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Ego: Here we go! So where are we going to provoke chaos and destruction?

Delfim: What…I don't do that!

Ego: You keep telling yourself that.

Delfim: Anyway, we are going to invade the Naruto world!

Ego looks at Delfim in worry: Are you sure? That is where the bigger sharks live. You are going to be in a world of hurt if you do things wrong!

Delfim: Don't make me more nervous, Ego, or you might die!

Ego begins to sweat: You are totally ready! Naruto best be prepared, because you are going to kick ass!

Delfim: That is better. I'm only going to do these once.

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"Hah…"-demon or boss summoning talk.

Hah-mind talk.

HAH-demon mind talk.

Hah- thought.

Hah-Demon or Boss thought.

Chapter 1 Beginning, with an unusual teacher and friends!

Konohagakure was one of the strongest and most peaceful ninja villages. The sun was shining and…was someone was running from a huge mob?

Naruto was racing through the streets, running like a wild man! Behind him, a mob of both civilian and ninja alike was chasing after him. And by the looks of those weapons they were carrying, their intensions were not good.

Now, normally one would ask why these mob was chasing a barely five year old kid like he is the plague! This kid was the jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox, Kyubi no Kitsune who had attacked Konoha and had resulted in the death of a great part of the village, including the best hokage, or leader that Konoha had ever had, Konoha's Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage. Because of that, some people thought poor Naruto was the demon, and decided to take vengeance into their own hands.

Now, Naruto was no easy catch. Being repeatedly chased, the kid had an abnormal stamina and speed. He was able to outrun ANBU, which were the village elites. Still, he had bad luck with this mob, which was filled with some Sharingan and Byakugan users.

You see, there are two major clans that people love to praise. The Uchihas and the Hyugas. They both were praised for their eye doujutsus: Sharingan for the Uchihas and Byakugan for the Hyugas.

Byakugan allowed the user to see 180 degrees around himself, even pass his own skull! It also allowed him to see far with a precision unmatched. It allowed one to see the chakra passages and the tenketsus. Tenketsus were points in the chakra paths that, if messed with, could make one person get his chakra cut or an augment in that region.

Sharingan allowed a person to see chakra pathways, but not the tenketsus. Instead, it allowed a photographic memory. These two characteristics made the Sharingan a copy eye, capable of coping all non-kekei genkai's techniques to be copied by a sharingan user. In addition, the higher levels of Sharingan allowed the user to predict the enemies moves before they happened, making them be one step ahead in battle. Finally, it allowed one to use genjutsu just by looking at the enemies eyes. Making it a terrible technique.

So, it was no wonder that Naruto was having trouble running away from these mob. He turned to the right, but… "No fair! A dead end!"

A very afraid Naruto turned towards the only way out of that alley to find that the mob had already gotten there. They smiled seeing the poor child look at them in fear.

"Time to pay for what you did, demon!"

Naruto stepped back. "What did I ever do to you? I don't know what you are talking about!"

"Don't try to fool us, we know that this is all just your acting. You don't trick us, Kyubi!"

In the distance, wearing dog mask, was an ANBU that was suppose to watch over Naruto. But he let the mob hit Naruto as they wished. This is for what you did to sensei, monster.

The mob began to beat him up. Whether with simple fists or sticks it didn't mattered. Then one of them came closer and started to cut Naruto with a Kunai. The pain was too much and Naruto fainted form it.

Just as they were about to finish with him, half of the mob fell down. In its place stood a single ANBU, wearing a weasel mask. He was looking at the crowd in front of him with an active and fully mature Sharingan.

"You all are scum. I must eliminate all of you."

Even the shinobi in the group didn't stand a chance, as that was one of the most powerful ninja of the village, Itachi Uchiha. He was a prodigy like no other and was already a captain of an ANBU squad. So, in a matter of minutes, they were all dead.

Itachi grabbed Naruto, and was surprised to see red chakra healing the wounds. Is Kyubi healing him? But Itachi couldn't think about that now, he had to save Naruto. He was going to go to the hospital, but then remembered that there were people there that had tried to kill him before there. I have to go to Sarutobi, its Naruto's only hope!

