and a black skort. A belt with six loops and a bag attached to it hung around my waist. Fingerless gloves had replaced my gloves and a bracelet hugged my left wrist. Even my boots were gone, replaced by tennis shoes. Kairi looked at me with a questioning expression as I freaked out over my new clothes. "Anything wrong, Xion?" I looked at her, deciding if I should keep freaking out or just get over it. I managed to regain my composure and shook my head. That's when I noticed that my hairstyle changed. Instead of my short hair dangling just past my shoulders, it was longer and in a high ponytail. I shook my head a bit more to confirm the change. Yup, it was a ponytail.

"Did you change outfits, too when you came here?" I asked, exasperated. Kairi nodded, finally understanding why I was so freaked out. "Yeah, but don't worry. All the stuff you need is in your backpack." I glanced behind me. "I don't have a backpack." I said. Kairi pointed at my feet. A backpack filled with lots of stuff rested against my legs. Huh. Why didn't I feel it before? I put it on and followed Kairi outside of the Pokémon Center. "Where are we supposed to go?" I asked her. She looked at a little pink electronic thing that was labeled Pokedex. "Um.. Well according to this map, we need to go that way to reach the next town." She pointed to a path, so we followed it. We walked for a few minutes, talking about this world and how it works. Suddenly, a small creature sprang out of the bushes and landed in front of us. It had a green hat with red discs poking out of it. It's white body looked like an oversized dress on it. It caught sight of us and quickly hid behind us.

More rustling in the bushes caught our attention and we jumped back when two people, a man and a woman, and a cat-like thing sprang out of it. They also landed in front of us, but less gracefully and they seemed to be angry about something. The man had short blue hair that looked like a bob cut for a guy. The woman had red hair that formed one big curled spike. They both wore white uniforms with a big red R on it and long black boots. The creature that landed with them looked like a cat with long claws and a golden coin on its head. They started arguing about something.

"James! I thought I told you to keep a close eye on that Pokémon! How could you let it out of your sight?" the woman shouted angrily. "But Jessie, how was I supposed to watch over it while you and Meowth were eating in front of my face?" the man named James yelled back, just as mad. The cat called Meowth shouted to both of them, which totally surprised Kairi and me: "Well it was both your faults for not being able to catch it!" The one named James caught sight of us staring. "Well, it looks like we have company." he said, brushing his hair over his shoulder like a girl would. The other two took notice and they all stood up straight.

"Prepare for trouble." Jessie chanted. "And make it double." James added. "To protect the world from devastation." "To unite all peoples within our-" Meowth quickly interrupted them. "Shut up already and ask them where the Pokémon is!" "Humph. You always interrupt me." James muttered. "Which way did the Pokémon go? We know it passed this way." Jessie demanded.

Kairi and I looked at each other and then back at the weird trio. "Well, there's a lot of Pokémon that pass through here. Which one do you want?" Kairi stated. They growled. "It's a white Pokémon with a green hat and red horns. Seen it anywhere?" Jessie said, growing impatient. I knew it. They're after this little fella hiding behind me. Obviously they're not going to do anything good to it. I have to protect it! I spoke up: "Oh yeah, I know which one you're talking about. It went that way." I pointed in the direction of a big tree. The three dashed where I pointed and all was quiet for a few minutes. Suddenly, there were three screams and sound of running away in pain. Kairi and I burst out laughing.

"How did you possibly know there was a Beedrill nest there?" Kairi managed to gasp out. She was grasping her stomach from laughter. "There was a 'Beware Beedrill' sign at the beginning of the trail, so I figured it would be near that big tree." I giggled in response. We kept laughing for a while. Suddenly, we heard a voice. "Thank you for saving me!" We stopped laughing and looked around for the owner of the voice. The little white Pokémon stepped in front of us and bowed a bit, which looked adorable. "I was being chased by those thugs since yesterday and they almost caught me. Thanks again!" It bowed again and Kairi trapped it in a bear hug. "It's so cute! And it can talk! Awww!" The Pokémon struggled to get out of her grasp. "In the name of Kingdom Hearts, let me go!" it said. I gasped. "Wait. Did you just say Kingdom Hearts?" Kairi and the Pokémon stopped struggling.

"Yes, I did. Why is that so important?" it asked cautiously. I started to look at it more closely. I could see little dark bluish streaks on the little green hat and horns and when I looked into its uncovered eye, it was purple. There was only one person I knew with purple eyes. "Zexion? Is that you?" I exclaimed. The Pokémon immediately went on the defensive. "H-how do you know my name?" Zexion demanded to know. Yup, that was Zexion alright. "It's me! Xion! You know, Number 14!" I nearly yelled in excitement. Zexion's viewable eye went wide with shock. "Xion? Are you serious? Why are you here and why have you not turned into a Pokémon like me?" "I went to look for you guys! And I don't know why I'm not a Pokémon! Wait. Do you know where the others went?" I answered back. Poor Kairi looked so confused. "Is he one of the friends you were looking for?" she asked me. I nodded and she smiled. "That's great! Let's catch him and take him with us, then!" She got her Pokeball ready.

