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Chapter 18 Everyone is preparing for the Chunin exams.

Naruto gulped, with a good reason too. He was sitting at the table in his house and he just wished that he could dug up a hole and bury himself in it, for seating in front of him, was one of the angriest woman on earth: Miko Uzumaki.

"So, what is this I hear about my son facing off against a Sanin?" asked Miko in a too sweet to be truth tone.

Naruto gulped yet again. Anko had just told Miko what happened, and to say that she wasn't happy was an understatement. He could see it in her eyes. She was ready to blow on him, but that wasn't her way to do this. Miko was one to maintain her cool and aboard things with dominating logic.

"I was only trying to keep others safe!"

"By putting your life at risk?" asked Miko in the same tone. "I didn't know that putting yourself in danger helped."

"It was Orochimaru."

"Another reason to abandon the place, no?" asked Miko. "As far as I know, you could have left the place before he noticed."

"But Sasuke…"

"WHAT ABOUT SASUKE?" yelled Miko. Her voice was strained as tears started to fall from her eyes. "Do you think that I want you to risk your life for him? I already lost two sons, I don't want to lose you!"

She broke down there and then and Naruto felt like he was punched in the stomach. He got up and hugged his mother while she cried in his shoulder. When she was done, she raised her head to look at him and said "I'm sorry."

"I understand… I promise nothing will get me but old age, mom." Said Naruto with a smile. "After all, I want to see my baby brothers when they are born."

Miko hit him on the shoulder. "Who told you I will have any children?"

"With the amount of unprotected sex you guys have, sooner or later it will happen." Said Naruto with a smile. "I want a baby girl though."

Miko giggled. "And why is that?"

"Because so far male Uchihas are douchebags."

Miko hit his shoulder again and both had a laugh. Once they were done, Miko sighed. "Promise me you won't be so reckless?"

"I can't." said Naruto honestly. "I… life as a ninja is tough, I never know if I will survive or not… but I already promised you, I will always return home… even if it is only for you to chew me out for being reckless."

Miko smiled. "That sounds just about right. Now off you go, Anko wants to meet you to schedule your new training program."

"Yeah yeah, I hear ya." Said Naruto. "See ya."

Naruto then rushed out of home. When he finally got out, he sighed in relief. "Dealing with an emotional mother is like sleeping in a shark tank... only with twice the sharks." He then did the summoning hand seals and after a puff of smoke, Viper and Hikari appeared, both worse to wear."

"My father gave me a very detailed speech about being reckless and my duties and responsibilities." Said Viper. "Very detailed should be highlighted."

"You mean he tore you a new one." Said Hikari, getting a tired nod from Viper. "My mom gave me quite the chewing to. Something about if I die then she won't be able to live with herself and what not."

"They were worried." Said Naruto. "They… we are their children. Even as we present ourselves as ninjas, we are still their children." The other two nodded at his words. "Come on, Anko is waiting for us."

"Can't." said Hikari. "I have to stay at the summoning real, mom's orders."

"I will begin next stage of my training: patience. I must stay on my realm as well. These were my father's instructions."

Naruto nodded sadly. "Fine. I will see you guys later."

With that, they disappeared on a puff of smoke while Naruto left, not knowing of what was happening around the village.

******With Sai******

Sai was currently waiting one of the training grounds near the river stream. He was there to meet Haku and train a bit more for the exams. However, since she was running a bit late, he was stretching and getting ready.

"I heard what you did." Sai turned to see Haku looking at him with a smile, dressed in her old hunter nin outfit. "Why did you said that I taught you that?"

"I wanted to give credit to who it was due. You taught me that, it was with your help that I developed that technique. Not giving you credit would be doing a Sasuke on you."

"It's not the same. You developed the ink counterpart of my technique, I just showed it to you and helped you. It is your technique."

"No, it is ours." Said Sai. "You had enough of a hand for it not to be yours. And I can honestly say that it saved my life."

"It was just a chunin exam match."