******In Naruto's mindscape******

Naruto woke up to find himself in a sewer like place. He glanced around, hoping to find something, when he heard a voice "Ha, you are awakened. Come, young Naruto, we have much to talk."

Naruto went towards the voice to find a huge cage. He then saw two blood red eyes looking at him from the other side. "Do you know who I am, Naruto?"

"K-kyubi-i?" asked a surprised and frightened Naruto.

"Yes, and calm down, I'm not going to harm you. I'm the only reason you are still alive anyway."

"But you destroyed the village! Why would you help me? And why are you on a cage? Where are we anyway?…"

Kyubi was getting impatient with all his questions. "God, do you have to speak that loudly, kid? And stop asking so many questions and maybe I'll answer you."

Naruto went silent. Kyubi sighed. "Good, now about your questions. We are in your mind, and before you ask I'm here because your Fourth Hokage put me here…"

"Impossible, he killed you!"

Kyubi looked at him. "No, idiot. If that was the case you would be dead to. Anyway, he didn't kill me because he was unable to. Instead, he was able to seal me in you. That is why I am here and why I am in this cage. And since I'm sealed in you, I would die if you died. I don't want that yet."

"Now, on to the other matters. I want to make a deal with you…"

"Wait! What about why you attacked the village? And this proposition of yours, how do I know I can trust you?"

"God, not this again! Listen, hear the deal and then you can ask your questions child!"

Naruto shut up, immediately.

"Good. Now the thing is, I don't want a weak host. That would be insulting. So I'm offering my teachings so you can become stronger and a summoning contract of the fox clan. All I ask is when you are strong enough, you kill a certain someone for me, as part of my revenge. Now you can ask questions."

Naruto thought for a while. "Why do you want me to kill this person? And this seems a lot for me but little to you, don't you think?"

"Those are good questions, kid. Now listen here, by making you stronger I'm making myself feared, so that is a win-win situation for both of us. Second, that man was the reason why I attacked Konoha anyway!"

"You see, this man is called Madara Uchiha. He had developed a new level of Sharingan and that made him more powerful than I thought. It gave him the power to control me! He made me attack Konoha. He is the reason I am in this jail. You help me kill him, and I'll be forever in your debt."

Naruto thought about it, and answered "Deal."

Kyubi then speaked "Since you are having the opportunity, I'll have you know that foxes have a more natural affinity with fire and wind, though there are some that dominate the kitsune arts: a set of magic powers and techniques that are very deadly. Now you have to wake up, the old monkey wants to speak with you."

*****In the special infirmary*****

Naruto woke up to find himself in a white room smelling like disinfectant. Hospital. At his side, Sarutobi was sitting in a chair, smiling at him.

"Good to have you back, Naruto. Weasel was worried."

"Itachi saved me! I got to thank him for that!"

Sarutobi was taken a little bit back at this. "How did you know that it was Itachi?"

"He is kind to me even after ANBU time. I know the identity of all the ANBU that help me: There is Itachi, there is Yugao and her team, and there is this guy named Yamaki."

Then Sarutobi's eyes narrowed. "What about a man named Kakashi?"

"Grey hair defying gravity? Reading smut? Wears a mask even when he is off duty? That guy never helped me before, he helped the mobs catch me faster."

Sarutobi's eyes darkened. "He does, huh? I'll deal with him later. Naruto, tell me, is there something I should know?"

Naruto thought to himself If I say I made a deal with Kyubi then Old man will try to do something about it. He answered "No, why?"

Maybe he didn't talk with kyubi yet. Let's hope so. "Oh nothing, Naruto. The doctors say you should be ready to go."

******A few minutes later******

Naruto was walking through the streets, trying to avoid getting the attention of people. He then turned right in a street, to find a couple of kids trying to kill a serpent. The serpent was green, with some patterns on her body. The intriguing thing was, two lotus flowers were on her head (I took the look from kid Viper of The Secrets of the Furious Five).

"Hey, stop that!" yelled Naruto, getting the serpent away.

"We are going to kill that snake. Father said snakes are evil." One of them said.

Naruto looked at them. "This is a serpent, not a snake. Learn the difference."

"How about we kick your ass, then the serpents?"