Zexion looked shocked, but quickly got into a fighting stance. I stopped Kairi before she sent out her Pokémon. "Why don't you let me catch him? After all, I don't have any Pokémon yet." Kairi let out a disappointed sigh and fell back. Zexion looked at me seriously. "Part of the Organization or not, I'm not letting you catch me without a fight!" he shouted. I threw out my borrowed Pokémon, shouting, "Ventus! I choose you!" Why did that sound so cliché? Oh well. A light purplish, cat-like Pokémon gracefully landed on the ground in front of me. Its slender tail was split at the end. "Espeon!" it cried and got into a battle stance. Going through the list of moves Kairi told me that it knows, I picked out one and called it out. "Ven! Use Swift!" Ventus braced itself and shot golden stars out of its mouth. Zexion jumped to avoid it, but the stars followed him and crashed into him head on. He fell painfully to the ground, but still got up. He put his hands to his head and concentrated, creating a blue light that shined around him and the Espeon. Ventus shut its eyes in pain and swung its head from side to side. When the blue light dispersed, Ven cried out, but still stood it's ground. "Use Quick Attack!" I told it and it disappeared for a second. When I next saw it, it reappeared right in front of Zexion and hit him head-on. Zexion flew through the air and crashed into the ground. "Quick, Xion! Use the Pokeball now!" Kairi shouted while Zexion was struggling to get up. I grabbed an empty Pokeball from my backpack and threw it at Zexion. He was too weak to deflect it and it sucked him inside. The Pokeball closed and fell to the ground, rolling a bit before we heard the dull singing noise.

I picked up the Pokeball and opened it. Zexion came out, a little healed from being inside the Pokeball. "Ha. I caught you!" I taunted him. He pouted. "If I wasn't so energy drained, I would totally used Psychic on you." he warned me. I shrugged and put him back into the Pokeball. Then, I put Ventus back into its Pokeball and gave it back to Kairi. "Thanks for letting me use it, Kairi." She smiled. "No problem! Let's go to the next town, okay?" I smiled back and nodded. We started walking toward the next town.

"Oh! I can see it! We're almost there!" Kairi shouted, pointing straight ahead. I looked up at her. "Great! Now will you come down from there? I don't want you to fall!" I shouted back. She rolled her eyes and proceeded to climb down from the tree she was on. "Don't be such a worrywart! I won't f-" Her slipped on the branch and she screamed as she fell. I immediately caught her right before she hit the ground, scared at how hurt she could've been. Her eyes were knit shut and she was still screaming. I shook her a little. "Kairi! It's okay! I caught you! You're fine! Now will you please stop screaming?" She stopped screaming and opened her eyes. She gave me an embarrassed smile. "Heh. Thanks for saving me." I rolled my eyes and helped her up. "Just be more careful next time, okay?" She nodded. "Now which way is the town?" I asked. She pointed in the same direction and started running. "Whoever's last is a Snorlax!" she shouted, laughing. "Hey! No fair!" I yelled as I started sprinting after her.

"Beat you!" Kairi shouted and immediately started panting afterwards. "No fair! You had a head start!" I yelled, out of breath. We leaned onto the wall of the Pokémon Center as we tried to catch our breath. "I say we should go into the Pokémon Center, heal our Pokémon, and eat something. I'm starved!" Kairi said after we rested. I nodded and we entered the building. When we walked up to the counter to get our Pokémon healed, I was surprised to see Nurse Joy. Wasn't she in that other town's Pokémon Center? Oh well. Better say hi. "Hi, Nurse Joy! I didn't know you worked in two Pokémon Centers!" I told her once she turned to us. She looked at me confused. "Um... Have we met before?" I gave her a confused look. "You bandaged me up at the last town. Remember? I fell out of a tree?" I'm guessing her nurse instincts took over because before I knew it, she was next to me, checking my bandages to see if I was okay. She even asked me if I was okay.

Once she confirmed that I was fine, she said, "Did you say the other Pokémon Center?" I nodded. "Oh! No wonder you're confused! You see, I have sisters and cousins all over the world who all look like me, all work in a Pokémon Center, and are all named Joy." She smiled, as if that was the simplest thing in the world. I couldn't believe that was possible, but Kairi said to just let it go and handed over our Pokémon to be healed. After we ate and got our healed Pokémon, we headed out to explore the town. I let Zexion out of his Pokeball and let him sit on my shoulder. He taught me a little more about Pokémon and explained what kind of a Pokémon he is. He is a Ralts- a psychic type Pokémon that can feel people's emotions. I guess that fits him since he likes to manipulate people using their feelings, but the cute look of Ralts doesn't fit his dark, emo personality. For some reason, all these people stared at us as we walked by. Zexion explained that the Pokémon he turned into is not natural to this region, so people would naturally stare. I'm guessing that's why those weirdoes were chasing him. He is a rare Pokémon, after all.

We stopped in front of a large building that had two mean looking statues in front of it. The sign between the statues read: Violet Town's Gym. "Let's take flight!" Kairi read. "Yup, this is the gym alright. A flying type one at that." she said and nodded at me. I was trying to remember what she told me about gyms and flying types. "Basically, this is the place where trainers battle against a gym leader to earn their badge. This one's badge is the Zephyr badge and lets you have control over any Pokémon level 20 and under. Obviously, the Pokémon at this gym are susceptible to Rock, Electric, and Ice type moves, none of which I have." Zexion, the stupid know-it-all, immediately informed me. I rolled my blue eyes. "You're still battling, you know." I informed him. The visible purple eye narrowed at me, but its owner gave in with a reluctant sigh. "Fine." he said and pouted. Kairi opened the large doors of the gym and lead the way through.