"Not with that genin." Said Sai as he turned to look at the river. "That was one of Danzo's root operators."

"Are you sure?"

"Definitely. He knew all about my ink abilities and had the perfect counter. Is mission was to… capture me and take me back so I could be reprogramed."

Haku silently came closer to him until they were side by side, looking at the water. "You would return to your old self?"

"An empty fake husk of human being?" asked Sai. Taking her silence as an affirmative, he sighed. "Yes."

Haku then slowly took his hand in hers, the two stood together, staring at the water, not a single word was exchanged from that moment on.

*******With Sayuri******

Sayuri stood quietly in front of the Hokage as he finished some paperwork. He was humming softly as he continued to work, ignoring her presence.

She had just gotten there after she was summoned and saw that he was busy. He didn't even notice her as he kept working, so she decided to just wait for him to find out.

He did not so late after as he looked up and saw her. "When did you get here? You could have told me?"

"You were so focused on your work, I didn't want to intrude." Said Sayuri.

"Be that as it may, I was doing paperwork as I waited for you!" scolded Sarutobi as he sighed. "So what do you think of the team?"

"It's perfect. I think I will finally become Chunin." Said Sayuri.

"You do have the experience." Said Sarutobi. "But we will see on the exams right? But I didn't ask if they were helpful, I asked your opinion."

Sayuri seemed to think on it. "We… they are nice. Best team I could have asked for. I think… we could become one of the best trios of Konoha."

"Oh dear, I will have to warn the trio Ino-Shika-Cho that they have competition." Muttered Sarutobi with a grin. "Yes, I foresee in you the ability to become legends."

"Like the Sanin?"

Everything went silent there and then. "What did you say?"

"Like the Sanin? Do you think that we will ever be at their level?" asked Sayuri hopeful.

Sarutobi sighed. "Is this about facing Orochimaru? I heard the reports."

"I did nothing!" yelled Sayuri, her face breaming with unshed tears. "I watched as my teammate jumped in front of the beast and I did nothing. That monster could have killed him and I wouldn't even be able to help him. So tell me, can we ever become like the Sanin?"

Sarutobi looked at Sayuri in the eyes, seeing her the silent plead in her eyes, he said slowly "You have to understand, not only were they born in a different time, but they have many years of experience that do make the difference."

Sayuri cast her eyes down, thinking that she didn't have the chance. "However, if there was anyone with that chance, it is you three." Her eyes went wide as she looked at the Hokage. A huge smile lit her face as she hugged him and then rushed out of the room, leaving a chuckling Hokage.

"Youth, they have so many opportunities and yet they have no idea how to do take advantage of that." Said Sarutobi nostalgically as he turned to the photo of the fourth on the wall. "You were like that, and one day, not only did you kick Jiraya's ass, but you became Hokage… let's see what this generation can come up with."

******With Sasuke******

"Damn it! Kakashi refuses to teach me as he is busy with some project of his and the other jonins are all too busy too. Why doesn't anybody help me?"

Sasuke was pissed. After assuring his passing to the finals, not only did he had the seal, which was offering him some kickass power by the way, sealed, but he had to deal with harsh criticism of his battle and now no one offered him some help for the finals.

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"Perhaps I could help."

Sasuke turned to see Danzo as he came out of the shadows behind him. "And what can you help me with? You're just an old cripple."

"An old cripple with experience and resources that most don't." countered Danzo, his face impassive. "And believe me, you will want my help… once I show you what I have."

"And what do you have?" asked Sasuke arrogantly.

Danzo then took the bandages off his eye, revealing his sharingan eye which made Sasuke's eyes widen.

"How did you…"

"You thought Kakashi was the only one?" asked Danzo with a smirk. "Allow me to train you, Sasuke, for I will give you the power you require to defeat Itachi Uchiha."

Sasuke thought to himself before he smirked. "Fine, I will allow you to teach me."