Naruto looked around. There were seven kids, he had no chance against them. So Naruto grabbed the serpent and ran away.

*****At the forest*****

He stopped running and looked back. Long gone were those kids. He then put the serpent down. "Go away, they can still find you here."

The serpent looked at him, then bowed. "Thank you for saving me."

Naruto jumped in surprise. "You talk!"

"Yes, I belong to the serpent summoning clan. I came here looking for some flowers. I always liked the human world's flowers. But those kids tried to kill me. And you saved me!"

"It was nothing, really!"

"Still, I would like to give you something. I know, how about I let you take the trial of the Serpent. If you pass, you can get the Serpents summoning contract and sign it."

"But, I'm going to receive a summoning contract already. Can I have two?"

The serpent looked at him, a serious expression on her face. "Is it the snake contract?"

"No, the foxes."

The serpent smiled. "Then there is no problem. Just stay there."

Then the serpent went into a chanting and symbols appeared on the floor. She then roared "Summoning jutsu: The three judges."

There was a puff and smoke filled the place. Then three serpents appeared. The first one was red and had green eyes, flame-like dark patterns on his skin. The second one was black with red eyes, toxic symbols in green filled his skin. The last one was green with dark eyes, claw-like marks all over his body. The three of them were as tall as a horse and they were as large as Naruto himself.

"By the order of the serpents we are the three judges!" The three said as one.

"I'm Rathamantys, judge of pain, master of the burning fang." Said the first serpent.

"I'm Ayakos, judge of fear, master of the poison of nightmares." Said the second one.

"And I'm Minos, judge of despair, master of the stare of broken will." Said the last one.

"It is time for the trial of the Serpent." Said the three as they looked at Naruto

"What do I do now? And what is this trial?" asked poor Naruto, a little afraid.

"Do not fear, child. All we need is for you to fill this cup." Said the Rathamantys as the Ayakos showed a golden cup on his tail. "And fill it with a bit of your blood."

"Then, we will drink your blood and see your past. We will judge your life and then you are going to trial." Ayakos continued.

"Should you fail one of us." Completed the Minos. "You shall face our most prized weapons. If it was Rathamantys, the burning fang which gives you the worst painful experience you will ever feel. If it is Ayakos, the poison of nightmares which will turn you into the biggest coward, forced to live in eternal fear. And if it is me, you will face the stare of broken will, forever condemned to live in despair. Are you ready Naruto?"

Naruto was about to step back and refuse, when he heard a voice in his head Don't, this is a golden opportunity! Just take it kid.

Kyubi? I didn't know we could talk in my head?

You couldn't, I just decided to created the mental link to help you with training and situations like this. Accept it, you will pass for sure!

Naruto decided to accept Kyubi's advice. He then showed his hand and, since he didn't have a knife, he bit himself and the blood fell on the cup. Once it had enough for the test, the three serpents each drank their part.

Once they did, their faces were a mask of rage. They then said as one yet again. "It is time for the trial."

Rathamantys went first. "Your pain knows no boundary. Whether physical or psychological, you have suffered in both ends far too much. I deem you…worthy."

Ayakos went next. "You have faced a fear that you could not! That fear made you a everlasting speed demon, making you stronger. You evolved from your fear. I deem you…worthy."

Minos went last. "Your despair is far too much to describe. I fear that I never saw such life before, and yet you keep going sane. I deem you…worthy."

"By the power invested on us, we now give you permission to sign our contract and to ask three questions right now." As the three said that, a huge scroll appeared in the floor.

"Okay, first question, if I want, can I summon you three to battle?"

Rathamantys went first "You may, and we will assist you. Not only are we the three judges, our powers and techniques make us a formidable ally. However, you should only call us as last resort. We are not for mundane duties. You have two questions left."

Naruto thought for a while. "If I wished, could a serpent stay here indefinitely?"

Ayakos answered "Yes, but only one. You would have to talk with the boss of the snakes and ask for that to happen to one serpent. This one would be called your summon guardian and even if she lost all its chakra, it would remain in this realm unless you say otherwise. This happens with all contracts. You have one question left."

Naruto then answered, fearfully "I already asked this to that serpent, but can I have more the one contract?"

