I hope you'll forgive me for reuploading this; I am new in here, or actually submitting my first story. When submitting this I made the Shift+ Enter between chapters, but they didn't show up so I tried to delete the original story and then reupload this.

Freddy - Here we are, on our way to beach, and I have 3000 dollars in my pocket, and we can finally have fun and relax after a five month killing spree!

Michael - I agree! I remember, back then when I was younger and still in the mental hospital, I was once released for a week- long vacation. I drove a moped around and mind you, I was a lot thinner then.

Freddy- Hey, you haven't told that before. What kind of moped it was? Aprilia? Yamaha? Davidson?

Michael- Oh, shut up! It was Yamaha!

Jason- I... I'm thirsty! I want something to drink!

Freddy- SHUT UP!

Michael - Oh! Freddy! Stop! Hit the brakes! Can you see that fabulous raisin- date- pine there, right on the left?

Freddy- Oh yeah. Back then, when Ohio was ruled by democrats, things were better than today. Even the weather was better, I could go swimming in the canal in December!

Jason- I'm thirsty! I want something to drink!

Freddy- SHUT UP! I know we're all thirsty, but don't you understand that we can't be drinking all the time when republicans slurp down all of our water!

Jason- I don't want to live in America anymore, I want to go to Prague!

Freddy- Wha- wha- whaaaat?

Michael- Jason must be completely nuts or very brave! There's no other country than America for us Americans! *is patriotic*

Freddy- D'ya hear that, Jase?

Jason- No! I want to go to Prague!

Freddy- SHUT UP!


Freddy- Michael, look!

Michael- What?

Freddy- Nothing. Hahahahahaha...!

Michael - Argh! Freddy! The window is hot!

Jason - *points to another car* I wonder if they're feeling as hot as us?

Michael - *giggles* Now we don't need to go to the Hell, we're already feeling hot!

Jason - Oh yeah!

Michael - Look! Freddy's toes are burning! *laughs*

Jason - *sings Blood too hot by the Scorpions* lf your blood is so hot, stand up and rock with me...

Freddy - SHUT UP! I already know we are all feeling hot!

Michael - What a beautiful and smooth lanscape, look at those yellow baboons hanging from those plum trees! By the way, are we already in the beach, Freddy?

Freddy - Don't touch them! *mumbles* Goddamn, three packages of expensive vintage Valium and Mike ate them all...

Michael - What a beautiful...


*silence**Jason starts to giggle*

Michael - *to Freddy* Shut up!

Freddy - I... *slaps Michael*

Michael - Ouch!

Freddy - *to Jason* Stop that giggling!

Jason - Hey! Michael!

Freddy - Argh! Don't shout like that!

Jason - Michael! Tell me again how you tried to kill Freddy!

Freddy - SHUT UP! He didn't try to kill me!

*Freddy starts to cough and grabs his chest*

Freddy - Argh... *coughs some more*

Michael - Oh look! Freddy has a heart attack!

Jason - Whoo! Michael, call the ambulance! Samara, get the camera!

Samara - *appears from the legroom of Freddy's seat* Who, me?

Freddy - SHUT UP, you lunatics! Samara, go back there!

Michael - Oh! Jason! Freddy! Samara! Look! The beach is right there! We're finally there!

Freddy - Whew... well, why don't you go swimming now, after you've pestered me since the last summer to take you to the beach! And Jason, if you decide to drown again, Michael will be the one giving you the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation...

*sighs and takes off his sweater*

Michael - *drooling* That Freddy has such a hot body...

Freddy - Oh yeah, I knew you would say something dumb so I would again have to tell you to SHUT UP!