******With the Hyugas*******

"You have ashamed me." Said Hiashi as he walked around his daughter. Hinata sat down on her knees as her father circled her Sitting outside of his circle, the elders of the Hyuga smirked.

"I-I tired." Spoke Hinata softly. Anyone that looked at her could tell she was scared to death, which didn't sit well with Hiashi.

"Even now, you show fear. Are you that weak?" asked Hiashi as he continued to circle his dauther.

"I" "DON'T ANSWER." Yelled Hiashi making Hinata gasp and tremble in fear. "You are not worthy to speak. Not only do you dare to fail against a member of the branch house, but you actually have the gal to allow a louly Inuzuka to court you."

"Kiba is" "AN INFERIOR AND LOWLY GENIN!" yelled Hiashi once again, scaring Hinata even more. "No daughter of mine will degrade herself so much as to date such a weakling. Much less an Inuzuka." He then turned to the elders with one of them nodding. "We have decided that, and to save face from others, you shall be removed from the ninja program."

Hinata's world crashed down right there and then. Being a ninja was everything to her. After getting hooked with Kiba, she dedicated everything she had so she wouldn't let him down, and now everything was for nothing.

"Furthermore." Said Hiashi. "And to ensure that we are still a superior clan, I have arranged for you to marry with the son of the Daimyo." Hinata paled, both for the marriage contract, and for what it meant. "As such, and to preserve our Byakugan, you shall be branded with the Caged Bird Seal."

"NO!" yelled Hinata as she tried to run only to be grabbed by two of the elders.

"Bring the seal expert here." Called Hiashi getting a nod from one of the servants. "It is your fate, the one you chose when you decided to go against our will."

Just then did another servant come in and say "Hiashi-sama, the clan head of the Inuzuka is here to speak with you."

"What does that woman want? I am too busy to attend her." Said Hiashi.

"Oh she is not going to like that." Said the servant as he left.

Hiashi turned to his daughter who was still struggling when the door opened again and in came the servant again. "And what should I tell her?"

"Tell her that I am too busy dealing with a weak link of the clan to deal with her." Replied an impatient Hiashi.

"Oh she is definitely not going to like that." Moaned the man as he left again.

Hiashi frowned at his behavior before turning back to his daughter and awaiting the seals master to get there. Just then, the door opened a third time. "OH WHAT NOW?"

As he turned, he paled. Standing at the door, with one hand grabbing with a crushing grip the head of his servant, Tsume Inuzuka looked murderously at him.

"She… didn't… like it…" muttered the servant before she made a chop to his neck and left him unconscious.

"UOH UH! GO MOM!" yelled Kiba from behind Tsume.

"KIBA!" yelled a very relieved Hinata as she struggled her way out of the elder's grip. She rushed to Kiba and hugged him desperately, crying in his shoulders.

"Relax, Hime. I wasn't going to let this jackasses do what they want with you, I just went to get the cavalry." Joked Kiba as he ran his hand through her hair.

Tsume stepped towards Hiashi, still looking pissed. "Well well well. Look who decided to grow the dick without growing the brains. Are you that much of a prick, Hiashi, do you have to be a bully now?"

"You are one to talk, after all you dedicated yourself to that when you were younger." Replied Hiashi, trying to act tough, but still trembling a bit.

"Oh you remember those days?" asked Tsume, a sadistic smile filling her face. "Well… if you remember those days, then maybe we can make a bit… reenacting." She then slapped him hard in the face, making him turn to the side, just so she could grab his… underwear and give him a very violent wedgie. "WHAT'S UP FOUR EYES?"

Everyone was shocked as Hiashi screamed like a girl. Even Hinata was wide eyed. The only one who wasn't was Kiba… and he was laughing his ass of.

"You remember this days, four eyes? Minato and I took such good care of you back then, you pimpled little fuck!" yelled Tsume as she slapped his ass hard. "WHERE IS YOUR FATE NOW BITCH?"


"How can you enjoy this?" asked Hinata.

