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Genre – Hurt/Comfort and Romance.

Warning - Graphic detailed lemons and rape scenes.

Naruto was joyous, ecstatic and a tad bit of nervous as well at the prospect of seeing his mistress again. He was sure that she wouldn't be as enthusiastic as him at the aspect of meeting him again after what he had done, but he was consoling himself in his own way.

'Okay take a deep breath. You are gonna nailed it. She may hate me but I am sure that after my confession of love, my feelings for her will change her mind. I will beg for forgiveness. I will beg on my knees, I will ask her to become mine, and mine only. I will ask her to marry, and if she won't forgive me. I will give myself in police custody. Maybe then she will see the depth of my feeling, and she may even forgive me for my atrocious sin.' Young Namikaze was so deep in thoughts that he even ignored the nauseous feeling he was experiencing as the side effect of his giddiness.

He was devising his every move like a perfectionist he was known to be. He desired to melt her heart, and he yearned for her forgiveness above all as he wasn't able to sleep peacefully since that fateful night. He was overwhelmed by a sickening feeling of guilt, and was self loathing for his horrifying evil deed, his sin never allowing him to sleep.

He was being broken under the weight of the crime he had committed. He sought for her forgiveness, and for her love. He yearned to take her delicate form in his arms, engulf her in a warm blanket of his embrace. He craved to feel her petite frame molding against him once again. She fitted so perfectly in his arm, like she was made to be there and tonight he would make sure that her heart would be his and his only. 'Today I will make you mine and mine only...'

The Black Pearl Hotel

"Naruto-sama, we have arrived at the designated spot. We are here at The Black Pearl Hotel. Anything else you need, sir? When should I pick you up or shall I wait in parking?" elegantly dressed driver, Madara asked in a monotone voice as he waited for his masters further command.


Startled by sudden sound, Madara quickly turned around with his infamous Susanoo in his hand, pointed at the supposed intruder who could be a potential peril to his master safety but found nothing but an empty seat.

He quickly caught the glimpse of his master's blurry form dashing inside Hotels main gate without even checking that he had mistakenly entered in night club section instead of residential area. He quickly blurred in motion when he saw three goons or security guards trailing after Naruto's charge.

He intercepted them with ease as he made a quick work out of them. He wasn't Naruto's under cover guard for nothing. He saw more coming as he quickly drew out the crest of Namikaze clan, and explained that actual who had graced their humble palace tonight.

"Namikaze-sama is little ecstatic today, so if he causes any kind of trouble we will pay for it, but if any kind of harm may come to Naruto-sama - it will not end well for you," he warned while manager quickly nodded, frightened by the intimidating man.

With Naruto

As soon as Madara enlightened him that they had arrived at the place where Kushina was staying, he began to quiver in anticipation, and sprawled himself in a crouched position.

As soon as Limo halted, he bolted out of it like a rocket from its launcher. He ran passed all the security checkers, ticket collector and those big bouncers and he dashed straight inside a place called Candy.

Candy may sound small but boy this structure was humongous. Candy offered a multitude of indulgent entertainment experiences. The screened bridge overlooking the restaurant and lounge leads the way to the intimate second story nightclub, which is highlighted by a domed ceiling above the dance floor. The nightclub, which regularly boasts world-class DJs and celebrity guests such as Mei, Renji, Ichigo, Diddy, Shaquille O'Neal, Kim Kardashian, and Mario Lopez, features vaulted glazed tile arches that opened into the main room where revelers could enjoy a sexy, elevated VIP area with posh banquettes, embossed leather walls and mirrored mosaic tile niches. With one of the most intimate, yet energetic, dance floors in Kumo, Candy Nightclub is a must-see stop among Kumo visitors.

He was enchanted by its beauty. He really should take a vacation as he really needed to visit places such as these. It was marvelous sight but he quickly came out of his stupider when he reminded himself the purpose he came here for.

He began to look around hastily in hopes to catch a glimpse of his goddess, but was disappointed as he could find her anywhere.

His presence was noticed by many specially his string of admirers, he was quickly surrounded by hoards of women of all ages and many began to touch him at inappropriate places, clearly drunk, and Naruto did the only thing he could in a given situation. He ran away while his admirers trailed behind him.

With Kiba

Kiba Inuzuka's car came flying, literally as many ducked out of the way of a speeding car while madman finally applied brakes, thus halting the motion of his growling car.

