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Being late provided the human mind with a mixture of shame, anger and panic. This combination of negative feelings would only be worsened by being next to one who didn't seem bothered at all, despite being in the same situation. The girl, running as fast as her legs would allow, wished that her roller-skating companion would show some concern for their predicament. Or shut up, at the very least.

"For the last time, I will not bark like a dog!"

"But how do you expect to win the man of your dreams if you can't give one little 'woof'?"





"Shut! Up! Why are you giving me, of all people, love fortunes?"

"Um…" A small voice came from the other side of the girl.

Despite requiring more energy, there were advantages that running had over roller-blading. That's why when the girl stopped, her companion kept going.

Ignoring the subsequent "AHH!" and crash, the girl looked down at the new arrival. He looked very young, no older than ten, and he looked up her with a hopeful expression.


"Well, you were talking about love horoscopes, and I thought I could give one. Er, is your friend alright?" He motioned towards the rollerblader, who was picking herself off the ground.

"Oh, her?" The girl looked at her companion. "She'll be fine. Anyway, I'm really the last person that needs fortunes of any kind. After all, I am-"

"Heeeeyyy…" The rollerblader returned to the conversation. "Did you get lost? This is the middle school, not elementary."

"You know, you are one of the last persons who should say that," the girl sighed, "You don't look much older yourself." She turned back to the boy. You just look young for your age, right?"

"Well," said the boy, "I am only ten-"

"Hah!" the rollerblader crowed in triumph, "You see?"

"Prodigy," the girl said without missing a beat, "He's one of those really smart kids that skip a couple of grades."

The boy smiled uneasily. "Well, you could call me that."

The rollerblader gave him a huge smile and slap on the back, knocking the wind out of him, "Welcome to Gensokyo Academy, Prodigy-kun! School of fantasy and illusion, so I've been told!"

"Pr- Prodigy-kun?"

"Come on," the girl said, "Let's get prodigy-kun to class. We're already late as it is."

"But my name is-"

"If we get into trouble, we'll just say we were guiding prodigy-kun to his classes, like the good sempais we are." She looked up the stairs. "Isn't that right, sensei?"

The girl bowed quickly at the teacher, "Good morning, Takamichi-sensei."

The boy simply waved. "Hey, Takamichi! Haven't seen you in a while!"

Takamichi smiled at the group. "Good morning to you all, Hakurei-san, Ibuki-san, Negi. Or should I say Negi-sensei?"

It was far too early for this, Reimu thought as she stood in front of the principal. Suika and Negi were there too, standing stock still. The principal was well known and commanded great respect. Still, Reimu had to say her piece.

"I know that 2-A is known as a 'class of lolis', but I don't think getting a shota to teach us will help matters."

The principal smirked in response. "Well, he will undergo a probationary period, of course, being so young. From now until… the exams in March, then we'll see if you're up for the task, Negi-kun."

Negi nodded, full of determination.

"You know that we'll be forced to send you home if you are unable to carry it out." The principal's smirk morphed into a genuine smile, "But I'm sure you will."

Negi nodded again, feeling a bit more relieved.

The principal thought for a moment, turned to Reimu, and said, "By the way, Hakurei-san, we do not have any arrangements for Negi-sensei's accommodation, so will it be alright if he would stay at the Hakurei Shrine until we get it sorted out?"

Hakurei-san has a shrine? thought Negi as he turned towards the girl. Reimu, for her part, seemed unfazed.

"Alright," she said, "My conditions will just be the same as the other freeloader." She motioned to Suika.

"Wait, what?" Suika exclaimed in alarm, "No, that's inhumane! That's cruel! This is a bad idea!"

Negi started to panic. What conditions are these? How horrible must they be for Ibuki-san to react like that?

Reimu frowned at her. "You seem to deal with it fine."

"He's only ten!"

"So? I thought you would be happy with an extra pair of hands to help with chores around the shrine!" Reimu turned to Negi. "The shrine takes a lot of effort to maintain, so if you are going to stay, you will have to pull your own weight." She held out her hand. "Deal?"

"Noooo! Don't do it, prodigy-kun! She's a slave driver! She'll work you to death, like she did with me!" Suika cried in vain.

Negi, despite Suika's protests, shook Reimu's hand. "I'd be glad to."

"Good, so we're all happy, then!" the principal exclaimed, "I think it's time for you three to go to class."

After the three children had left, the principal looked closely at her papers as her assistant appeared from the shadows. Then, she spoke.

"Looks like a very interesting, scenario, Ran."

"Yes, master."

"Do you think he'll be successful?"

"Well, he does look like an intelligent child, but a teacher requires both maturity and life experience."

"I've never needed maturity."

"Yes, master. That's why you're the principal."

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