"Hime, he hurt you. So, now it's his turn." Said Kiba. "Mom is the best bully ever."

"ARE YOU GONA CRY?" asked Tsume as she threw him to the ground and grinded his face into it. "YOU GONA CRY, YOU PUSSY ASS FOUR EYES?"

"STOP, PLEASE STOP!" cried Hiashi.

"Why is she calling him four eyes?" asked Kiba.

"I saw a photo of dad when he was young." Said Hinata. "He wore glasses… very big ones."

"How big?"

"Bottom of a bottle type of big."

Tsume then hung him by his underwear. "Next time I see you bullying someone, I will show you who the true bully is."

She then turned to Hinata and Kiba and said "And what are you two still doing here, you want to join him or something? Scoot!"

Those two couldn't have run faster.

*******With Ino*****

"Hi!" said Ino as she came closer to the receptionist at the hospital. "Could you tell me where I can find Chouji, he is one of your patients?"

"Let me check." Said the guy at the reception as he saw the files. "Chouji Akimichi, 3rd floor, bed 302."

"Thank you." Said Ino as she went up the stairs. She carried a few flowers with her as she passed through doctors and nurses. As she reached the 3rd floor, she started readying the signs as she went. "302, 302, 302… here it is."

She entered the room to find that Chouji was laughing with his father.

"And then she stole his pink lunchbox, and he was all like 'NO! GIVE IT BACK' and she was all like 'No can do, four eyes, your pale pussy ass will have to eat a lot more soup to get me.'"

Chouji laughed out loud. Ino thought it was best not to disturb and turned to leave. "Can we help you miss?" she turned to see Chouja right in front of her with a kind smile.

"Ino?" asked Chouji with a big smile.

"Hi Chouji." Said Ino, a bit nervous as she was in front of his father. "I… I brought you some flowers."

"Wow, those are really pretty." Said Chouji as he saw the flowers.

"Indeed." Said Chouja as Ino put them in a jar with water. "You choose those?"

"With a bit of help from my dad." Confessed Ino. "Well… I see that you and your father are… having your moment so I'll… leave you two alone."

"Nonsense." Said Chouja. "Come on, don't mind little old me, I was telling Chouji of some stories of when I was a genin. Hey, maybe you would like to hear them! I have some good ones."

"Oh, I don't wana be a bother.II"

"Ino, come on, stay. He really has some good ones." Said Chouji with a smile.

"… okay." Said Ino with a smile.

"I don't see what your problem was." Said Chouja. "Don't tell me you were afraid of meeting me! Oh girl, it's not the father you have to watch out, it's the mother. The boy worries about the father."

Ino actually laughed a bit. "I guess there was no reason to fear, huh?"

"Of course not. So I was telling my son of some of the times when Tsume and Minato would bully Hiashi."

"You mean that the Hokage and the Inuzuka clan head actually bullied the clan head of the Hyuga?" asked a shocked Ino.

"I was surprised to!" said Chouji.

"Well, we were all young…"

And so Chouja started telling some of his stories, the all floor was filled with their laughter after that.

*******With Shino******

Shino sat in front of his father, maintaining his emotionless attitude. His father just the same, not a word was exchanged between them.

"… Congratulations on your victory." Said Shibi in his monotone voice. "Your victory does you credit within the clan."

"… Thank you." Answered Shino, just as emotionless. "I promise to do better on the chunin exam."

"I expect it from you." Said Shibi, still in the same tone.

"WOULD YOU TWO KNOCK IT OFF?" yelled a voice from the kitchen that made both sweatdrop. A woman of dark hair came from the kitchen and start yelling "I get that it's the image of the clan, but we are at home, drop the emotionless freak attitude and come eat your meatballs!"

With that she went back to kitchen. Silence reigned again.

"… Mom can be scary."


"… After you."

"No, after you."

"I must insist."

"Me as well."



******With the Sand Trio******

"We are not the only complete trio to get to the Chunin exams." Muttered Temari as she cleaned her fan.