He quickly ran out of his car, and headed straight towards the main entrance of Hotel Black Pearl but was obstructed by a familiar man.

"Kiba-sama, what are you doing here?" asked Madara as he bowed a little.

"No time to explain just tell me where is Naruto? I need to get him as quickly as possible," Kiba spoke with urgency in his voice, and patiently waited for Madara's answer.

Madara shook his head positively while pointing towards the Hotel entrance, making Kiba cursed in irritation, and he dashed inside the hotel area without giving Madara any chance to explain anything; leaving him staring at a naked woman's statue.

"Madara-san, the police may come trailing after me, so please deal with them," Kiba instructed behind his charge as Madara's eyebrow twitched in irritation while he kept staring at nude sculpture.

"Mom! Look at that creepy man; he is staring at naked lady's boobies," said a random 8 year girl, inducing many to look at him in a weird way and many women begin to radiate hostile waves, clearly incensed.

Kiba halted his motion when he saw the receptionist desk being hovered by some suspicious people. He swiftly walked passed them as he again brought his body back in motion.

"Pardon me miss, but can you please tell me in which room Miss Kushina Uzumaki is staying?" Kiba asked politely though he was a little baffled by the inimical men behind him as they begun to mummer among themselves. It unnerved him a little as his carnal instinct went on high alert.

"Sorry sir, but it's against our policy to give any kind of information about our customer. We first have to ask her so, please wait." receptionist bluntly turned him down as she began to dial some number.

"Madam, a young man is asking me to give him your room number so, should I give him or not?" receptionist questioned. "What is his name?" Asked the raspy and a sultry feminine voice.

"Sir, what is your name?"

"My name is...-" Kiba trailed off as he reminded himself the purpose behind all this, and if she was still waiting then that meant that Naruto hadn't come here yet. So, he still had a chance to save his friend, but she will not tell him her room number if he told her his real name.

"Sir, what is your name?" questioned receptionist little irritated by the unresponsiveness of the man. Kiba snapped out of his stupider and grinned sheepishly, making reception lady blush prettily. His boyish face was working its magic.

"Sorry for being rude, I was a little dazed. My name is Naruto...Naruto Namikaze," Kiba drawled huskily while breathing on woman's neck as he made sure that the woman on the other side listen his name loud and clear.

"Please escort him to my room," voice demanded eagerly, breaking out the spell Kiba had put on receptionist as she flushed, and quickly asked the man behind him to escort him to Miss Kushina's suite.

Kiba reluctantly followed behind the man as he could sense more than one eye tracing his every movement, but he followed them anyway.

"So, you are Naruto Namikaze? It's funny as I always thought that he has bright yellow hairs and deep blue eyes not black ones," Man mumbled while cracking his knuckles as he led him in an uninhibited room.

Kiba sensed footsteps of many men surrounding him as he sighed in irritation. He wanted to verbalize his friend Shikamaru's infamous words and did so.

"Man Naruto you are so troublesome; giving me that troublesome task, and now this. Man, I am going to demand for bonus after this," Kiba drawled in irritation as began to mutter callous string of curses.

"Shut up loser! Don't worry, after we got finished with you. You.. -" Man began to threaten Kiba but he could have continued a big boot slammed in his face, sending him flying towards the dressing table. He crashed harshly against the wooded structure, breaking it on impact.

Goons jaw dropped as they saw their comrade sail through the air before roughly crashing on a wooden dressing table while the feral looking man just barely cramped his neck with his foot still stretched out in air in places where their comrade's face was a second ago.

Kiba calmly ambled inside the room as crooks finally came out of the trance and followed him inside the room.

Kiba was sprawled over the queen size bed lazily as he trailed his eyes on all the remaining wanna be thugs. They appeared little frightened by his little demonstration, they were evicting little bit of fear, and anxiety was evident in their eyes.

They inadvertently tightened their hold on the weapon they were holding, and copiously begun to advance towards him.

Kiba nonchalantly tracked their movements they were working in synchronization but he was contagious to their advances as he kept scrutinizing them.

He stared at them vaguely as excitement etched in his eyes. He grinned at them, and adrenaline began to pump inside his itching muscles. He smothered his expression as he reminded himself that he had no time for fun. So, he decided an easier approach as he got up from bed and walked in the midst of man of the group.

"Why don't you people move aside? I don't have time to deal with you people as I am in quite a hurry so please it will be beneficial for all of us," Kiba grumbled in irritation while goons began to circle around him, so he couldn't escape.

