Part 1

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… … …

' –Naruto…' a woman huffed, blood dripping from her mouth. '…such a beautiful daughter…grow up stro-'

… … …

She was hesitant to wake her, especially when she looked so peaceful. Her long, golden hair sprayed across her face and cascaded down upon the grass. Her orange shirt pressed down on her curvaceous body. Sakura sat down next to her.

"Naruto… wake up" she said loudly, poking the sleeping Naruto with a small twig. "Kakashi-sensei said he'll be here in ten minutes... NARUTO!"

Naruto muttered something like 'go away' and waved her hands about, hoping to slap the person who had frightened her. Instead she grasped a handful of air. "Doesn't that mean he's going to be here in an hour?" she groaned as she came to her senses and sat up, her half lidded eyes dazing off into space, in danger of closing again.

Sakura laughed. True, Naruto was strikingly beautiful with her feline features - A golden haired, blue eyed teenager who had a sharp chin and high cheekbones matched with a slight tan- but she was impossible. Naruto behaved like boy - bold, dim and rash. Not to mention her short temper.

"Well, I don't think so." Sakura scratched her head, thinking "I think it's about training for the Chuunin exams, he's coming back from a meeting about it."

That was all Naruto needed to hear. She sprang up in one fluid motion and thrust her hands into her pockets. "Well, what are we waiting for?" said Naruto, walking away. "Let's go!"

"It's that way."

"I know that." She said, already changing her direction.

… … …

They were soon walking down the village streets talking about the awesome techniques Kakashi-sensei might teach them to help tackle the exams. They were too busy chatting to notice that they were going to bump into a trio of what looked like young Genin's, two wearing forehead protectors that had the sand village's engraving on them. The middle one however, with the haunting teal eyes wasn't wearing one.

"Sorry," said Naruto, turning her head so she could make eye contact with the person she had bumped into. Their eyes instantly locked and the bored teal eyes met the excited blue eyes. The two froze and they didn't move for the longest of moments. They both swallowed hard as they continued to stare.

The brief exchange went unnoticed by anyone except for themselves.

"Naruto!," Sakura called, she was way in front of her by now. "What's keeping you?

"N-nothing." She yelled back. Naruto tore her eyes from the boy and ran to catch up with her friend. The teal eyes stayed pasted to her back until she took a turn into an alleyway where he couldn't gaze upon her anymore. His companions looked puzzled at his behaviour.

"G-Gaara?" said his blond sister. Her short hair was tied up in four ponytails, she had sharp eyes and forehead might as well had "don't mess with me" written on it.

He turned, walking the opposite direction to Naruto. "Nothing." He muttered, crossing his arms around his chest.

He felt the demon inside of him begin to ease and his eyes narrowed into slit's, contemplating the possibilities

… … …

"Sasuke! Sorry to keep you waiting!" Sakura almost squealed at the doorway when she saw a black haired boy in one of the chairs, in the small, nearly-empty classroom. Naruto walked in irritably behind her, stomping, and plunked herself down onto a chair. She slouched backwards, irritated by the earlier encounter. She didn't like feeling confused.

"Your late," she heard coming from the male sitting infront of her. Her head lifted to answer with a snappy retort when she saw the silver haired man in ninja uniform at the doorway and realised Sasuke hadn't been talking to her. The man's face was mostly covered; only slightly showing his right eye and the skin surrounding it,

"Hey Kakashi-sensei, have yo-" said Naruto to the man who turned his head from Sasuke to him. He knew what Naruto wanted to ask and he waved her down.

"Yup, I got them" said Kakashi, brandishing three small pieces of paper from his small bag that was slung around his waist.

"Yes! Finally we can take the exam!" She cried out happily, punching the air.

"Sasuke, I hope we both pass," Sakura said to Sasuke, clinging to his arm and turning pink just at the physical contact. Sasuke grunted; he couldn't care less.

"Meet me at the training grounds" said Kakashi before he swiftly left the room. The three stood up from their desks and walked out of the room, Naruto leading. She cheerfully hummed a song that she had heard somewhere before. Sasuke looked at her and was quite stunned, though he didn't show it.

He had never heard her hum before, and quite truthfully, her humming sounded beautiful. He inwardly smiled to himself. Maybe this exam wasn't so useless after all.

… … …

The trio arrived at a forest clearing, eyeing the man that was already there, leaning on the middle wooden pole of the three in the clearing. His eyes never left the book but his hand motioned them to come closer and sit down.

