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==Seven years Later=Dawn=Diego Garcia= Autobot Base=Prowl and Jazz's Quarters==

It was early morning, and a roar rang out through the base.

"Who do you think it was this time?" Jazz murmured over the bond rolling over in Prowl's embrace.

"I don't know, but they are both probably in on it, Ironhide's roar was particularly loud this morning" Prowl grumbled over their bond connection dragging the thermal blanket firmly over his helm as he checked his internal chronometer. "It's too early for this slag"

"Now, now Prowler" Jazz admonished, sending a wave of fondness over the bond "I do believe it is your turn to rescue our dear babies from our resident walking gun turret"

"We need to put tracers or leashes on them both; they're as bad as the Corvette Twins." Prowl replied sourly poking his helm out from under the blanket, turning his searing optics to his mate.

"I knew we should have invested in those baby harnesses" Jazz chuckled to himself as his doorwinged lover rolled out of the berth with a deep intake similar to a human yawn.

"I'll be back soon" Prowl commented as he stalked out of the door, knowing exactly where his offspring would run off to hide.

==Autobot Base= Human Barracks==

Former Agent, Seymour Simmons was having a very nice early morning. He was sitting in the deserted canteen brooding over his usual strong coffee with yesterday's crossword challenge spread out in front of him, his pen poised, ready to take on the brain teaser.

"And you, go in there" he muttered to himself writing the word 'Discombobulated' in the longest box of the puzzle.

As if on cue, his peace was shattered by the two canteen doors banging open, and two NBE 'sparklings' bouncing across the space towards him, mostly cooing and clicking excitedly along with his detested nickname they had bestowed on him.

"Uncle Simsim!" the female one of glittering black and silver with a gold chevron giggled tugging on his sleeve, sharp little black claws that could leave cuts and bruises if she wasn't careful, digging into his arm.

The male sparkling, a shining beacon of pristine white with silver splashes was just as bad, clinging to him like he was an oversized teddy, ornate helm horns and crystal blue visor flashing in the light as he moved, his tiny winglets fluttering in excited agitation.

They were about six feet tall, making them the largest 'babies' Seymour had ever had the misfortune to become attached to. The adult Autobots, giant and powerful machines as they are, were always tender with them, gently lifting or gripping them as if they were fragile glass on the verge of breaking, making sure that their powerful servos wouldn't crush the 'little darlings' as the mother of the two had cooed once in his presence.

The humans on the other had were warned to stay away if possible until the little devils actually understood that the humans were even more breakable than themselves, which was good advice since Simmons had seen a human hammer rebound off of the male sparkling's arm, barely denting the apparently 'fragile' five year old as they had been sneaking around in the human barracks, their own personal Jungle Gym.

Seymour sighed as the two jostled him between them, pining for his attention as he packed up his crossword. "Alright you little devils" he grumbled rubbing his eyes in exasperation "What did you do this time?"

He received clicks and coos in return with more excited 'Uncle Simsim' thrown in for his convenience as he saw the giant, black armoured, cannon baring, Ironhide stomp out of the base and by the canteen window in the pale light of the dawn, small suspicious looking drawings of NBE child calibre decorating his legs in neon pink. "Come on you two, I'd better deliver you back to your daddy" he said in an attempt to get the male sparkling to let his arm go from the vice like grip he possessed.

"Mr. Simmons" the SIC of the Autobots rumbled as he managed to stumble out of the barracks with his new arm decorations, the two sparkling cooing and squealing up at their Sire abandoning their impromptu 'nanny' to crowd his pedes. "Thank you for looking after Aria and Soul"

"No problem" the Ex-Sector Seven agent shrugged tiredly, mentally bemoaning the bruises that were going to appear on his arms from his illegitimate 'Niece and Nephew' as the larger doorwinged mech knelt down on one knee joint beside his offspring to pick them up. The white and silver one, Soul, trilling happily as Aria had to be given a stern rumble by the not amused Prowl as she refused his lift back into the base.

"Bye-bye Uncle Simsim!" the two chorused happily from their Sire's grip, waving cheekily from their twenty foot vantage point as the SIC gave the human an incline of the helm before stalking back into base with his children.

"Finally some peace and quiet" the agent grumbled shaking his head fondly as he rushed back to his discarded crossword, slouching in his seat by his strong coffee, just as the wake up for the morning drill rang through the barracks. "Damn it!"

==Autobot Base== Jazz and Prowl's quarters==

"There's my babies!" Jazz grinned as his mate let their children onto the berth, both sparklings giggling happily, ignoring their carrier in favour having some rough and tumble play as they argued over something on their twin bond. "Let me guess. They found a certain human they like?"

"Of course" Prowl nodded, giving his mate a lopsided smirk "Seymour wasn't to grouchy about it this morning either, he must have secretly enjoyed watching Ironhide bowl past the human residence covered in Cybertronian glyphs and stick drawings."

"Mech, our sparklings have a death wish" the saboteur chuckled reaching down to separate the two brawling siblings as Aria pinned a whining Soul beneath her, the black and silver femmeling always careful of her brothers budding winglets. "Now, now Aria, no biting" Jazz admonished firmly as he spied his daughter baring her denta at Soul's helm fins, gently detangling Soul from the fray to nuzzle his son as Prowl picked up the pouting Aria.

"Mamma's mech" Aria snapped in her limited Cybertronian at her twin who was curled happily into Jazz's chestplates, sticking out his glossa at her.

"Sire's femme" Soul sharply retorted as Aria made a point of snuggling into their father's shoulder as the two mates lay back on the berth, rolling their optics at their children.

"I don't know where they get it from Prowler" Jazz sighed shaking his helm in amusement as the two sparklings clambered off their parents and snuggled up in a pile of recharging parts by the larger mech's shoulders.

"Sideswipe and Sunstreaker no doubt" Prowl grumbled, recalling the brawl and snuggle pile after he had returned Sunstreaker's Alt Scanner codes to him after he and Jazz had bonded, the golden warrior decided to keep his Corvette Alt mode as he 'digged the tyre pedes' when running from Ratchet. The excuse had been a cover up for the fact that he couldn't say no to Bluestreak after Sideswipe had called in the heavy hitter to make his brother stay as he was.

Jazz snickered as he leaned over his sparklings giving his mate a soft kiss "Love you" he hummed, flopping back onto his back strut, powering down his systems to recharge once again.

"Love you too" Prowl replied with a smile, his fingers interlacing with Jazz's below their sparklings, recharging on the berth.

== Hours later= 8am=

As the two mates intended to recharge all the way into the afternoon on their day off, Red Alert's voice came over the tannoy system waking them both with a start "Would Prowl and Jazz please report to the Prime's office, Soul and Aria have gotten into the Classified drawer again…"

Prowl offered Jazz a glare, the TIC holding up his servos in surrender "Alright, alright, I'll go order the child leashes off of Amazon"