Chapter 20 – Epilogue: Mother and Father

A tawny brown owl knocked on their kitchen window. In the middle of dinner, Sirius got up and opened the window for the bird, wondering why in the warm weather their kitchen window was closed, and why the owl didn't use any of the other open windows. He fed it an owl treat while quickly untying the letter from its leg. The owl then turned and scurried off back into the evening sky, flying back to a place far away from the home.

"Sirius what is it?" his best friend Remus called. Remus was holding baby Lydia with one arm while eating dinner with his other. It'd been five months and his little girl was getting so big. She was now strong enough to latch onto things and pull them over. That was why she was being handled by her dad rather than her still clumsy as ever mother.

"It's a letter from Harry," Sirius told them with a smile. "The boy's starting this third task tomorrow night. He's worried." He suddenly made a face. "Moony, you did teach my godson how to defend himself against anything right?"

"I only was his teacher for one year Sirius. But whatever I did teach him, I taught him to the best of my abilities."

"Hmm, alright," Sirius mumbled. "But if anything happens to my godson, I'm blaming you Moony. You're giving me a new one."

"Um…" Remus sounded, glancing at Nymphadora as he began to blush.

"Padfoot just sit down. You're making my husband blush like a school boy."

"No I'm serious. That wasn't meant to be a joke."

"Uh…" Remus continued as his cheeks flushed to a deep red.

They were suddenly interrupted by an innocent sound of laughter. Remus immediately looked down to the baby in his arms, a bright smile was spread across her lovely little face as her arms were outstretched, reaching for him.

He smiled and shifted baby Lydia up to look at his, her face smiling brighter as she saw her mother and father in her picture. Lydia's childish laughter rang through the house and soon Remus had recovered from his blush caused by his best friend.

"Cousin Padfoot is making fun of daddy," Tonks smiled and kissed her baby's cheeks.

"Hey, I wasn't making a joke!" Sirius defended but came over to the couple to grin at his laughing baby cousins. "Aw, aren't you adorable?"

"Don't worry Lydia, when you grow up you'll help me won't you?" Remus smiled.

"Not if my teachings get through to her," Sirius laughed.

"My daughter will be a good student Padfoot," Tonks sighed.

"You and Moony keep telling yourself that," Sirius smiled mischievously.

"Padfoot," Remus sighed and then grinned at his baby daughter who grinned even brighter and gave him an innocent baby laugh. "I will use that Dancing Legs Jinx on you again and this time I will have Lexi use one of her muggle devices to capture the moment of you dancing to the cancan," he warned and then blew a raspberry at Lydia.

"My husband the joker," Tonks laughed while picturing Sirius dancing to the cancan.

A look of embarrassment suddenly fell over Sirius' face. He knew Remus would keep true to his words, and he knew that his other cousin, Alexis Black, would somehow have an odd muggle contraption just capable of capturing the moment. It was a thing similar to their cameras, except the odd muggles chose to call it a video recorder.

"Trust me cuz, your husband isn't joking," Sirius told Tonks.

Baby Lydia simply laughed louder, squealing with a bright smile on her face as she looked at her cousin, her mother, and her father. Her looks were changing yet again, a gift of hers that would still take some time until she could master it. Her hair changed from raven black like her cousin Padfoot to bubblegum pink like her mother's, and finally she settled on a soft light brown to match her father's.

When Sirius reached to hold her, she waved her arms around and innocently smacked him right on his nose.

"Great, no one's ever on my side," Sirius sighed. "Pick on your cousin you baby wolf." He blew a raspberry at Lydia who only laughed more at him, thrashing her tiny arms around in excitement and once again, it hit him on the nose. Sirius huffed while Remus and Tonks continued to laugh, congratulating their daughter for already grasping the idea of how to pick on her cousin Padfoot.

It soon became a norm for them, every single day. Remus and Sirius would stay home to look after the baby while Alexis and Tonks were at work. When dinner time came, Lexi usually went on dates with her long time boyfriend Deacon, while Tonks stayed home and had dinner with her family. As for Sirius, on the days where Evelyn wasn't drowned in work, they would have their own little dinner date, out in the vast backyard of Alexis Black's house. On the days she was drowned in work, Sirius would spend the time with his best friend and cousins.

Had it been a year ago, just a short year ago, none of them would have thought that a simple, normal life like that was possible. But one year later and there they were, sitting around a table having dinner, teasing a sweet little child who was just barely able to understand their gestures. The modern house in the middle of nowhere in England was a peaceful place. Situated right between miles of rolling hills and trees, the laughter of the odd but loving family could be heard echoing on and on in the sweet silence of the warm summer night. And in the middle of the night, if one listened closely enough, they could hear a woman and a man, who had became a mother and a father, singing a soft and familiar lullaby to a sleeping child that brought them together. The peaceful nights were like magic, but no magic was involved.

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