"Yeah, things are going to get tough." Said Kankurou. "Those three have skills, troublesome skills. We need to be careful."

"It is all the same." Both turned to see Gaara. "Mother will have their blood one way or the other."

Both Kankurou and Temari looked at their brother with some uneasiness. If he wasn't satisfied by the end of the invasion, they knew nothing would ever make him stop. They hoped that everything went alright.

******With Neji*******

Neji had been training hard all morning, and was now returning home to rest before going over what he knew of the opponents. What he saw left him wide eyed. The elders were all covered in piss… dog piss judging from the smell. Hiashi was crying while he hanged from the wall by his… pink underwear, and Tsume was laughing like a maniac in the middle of it all.

She then turned to him and yelled "You want some too, worm?"

"… Did you attack the council?" asked Neji as he put himself in a battle position. "if so, you have sealed your fate."

Tsume sniggered. "Kid, do you even know who you are messing with? You will suffer like all of them did."

True to her word, not 5 minutes later Neji hung right besides Hiashi on his own pink underwear. In a very high pitched voice, Neji asked "Is she ever going to stop?"

"Quiet! Stop means continue with her!" answered Hiashi.

*****With Shikamaru*******

"You know that a lot of people are pissed at you." Said Shikaku as he played shogi with his son.

"Yeah, doesn't mean much, I won the match." Said Shikamaru as he played the next piece.

"You really don't want to be promoted, do you?"

"No. It's too troublesome."

"I figured… you better put a good show for the finals, your mom will be watching."

"Tsch, what a drag. Guess I will have to start training."


******With Naruto*****

Naruto reached training ground 44 when he saw Anko and Kakashi waiting. "Hey guys."

"Had an enlightening conversation?" asked Anko with sick smile.

"How do you think?" asked an annoyed Naruto.

"Maybe you will learn not to do that kind of shit again." Said Anko. "Right, so me and Kakashi had an idea."

"You guys? This is gona be good."

"Mah mah." Said Kakashi in a lazy manner. "Here is our idea for a good and quick assassination and demolition attack."

"Okay." Said Naruto. "That sounds like a combination of Chidori and Rasengan."

"And it is!" said Anko, surprising Naruto. "Chidori's strength is the ability to pierce through enemies quickly while Rasengan is known for its demolition aspect. If you join both..."

"You have the demolition being pushed that much forward by the piercing, it is not only an instant kill, it could be used to destroy armor or barriers in your path." Said Kakashi. "Of course, this is a theory."

"So how do we do this?" asked Naruto.

"Well… Chidori is the easiest one to start with." Said Kakashi. "You make the chidori first, filling your hand with lightning. Then when it is done, you join the rotation of Rasengan. This is going to take a lot of power, but the results should be worth it."

"Just one problem, I can't do the rasengan yet, I am in the final stages." Said Naruto.

"Then we will use the shadow clone method of training." Said Anko. "This should take a day or two, given how far you are."

"Then we can try on incorporation of both into an attack." Said Kakashi. "Well, I will go get the materials for the Rasengan."

"Alright, we will be doing some physical condition for now." Said Anko. "Come on, shrimp, up and running, up and running!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm going." Said Naruto as both started a light jog.

Naruto smiled to himself. With this new technique, I will be one step closer...

*****With Sayuri*****

She had just gotten home, thinking to herself. Miko saw her and asked "Everything okay?"

"I am wondering what can I learn for the exam." Admitted Sayuri. "I just don't know what to do. After the Hokage told me I had all this potential I just don't know what to do."

"You could train the Sunshin and substitution." Said Miko.

"Why would that help?"

"You are kidding me right?" asked Miko. "I'll have you know that I killed many enemies using those two jutsu."

"You are kidding me."

"I am NOT!" yelled Miko defensively. "I was Sunshin no Miko, you know."

"COOL!" yelled Sayuri. "Can you help me with that?"

