So I just thought about a Dean/Cas in which Cas is a doctor and Dean has stuttering problems, so he helps him through them and in the process helps him find love. Tell me if I did good, and if I should continue it!

The Long Road Back

Dean took a deep breath, shuddering in the cold November air. He looked up and down at the building in front of him. "Hope Meadow" was the name of the medical center in Kansas which specialized in psychiatric help. He tapped his foot in a timid manner, never taking his eyes of the high building.

'You can do this. Come on. Don't be a girl.' –He mentally scolded himself.

One last deep breath and he opened the door. Once inside he felt a gush of warm air tingle through him. He quickly loosened his scarf, away from his nose and mouth and began seizing the room. The reception room was a big saloon with a lot of chairs, some plants around the corners, and a big receptionist desk. It was all decorated in very mild, but warm colors. The walls were cream, while the seats were white, topped with the rich brown from the big desk. It looked fairly warm and inviting.

He cautiously walked towards the receptionist lady who looked at him smiling, expecting him.

"May I help you, sir?" –She asked politely.

"C-C-C-Can y-you d-d-d-d-d-d-direct me t-t-to m-m-m-Mister N-Novak?" –Dean fought through his words. He practiced, he knows he did, but in the end it all came out very shaky and horrible. He looked away embarrassed.

"Sure, his office is on the third floor, the second door from the left. His name is written on it. You can take the elevator." –She smiled again, seemingly unfazed by his little fall out. But of course, she probably witnessed worse, considering this is a psychiatric hospital.

He nodded once, smiling slightly and making his way towards the stairs. Small spaces made him feeling like suffocating which brought out his paranoia.

He quickly marched up the steps, rushing to his appointment with Dr. Novak. He promised himself and his brother that he would do this. This was the first time he actually tried getting help about his stuttering problem.

Once he made it to the office door, he stood before it hoping to get himself ready. It was already 3:10 minutes, his appointment scheduled at 3:00.

'Fuck this, I'll just get through this first appointment, act nice, and then never come back and live happily never after.'

He gulped audibly and creaked the door open, where another receptionist was waiting for him. Though this room was smaller. She smiled brightly and immediately started shuffling through her papers.

"You must be Dean Winchester. Dr. Novak's been waiting for you. Please come in." –She told him. Seems that this Dr. Novak instructed her well. She didn't demand any answer back in her talk. He smiled curtly and slipped off his black cotton hat Sammy gave him as he opened the other door.

Inside he was greeted by a little cooing noises. A big black chair had turned its back to him, while a soothing voice came from it.

"Who's the sweetest lil Mojo in the world? You is. My wittle ball of fur is. You are so cute I'm gonna strangle myself because of your cuteness..."- The voice spoke in a very childish manner, as little squelching 'meow's come from near him.

Dean audibly coughed, making the chair turn around swiftly to face him. It would have been very James Bond style, if the man with the cat in his lap wasn't looking at him like a deer caught in headlights. Oh and let's not forget the previous baby talk.

"Hello there."- The man said quietly. He looked to be about thirty, around Dean's age. He had very disheveled, black hair, dark stubble, but the bluest eyes Dean had ever seen. He wore a crisp white shirt under the stark black jacket, with a tie slung carelessly around his collar.

"Excuse me while I gather back my dignity." –He said smiling, dropping the cat to the floor.

Dean chuckled briefly at the man's remark.

"Castiel Novak." –The doctor said extending a hand towards Dean.

"D-Dean W-W-W-Winch-chester" –He spoke and looked away frustrated. Why couldn't he just get his name right?

"Oh, like the rifle?" –The doctor asked seemingly interested.

Dean smiled widely.

"Y-Yeah, like t-t-the ri-ri-rifle." –He confirmed.

"Would you like to take a seat? Assuming that you still want me to be your doctor after what you just saw?" –Castiel asked stoically, but Dean saw the humor behind it. He couldn't help but chuckle back.

