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"PHEW! I thought we'd never make it out of there alive!" Kairi gasped as she scrambled out of the cave. She fell onto her hands and knees, as if she had run a whole mile or something. Drama Queen. I rolled my eyes at her exaggeration and stepped out into the sunlight. How Kairi got us lost when there was a clearly marked path, I'll never know.

"Come on, Kai! I can see the town just up ahead!" I shouted and walked past her. Kairi jumped up from the ground and chased after me.

"Hey! You're not supposed to leave me here!" she cried.

I laughed and replied, "Well hurry up then!"

"Wait for meeeeee!" Kairi now had to sprint to catch up to me. I just laughed and ran all the way into town.

"Girls! What do you think you two are doing?!" a rickety old voice shouted. I rapidly skidded to a stop as I saw an elderly man standing in the path.

"I-I'm sorry sir, but I-wahhhhh!" Kairi crashed into me and we both crashed into the ground, right in front of the man's feet.

"Hmph. Young people these days." the man grunted and helped lift us up. He's surprisingly strong.

"Sorry sir!" I apologized again, along with Kairi.

"It's fine." he said gruffly and then introduced himself. "Name's Kurt. Specialized Pokeball maker. Now who're you two?" Kairi introduced us and asked if there was a Gym nearby. The old man laughed and pointed behind us. Sure enough, there was the Gym and we had ran right past it. Giving him a quick thanks, we started to head toward the Gym.

"I'd be careful about battling that Gym Leader. He's pretty tough." Kurt called out. Kairi looked back at him, smiling.

"Don't worry! We're strong trainers! We can take him." She grinned confidently. The man laughed and waved us off. I smiled as well. It was exciting to battle against trainers. Though not as fun as fighting against Heartless and using the keyblade. I sighed quietly so Kairi wouldn't notice. Sometimes I missed my keyblade and my magic. These Pokémon battles are fun, but I miss being the one fighting.

We got to the entrance of the Gym. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed that it looked exactly like the other Gym. Except for the sign in front of it. This time, the sign said the Azalea Gym Leader was Bugsy, the Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia. Sounds like he really knows his stuff. Bug Pokémon, huh? I don't think I've been against those yet. Kairi probably hadn't, either, though it was hard to ask her when she froze and paled at the sign's message.

"B-bugs?! We have to fight against Bug Pokémon?!" she squeaked. I looked at her, confused. Why was she freaking out? They're just bugs.

"Umm.. You okay, Kairi?" I tried to prompt an answer from her by waving a hand in front of her face. She blinked in surprise, but quickly turned to me and started shaking her head furiously.

"Okay? OKAY? We're supposed to fight against those, those creepy crawly things and you're asking if I'm okay?!" she shrieked. Um.. I'll take that as a no.

"So.. Are you not going to go in there and fight?" I asked, not really sure if I should be pushing her to go in, or just skip the Gym and continue our search for our friends. I may have found Zexion and Demyx, but I really wanted to find Axel and Roxas. I was worried... Not that I didn't think they couldn't take care of themselves or anything! I know they can get out of any tight situation! But those Jessie and James people with that weird.. What was it? Meowth? They might be trouble one day, especially if there are more people like them. Of course, we might not be able to keep forward if we don't win those Badges.

Well, we might as well get this over with. I looked at Kairi, who had taken a few steps away from the Gym, and repeated my question with a hint of impatience. Couldn't she just hurry up and go inside?

"N-no! There's bugs in there! BUGS! Creepy, disgusting, crawly bugs! There's no way I'm setting foot in that Gym!" she shouted defiantly from behind a mailbox of a nearby house. I rolled my eyes and marched towards her. Looks like I have to be the bigger girl.

I was about to grab Kairi and drag her into the dang Gym when I felt something tug on my sock. I looked down and saw Demyx the Oshawott gaze up at me with puppy dog eyes.

"D-Demyx? How did you get out of your Pokeball?" I asked, surprised. I didn't know he could do that. Giving me a small wink, he pointed to my belt, where a purplish glow surrounded the button of Zexion's Pokeball. It pushed itself in and Zexion the Ralts popped out next to Demyx. The little Psychic Pokémon glared at the other, who was pretending to not notice and toying with his shell. Zexion sighed after a few seconds and looked up at Kairi and me.

"He annoyed me to no end, so I used Psychic to get us out." He crossed his little white arms. Demyx grinned and hugged Zexion, who faintly blushed. I could tell Kairi was trying to resist the urge to 'Awww!' at them.

"Thank you, Zexy! I don't know if I could've survived in that ball any longer!" Demyx exclaimed happily. Zexion looked annoyed and tried to push the clingy water-type away to no avail. Then, the Oshawott turned to me, his mood seeming to turn all the way around.

"I'm hungryy, Xionnnnnn!" he whined. A large growl from his stomach emphasized his complaint. He looked up at me with sea green eyes. "Can we please get something to eat before we battle?"

Oh right... I had forgotten that we haven't eaten anything since we entered that cave. As I realized that, my stomach growled loudly. Hunger smacked me in the face. Or Demyx's shell. What's the difference? We should probably eat then... According to the map, there should be a Pokémon Center nearby. Maybe they'll have some food like the others did. I sighed.

"All right, Demyx. Let's go eat." I reluctantly muttered after rubbing where Demyx's shell had hit me. The Oshawott cheered and dashed towards the Pokémon Center (how did he know where it was?), dragging an indignantly shouting Ralts with him. I'm surprised no one gave them much notice-it was a very strange sight. Kairi giggled at the two as she and I followed the pair. As we stepped inside the Center, we were kindly greeted by another Nurse Joy, who looked exactly like the other two I met. A tall, pink, roundish Pokémon with an egg-shaped stone in its pouch accompanied her. It was looking confusedly down at Demyx and Zexion, who were arguing in front of them.

"Um, excuse me, miss. Are these two your Pokémon?" she pointed at the two brawling Pokémon at her feet. I hesitantly nodded and almost flinched at her stern look. "You need to have better control of your Pokémon. They should be better behaved than this," the pink-haired nurse informed me. The Chansey (well, that's what it kept saying) was mimicking Nurse Joy, though it was scolding Demyx and Zexion, who were guiltily nodding their heads. Once we agreed that we'd behave, Nurse Joy and the Chansey rolled our Pokémon into the treatment room, advising us to get a bite to eat while we waited.

I couldn't believe it, but the food was incredibly cheaper than what that stubborn Moogle sold. After I gulped down a last bit of Moomoo Milk (delicious and very energizing!), a ding told us that our Pokémon were healed. While Kairi was contentedly finishing her Oran Berry Yogurt, I ran up to the front counter and found Zexion and Demyx each eating an apple with Kairi's Pokeballs neatly placed next to them. I yelled to Kairi to hurry up and as soon as she joined us, we headed back to the Gym.

To be honest, I didn't want to deal with Kairi freaking out again, so I blindfolded her (well, once I told her it was so she wouldn't have to look at the bugs, she tied it herself) and led her through the gym. We were greeted by that sunglasses dude again, who gave us some orange spray bottles labeled Super Potions after laughing at Kairi's blindfolded state. I pulled her onto the green spidery Pokémon platform before she could punch him. Once we got on, the platform started moving-crawling away, startling us into almost screaming.

Zexion and Demyx were laughing at us. I was tempted to throw them onto the giant web the platform was crawling on, but I figured they might actually get hurt if I did that, so I resisted the urge. We made our way over the web, battling the gym trainers (and yes, Kairi somehow beat them…) and getting closer to the gym leader. Finally, we made it. Second badge, here I come!

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