"Sure, let's teach everyone what you can do with some of the simplest jutsus."

Sayuri smiled. With this new training, I will be one step closer…

*******With Sai******

"I had an idea."

Sai looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "About the Chunin exam." Explained Haku, gaining a nod from him. "I thought that, if you could use your ink as water, then maybe learning water element jutus would be good for you."

Sai thought to himself. "That sounds right. Water jutsu are fast and pack power, and with my ink, I always have a water source. So where do I start?"

"I won't be teaching you." This surprised Sai. "I know some, but not that many water jutsu. You need a teacher. A real one. Fortunately, I know someone who is free right now."


"ME!" yelled Zabuza from behind Sai, making him jump of his skin. "Hey there Sai."

"Did you have to yell?" asked Sai with a fake smile, though you could see his eyebrow twitching.

"No, but it was funnier this way." Said Zabuza. "Now come on, we got some training to do."

Sai smiled. With this sensei, I am one step closer.

A single thought crossed all of their minds at once. To become stronger.

******Somewhere else******

"What do you mean, he is already being trained?" asked Jiraya. "I should be training him."

"On what grounds? The same that led you to abandon him here?" said Sarutobi.

They were at his office, behind closed doors. Jiraya had just gotten there and had blown a fuse about wanting to train Naruto.

"I couldn't take him with me in my travels, do you know the type of stuff I do? Spy stuff, the king that having a crying baby or an annoying kid would not have helped. Try to infiltrate somewhere with a kid crying on your hands."

"While I understand your point, you have never visited him."

"Give me a break, I was getting info for you!" said Jiraya.

"I find it curious that you didn't have time for him in your so busy schedule but you had time to write a few perverted books." Said Sarutobi as he threw one on top of the desk.

"So? You read them!"

"Given my age and the fact that my wife is dead, this is a small guilty pleasure, no?" asked Sarutobi. "Besides, the book has not distracted me from my job, as you can see around you."

"Okay, so I am not perfect either, but I am better then whoever you have teaching him."

This made Sarutobi raise an eyebrow. "And why is that?"

"I can offer him what no one else can: the summoning contract for toads…"

"He has two summoning contracts already." Countered Sarutobi.

"… I can teach him the Rasengan."

"He is on the finishing stages."

"WHAT? HOW… okay, doesn't matter. I can teach him elemental jutsu."

"He is proficient in elemental jutsu and his one his way, so I have heard, of creating a class A demolition and assassination technique."

Jiraya's mouth dropped. What the fuck have they done with the kid?

"I still know more techniques and I am one of the strongest of the village."

"Being one of the strongest and being the ideal teacher is very different." Said Sarutobi. "Now if you are done wasting my time, I suggest that you prepare yourself. Orochimaru is here, and he is not just after the hot springs."

"He is here?" asked an incredulous Jiraya. "My spies said nothing about that."

"So not only you are irresponsible, but you suck at what you do."

"Now hold on a minute." Replied an angry Jiraya. "You think it's so easy, you only seat on your ass and give orders!"

"HA, I would like to see you being Hokage, you wouldn't last a week!"

The two then got into a very serious argument… or not so serious, and more violent, since they destroyed half of the place.

*****Somewhere else*****

"Is everything going as planed?"

"Yes sir." Said Kabuto. "Everything is in place."

"Excellent." Said Orochimaru with a frown. "But there is something I didn't predict. The Kyubi brat is too powerful."

"Too powerful sir? He shouldn't be a bother…"

"He is a bother. He was able to entertain me for a while, but even I have to admit that his prowess is nothing sort of amazing. If he was just a bit faster, he would have been able to hurt me."

"How come?"

"He has two summoning contracts. One for Foxes and another for those blasted Serpents. Not only that, but he has his unique elemental style and is very proficient in ninjutsu."

"Then what should we do?" asked Kabuto.

"I think that the other jinchūriki, Gaara, is our best bet for now. We will be too busy to deal with him and I don't trust any other until I know the fool extent of his power."

