Author's Note

I'm very sorry to those who were expecting this to be chapter and was excited for it but was crestfallen as soon as they found out that it was an author's note. My deepest apology T-T

I'm writing this note to ask your (readers) opinions whether or not I should rewrite the story. A reviewer told me that Leon is falling too quickly for Rayne and said this fiction has traits of a Mary-Sue fic. I thank her for pointing that out. I just realized how un-Leon-like he is in the first two chapters.

I actually planned to rewrite it but I need your (readers) consents first. I was afraid if you actually enjoyed this Mary-Sue like fic and find out it was different from the last time you read it (which is practically half a year ago -_- no, quarter a year, maybe?).

If you do want me to rewrite it, I think I'll go with a 3rd person perspective. Since I know I'll use clichéd words again if I use Leon's perspective.

Please send me your opinions by inbox or by review. I really am sorry for taking your time on something like this. Your cooperation is mostly appreciated.

- Raylen Loire