"Shut up you fucker! We gonna kill for what you did to our pal." Screamed a thug, enraged for being mocked by the taller man.

Kiba calmly stepped forward and pushed one of his attackers slightly to the side causing the man's swing to go wide and impact with his comrade's face.

"Oh shit sorry dude!" The attacker apologized as the others tried to follow up on the attack. It was soon made apparent that their numbers were working against them as their wide attacks ended up colliding with each other, and their group slowly dwindled to five as the other 5 have been incapacitated by their own comrades. "Shit what the hell is going on?" one of the attackers muttered while readying his weapon.

"Are you done yet?" Kiba asked, not even winded from the exchange. "You can see quite clearly that there's no real point in attacking me." He started staring at the leader. "Move out of the way and help your friends out."

Angered by the man's attitude the leader did the exact opposite of what Kiba requested of him. "Kill the bastard!" He shouted pointing his bat at Kiba who sighed in frustration.

"Alright fine," he muttered as the remaining five underlings attempted to attack him at once. Rotating on his left foot the first attacker sailed passes him and stumbled into a trash heap nearby. Not bothering to look Kiba stepped backwards three steps as the next two missed their marks as their arms connected to Kiba's shoulders. Throwing his elbows back Naruto didn't bother to check on the two as they slumped to the ground. Stepping forward to block the fourth attacker in a similar manner Kiba simply swept the man's foot out from under him letting him fall on his side. Turning to the last attacker Kiba grabbed the pipe as his attacker brought it down. Planting his fist in the attacker's gut Kiba let him fall over as he turned to face the leader once more. "It's only you now," he stated simply. "Let me pass."

"You think I'm afraid of you?" The leader shouted jumping forward with his spiked bat at the ready. "I'll fucking kill you!"

Sighing in annoyance Kiba stepped forward and grabbed the leader's face in his palm. Continuing forward Kiba knocked the man's legs out from under him and slammed him into the ground. "You're annoying," he muttered before continuing on his way.

Kiba came out of the room without as much of a scratch on him. 'Man those guys were so fucking weak and here I was expecting some tough resistance. If this was all they got then there is no need for me to worry, Naruto can kick their asses even in his sleep,' Kiba mused as he passed a room by room as he finally come across the room he was looking for 'Honeymoon suite 6, huh! Interesting...' Mused Kiba wistfully, smirking slightly as he entered in the small room in expectancy to see the face of manipulative woman. 'Huh! Let's see how you do like my surprise Mei Terumi...'

Spacious, Humongous were the words running through the Kiba's head, and it was true. The whole suite was 2 times bigger than his own whole house, and that is something as he was one of the Namikaze workers, and highly paid one at that. The 650 square-foot suite—more than double the size of the average any other hotel room in Kumo. Accompanies with a Roman tub, king-size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, and a sunken living area complete with HDTVs and plush furnishings.

Though his center of attention quickly altered when he was left gaping like a fish at the delicious sight presented to him. His eyes nearly fell out of their socket. He couldn't peel off his lustful orbs from the deity's grace. The only word to describe it would be only unearthly. He couldn't find any other word fitting enough to describe the beauty of the marvelous sight that was presented to his humble eyes.

Mei Terumi sprawled over the king size round bed, her long shapely milky white legs wide open, her slim waist arched up high in the air, her right breast partially covered by her little delicate hand as she was pinching her cheery pink nipple in ecstasy while her other hand was between her nether region. Her face flushed a blissful expression present on her gorgeous face. Her hair disarrayed, falling from the edge of the bed as her finger rapidly pleasured her.

"Ahhh...!" She moaned as she arched her back high, some of her love juice leaked as she began to move her finger desperately searching for her climax. Her breaths were coming out short and raspy.

She began to roll her nipple more quickly. The sight of masturbating red headed was too much for the tough man as his member erected, making a tent inside the confines of his pants.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I cuminnnng!" Mei screamed in pure bliss when she achieved her orgasm.

"Holly shit!" Kiba muttered totally forgetting about his little mission as he gaped at the marvelous structure of human beauty. He inadvertently began to move towards her, his own breath hoarse by the sensual display of too much skin.

Mei got startled when she heard a rugged aroused male voice, and she dared to say that it sounded sexy. She eagerly tilted her head in the direction of incoming voice, a lustful grin present on her gorgeous face as she was expecting to see a flummoxed Namikaze ready to pound his monstrous cock in her soaking wet depths.