"Y-Yes I-I-I would." –Castiel's smile broadened revealing a set of teeth. The both sat back in the chairs. Dean looked around the room a little, making out the scenery. It was a fairly large room, though not too big. It felt warm too but in a different way than the reception hall. The walls were beige, the desk black, scattered with a lot of files, though neat in a particular way. There were a couple of bookshelves behind him, all filled to the brim with books. A big painting of splattered colors hung in the center of the room. It felt... nice. Personal.

"Do you like it?" –The doctor spoke, snapping him out of his daze.

"Y-Yeah." –He responded shortly. He began taking his scarf off, folding it to fit inside his jackets pocket, beside his hat, and shrugged out of his big jacket, placing it carefully over the chair's back. He caught Castiel's eyes trailing his movements with a smile.

He couldn't help but smile back.

"I like the necklace." –Castiel stated, gesturing to the amulet.

"Oh this. M-M-My b-brother g-g-gave it t-t-t-to mmmm-me." –Dean explained.

"I-I-It's actu-ually an a-a-amulet." –He added as an afterthought. He usually never did that. He only spoke if it was absolutely necessary. Maybe it was because he's a doctor and he knows he has to deal with it.

"That was for good-luck wasn't it?" –Castiel prompts.

"I-It w-w-w-was." –Dean responds. Suddenly he feels a trailing movement against his jeans cladded leg. A soft purring noise comes down, and Dean glances at the little black cat. The cat stares back with very luminous green eyes.

"Meow" –The cat offers.

"You don't have a problem with cats do you?" –Castiel asks cautiously.

"N-No, but I-I-I wou-wouldn't s-s-s-strangle mmm-myself o-over t-t-t-them." –Dean spoke before he caught his words. He made a joke. To a person he just met. He never ever tried joking with people other than his family. How could Castiel make him feel so at ease?

Castiel's quiet rumble of laughter surprised him more than anything. He looked nice smiling. His eyes shone in a very particular way. Dean caught himself blushing before he could stop it.

"I would advise against that. It might lead to embarrassing yourself and losing a patient." –Castiel chuckled through his words.

"It wont." –Dean spilled the words. He quickly slapped a hand to his mouth. He didn't stutter. He said a whole sentence without stuttering. Never mind that it was only two words, he still didn't stutter.

Castiel's smile looked so wide and genuine. Dean slowly dropped his hand from his mouth and smiled back hesitantly. He felt warm all over.

"See this is what we'll be working on. You didn't stutter because you didn't think through those words. Am I right?" –Castiel asked for reassurance.

Dean could only nod.

"You're stuttering is a combination of a lot of things. We will be working through all of them throughout the sessions with me. I hope you feel comfortable enough to participate fully in the treatment. It might be hard, but if you're willing to get help I am willing to help just as much. Maybe more." –The way he said maybe more left a warm feeling in the pit of Dean's stomach. 'Stop it, Dean. Just, stop it.' –He scolded himself.

"So, what do you think? You want to see me again?" –Castiel spoke.

"Y-Y-Yeah, I-I'd l-l-like th-that." –Dean tried, and his sudden feeling of pride vanished into thin air. Back to square one. Though Castiel's words of promise still lingered somewhere.

"Don't worry yourself, it's not going to happen overnight. But I will help you. I promise." –Castiel must have sensed his disappointment.

Dean smiled briefly, and stood up. He offered his hand to Castiel who took it in a firm handshake.

"T-Thank y-y-you, D-d-doctor." –Dean spoke smiling politely.

"Oh, please, call me Castiel." –Castiel smiled back. "I'll call you to inform you of our next meeting."

"T-T-Thanks a-again."

"It was nice meeting you, Dean. I hope to see you soon." –Castiel said as Dean made his way to the door.

"R-right b-b-back at cha." –Dean responded and felt himself redden. He quickly left the room with a whole mix of emotions.

Maybe this whole therapy thing was a good deal. He was gonna have to thank Sammy for this.

Or maybe he just shouldn't get ahead of himself.


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