Minos went last. "Yes, but only two. For that to happen, you would have to sign one contract with blood from one hand and the other form blood of the other hand. Then, when summoning, you use the hand which you took the blood from to summon the creature from that contract. We must go now! Farewell, Naruto."

And with that, the three were gone, leaving Naruto with a huge scroll and an ecstatic little serpent.

"You did it! You did is! Finally we have a summoner."

"Could you stop cheering and help me sign this? And what is your name by the way?"

"I was name after another slithering creature, I'm Viper, at your service. Now, to sign this you must write your name in blood from one of the hands and then put a handprint with your blood as well. This is how you sign any contract!"

Naruto nodded and signed the way he was told. Then he asked Viper "Now what?"

"Well, you should summon the boss, but that could be complicated. So I'll do something else!"

Before Naruto could do anything, Viper began to chant again, new symbols appeared on the floor. She then whispered "Reverse Summoning jutsu."

Naruto felt himself being pulled from the ground and felt like he was being taken somewhere else.

*****In the Snake's Forest****

Naruto fell on something soft, which he recognized as grass. He looked up to find himself in the forest. He looked around and a great number of serpents was looking at him, pointing and exclaiming "Isn't that our new summoner?"

Then a huge serpent appeared, the size of it was colossal (Think about Orochimaru's eight-headed technique size). He had brown color with blue eyes, he also had a white mustache that fell on his side (Viper's father in the same film as the above.).

"I heard about you, Naruto. I am Shitung, boss summon of the serpents. You impressed the judges, which is a hard thing. But I wasn't expecting you this early here."

Then Viper went to her father head and whispered in his hear. The old snake nodded and said "Very well, I understand your reasons, Viper, but you made Naruto take a big risk with the trails. I'm glad everything went alright."

Naruto turned to the huge serpent. "Can I ask something?"

"Of course, child."

"Can you tell me more about the serpent contract, and can you make Viper my Summon guardian?"

Shitung was surprised by the request. "Don't you wish another serpent? She is still young!"

"Yes, but that is why I want her, because I want a close friend that may grow up with me as I go. If we do that, we will work better together."

Shitung thought about this, and nodded. "Very well. The serpents are a bit like the snakes in terms of techniques we allow our summoner to have. With the exception of, while Snakes can swallow objects and keep them in their stomachs, we can't. But we do have an advantage: we can use elemental techniques, being our elements earth, water and thunder."

Naruto nodded, then he raised himself up. "I must go now, time to sign yet another contract."

Shitung couldn't resist to ask "Which contract it is, Naruto?"

"The foxes."

"Ah, yes. They were old allies of ours. There will be no problem then."

Naruto was glad Shitung had said that. With a wave of goodbye, he was back into the normal world.

*******In the human world******

He raised himself from the ground as he once again had fell face first on the floor. Okay, Kyubi, I'm ready.

Good, you shall see a scroll appear out of thin air.

And as he said that, Naruto saw a huge scroll appear out of thin air. He grabbed it and made the same thing as he did with the last scroll, except with his left hand. He then asked Kyubi Now, how do I summon?

It's easy, just do these hand signs. Kyubi then showed him the hand signs Hit the floor with the hand of the creatures you want to invoke and say 'Summoning jutsu'. As you meet the clan, you get to learn their names, so if you want a specific summon, you can just do the same thing as before, but saying the name of the summon you want in the end.

That is it? I thought I had to chant something like Viper did?

No, serpents have to do it because they can't do had signs. For you it's different.

Okay, thanks.

Naruto then tried, "Summoning Jutsu"

There was a puff of smoke, and a small red fox appeared in Naruto's front.

I was expecting something bigger.

I wasn't, you are still young, you still need practice. For a beginner you did terrifically well.


Naruto then turned to the young fox in the floor. "Hey, what is your name?"

"Hikari, sir. You must be My father's host. I will follow what you tell me to."

Hey, Kyubi? Can she…

Already taken care of, I knew you were going to want her as your summon guardian.

Naruto smiled. Thinks were going to be great from now on.

Author's notes.

Delfim: Here it is. The first chapter, just for you readers.

Ego: A little big, no?

Delfim: Maybe, let the readers decide that.