She was confident that the little show she had putted was enough to drive any man nuts, especially an already drugged Namikaze.

But she was rather surprised to see a dazed Kiba Inuzuka instead of the Namikaze man she was aiming to seduce. His lustful coal black eyes were feasting on her immodest nude form. His breathing rugged, eyes hooded with lust, desire and something which Mei couldn't phantom.

He impulsively ambled towards her, inadvertently staring at her nude form all the way, enchanted by her ravishing beauty. Mei couldn't move from her spot, and kept sitting there waiting, his tortuously slow charge making her wet as she stared at the man in front of her. She even forget to cover herself as she was too in some kind of trance, giving him ample opportunity to feast on her luscious, voluptuous and sexy body.

"Oh Kami! You are beautiful. No! You are...Unworldly. Yes, you are a heavenly being bestowed from heaven to grace the very earth. How can someone be so...So...Captivating...So exquisite or maybe you are some sort of witch that Bewitching her victim with her unparalleled beauty? You can't be a woman. A goddess, an Angle or a witch, what are you exactly? Or is this a lustfully divine dream of mine?" Kiba murmured dumbfounded by the unparalleled sight of glittering beauty conferred for his delirious orbs as he tried to comprehend that he wasn't hallucinating or something, but quickly disregarded the thought as any dream or imagination of his couldn't be so vivid, so esthetical.

Mei's cheek bloomed in a healthy shade of rosy red after hearing his dazed words. He was pixilated by her smashing appearance. He was being completely honest, she could tell by just gazing in his half lidded eyes once. He was knocked-out, dazed by her beauty. Her blushed intensified when she noticed her inappropriate state of clothing or lack of ones. Blushing prettily, she tried to cover her dignity with her petite delicate hands, and failed miserable as her tiny hand couldn't confine her voluptuous assets.

When she glanced towards the mesmerized Inuzuka, she was left open mouthed to see the said man seating on the edge of bed while still advances towards her. She quickly tried to cover her modesty with the white silk blanket but a hand quickly snatched it away from her grasp. Frightening her a little as little fear of being raped etched in her emerald orbs. She squirmed away when she felt a hand on her cheek but man was powerful enough to keep her retrieving form glued at the spot.

She was afraid by dominating man. She closed her eyes tightly as fear kept building inside her. Knots of fear tightened inside her stomach as few pearls like tears formed in her quivering orbs. As she waited for the worst but it never came, instead she heard soft almost inaudible husky voice caressing her very being, sending goose bumps all over her body as she felt tingling feeling inside her stomach but this feeling was pleasant unlike the previous one.

"Don't hide yourself; you are beautiful," Kiba said, apparently still spell bounded by her bewitching beauty.

She flushed an impossible shade of pretty scarlet when she heard his sincere, earnest and heartfelt words. She was called beautiful, hot, sexy, busty, pretty, and divine and god knows how many things but none could compare to the simple words spoken by the man sitting before her. There was pure admiration in his eyes so full of amazement, appreciation and desire. Need, desire and lust so strong that it sends shiver deep down her spine. She involuntarily shuddered as she tried to keep herself from drowning inside his esoteric orbs.

'He is really handsome,' red headed beauty inadvertently thought.

'No! What I am doing? I need to seduce Naruto not his secretary or whatever he is. No matter how handsome, sweat and charming he is and he eyes. Oh! His eyes are so exotic. No! Bad thoughts go away,' Mei shook her head, clearly not pleased by her betraying mind.

Kiba saw her cutely shaking her head. An inaudible growl escaped from his mouth as he began to lean towards the nude goddess. Her cute gesture inducing him to lose control as he placed his hands on her flushed cheeks holding her head in place as he leaned in for a searing kiss.

Red headed actress saw his face closing in slowly. She wanted to push him away but couldn't as she herself yearn for his touch. She didn't know why but the first time in her life she completely succumbed to a man's desire, losing her rational thoughts completely.

The tortuously slow pace of his descending lips ignited sinful feeling inside her very being. Heightening her need, her desire and her lust ten folds as she finally brought down his head, crushing her luscious pink lips against his equally desirous ones, inducing them both to groan in appreciation as their lust exaggerated to a new height.

His lips tightly clamped with hers in battle of dominance...TO BE CONTINUED ;)

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