"Very well. I shall inform Gaara." Said Kabuto. "Anything else?"

"Yes. I need you to get as much info as you can on this kid." Said Orochimaru.

"Right, on it sir." Said Kabuto and disappeared.

Orochimaru chuckled. "Konoha, you shall fear the snake."

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Delfim: We had the characters that made you facepalm, now it is time for the characters that deserve ovation for being cool.

Ego: So here it is: Which characters, from games or animes, are the coolest? Here comes Number 5.

Delfim: Number 5 comes from Bleach. With so many awesome characters like Tia Harribel and Kempachi Zaraki, one has to wonder just who is good enough to be here. I give you the answer: Sousuke Aizen. You may say why would you pick a guy whose last form is a freaking fairy! But the truth is, he does what every geek would like to do. When he first appears, he wears glasses, his hair is down, he is sweet, gentle, and looks weak. Then suddenly WHAM, glasses are off, hair is pulled back, and we have captain AWESOME there. Complete makeover in two easy steps. Not only that, but Aizen is always five steps ahead of everyone which was what made him cooler at the beginning. He is not higher on the list, cause of the fairy part and it becomes ridiculous when it looks like he planned Ichigo's entire life.

Ego: After a Makeover, it's Number 4.

Delfim: The coolest character in Naruto, hated in the beginning but loved in the shippuden. It's Itachi Uchiha. This guy is cool. His pose, his looks, everything is cool. Unlike Sasuke, who maintains the image of kid with mental problems, Itachi has the ruthless yet awesome vibe. That and he has a great amount of self control. Sasuke had his magenkyo for what… days? And he was going blind. Itachi had his for years, since Sasuke was a little bitch, and he was only starting to go blind. His was not that bad yet. Can you imagine just how much self control it takes to not use techniques like Amateratsu and Suzanoo?

Ego: Ruthless silence, let's pass that and make our way to Number 3.

Delfim: Old Dante from Devil May Cry. He was the real deal, the guy that ate pizza like Donatello from ninja turtles but hunted real demons. Many grew up either watching or playing games of this guy. He has the looks, the pose, the attitude and the weapons. He faces beings that would make others shit their pants and cry while showing no fear, just getting the job done. What more could you ask.

Ego: And after Hell on Earth, it's Number 2.

Delfim: The only woman in my top had to come from Black Lagoon, but between psychotic girls with trigger happy fingers, who could make it to the top? It had to be Balalaika. Her name may not be real, but when they give you a name that is the slang for the Dragunov sniper rifle, then you have to be cool. Bitch was in the army, and came back with an army of guys she recruited from there, creating Hotel Moscow. More than the other trigger happy psycho bitches, this one has the strategy on her side, being able to avoid the law as if it was her plaything and always being 2 steps ahead of everyone else. The scars give her an intimidating pose and with her attitude of not caring about getting her own hands dirty if needed, she deserves the spot.

Ego: So a quick recap: 5 Geek, 4 Emo's brother, 3 Devil Hunter, 2 Burned boobies. It's time for Number 1.

Delfim: Number 1 is Alucard, From Hellsing Ultimate. This guy is the real vampire deal. He would smack the shit out of every Twilight vampire simply because, the guy is fucking impossible to kill! He is what a vampire is all about: scaring the shit out of you, not being fairies that glitter in sun light! This is his normal strategy: you beat him up, thinking you are the greatest. And when you are at your best, he releases his power and utterly destroys you. That, and his powers are the best shit ever. Have you ever thought of turning your arm into a hell dog made of darkness? I don't think so? Or create an army out of the guys you have killed? This guy is the coolest.

Ego: Alright, send us your answers in the review section below.

Delfim: Another announcement. I am going to have a poll about which of my Naruto stories you want me to upload the most.

Ego: The most voted will get 3 chapters!

Delfim: So go to my profile and vote.

Peace Out.