"Exams are next week," he said to them, his eyes still pasted on his book. "We need to be the best you can be. Naruto I got Ebisu-sensei to be your teacher."

"EHH? The closet pervert!" Naruto yell, jumping up.

"Closet…pervert?" asked Kakashi, genuinely amused and curious.

"Yeah!" yelled Naruto "I hit him with my sexy no jutsu and his face turned bright red and started slobbering! I'd much rather Kakashi-sensei as my teacher!" She started sweating, panicking that she might end up with a really crap teacher.

Ebisu you actually fell for that…, Kakashi sighed. "Naruto, Ebisu-sensei is a great teacher that specialises in teaching elites, besides, I'm teaching Sasuke."

"Why do I get the crappiest teacher of all?" she shouted, stomping away furiously.

Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi all sighed at their teammate. It was going to be hard to persuade Naruto but somehow, they managed to.

… … …

Naruto stomped alongside a man down the streets of a town unknown to her. They reached a hot spring and the man sat on a rock outside while the girl looked dumfounded, staring at the outdoor hot spring.

"There's no way in hell im going to bathe with you" she spat at him, thoroughly pissed her teacher. Ebisu-sensei chuckled, he might have been aroused by her sexy no Jutsu but he wasn't so low to do such things.

"Actually, Naruto," he said while he lifted his glasses further up his nose "since you hate me so much, I've arranged for another teacher for you." He saw her accusing eyes and added. "Kakashi-approved"

She eyed him suspiciously in case this was some really sick joke but no matter how much she searched, she only found he was serious about this.

Her heart leapt in joy of not having the closet pervert as her teacher. "Who is it?" she asked eagerly.

Ebisu grinned. "Jiraiya, one of the three great ninja's"

… … …

"Tenten!," Neiji Huuga, a pale boy with long black hair called out to the girl several metres infront of him. She had two buns on her head and a fringe that hung down, parting in the middle. "Again!"

She huffed, Neiji sure was training hard. Well, the Chuunin exams were in a week, of course he would be. She wiped her mouth with her arm as she grabbed her dropped scroll with the other arm again and concentrated hard.

From the scroll, several ten's of shuriken flew out, all aimed at the weaponless Neiji. He went into a stance and spun fast, releasing Chakra from his fingertips to create a swirling dome of Chakra around him. The wall of chakra acted as a shield and the shurikens failed to penetrate the wall. Instead, they fell to the ground, broken and useless. Damn, she seriously needed to buy a few hundred shurikens again after this.

He huffed and stopped spinning, standing up properly. "Again!," he shouted out.

She groaned. "Sometimes you act like Lee and Gai-sensei" muttered Tenten.

… … …

Shikamaru sat on the branch, eyes closed. A gentle wind blew through the trees, and the tree shook with it. It kept shaking and shaking even when the wind stopped. He frowned and opened his eyes, looking down, afterwards fervently wishing that he hadn't.

"OI! SHIKAMARU!" roared Chouji, the overweight boy down on the ground said. He was hugging the tree trunk and was violently shaking it, his head turned upwards towards his friend. Chouji had a silver-blond female behind him. She waved up to Shikamaru with a pasted smile on her face. She kicked the tree hard and he fell off, landing on his back. His eyes closed from the pain and when he opened them again he saw Ino and Chouji smiling down at him. They grabbed an arm each and dragged him away from the forest.

Shikamaru groaned. God, he hated the exams. He didn't even care if he was a Chuunin or a Genin. He just wanted to sleep.

… … …

"-put more chakra into it, Hinata!" commanded the woman, staring intently on her students straw dummy target. Beads of sweat rolled down Hinata Huuga's face as she focused harder on her Chakra control.

Her straw target exploded and pieces of straw floated down on her like snow. Hinata looked at Kurenai, her teacher, her sweaty face beaming and her teacher gave her a satisfactory nod, moving onto her next student. Kurenai's eyebrow lifted when she saw Kiba Inuzuka 'wrestling' his dog Akamaru.

"Kiba! Stop fooling around with Akamaru and start practicing!" shouted his teacher as she walked towards them and hit both the dog and its owner hard on the back of their heads.

"OW!" protested Kiba, glaring at his teacher. She ignored him and looked for her third student.

"Where did that boy Shino go…" she muttered.

… … …

"Everyone's hyped, aren't they Master Orochimaru" said a grey haired boy, smirking. From roof of the tallest building in Konoha, the Hokage's office, he could see everyone training. The man standing infront of him gave a raspy chuckle.

"Too bad it won't that way" murmured Orochimaru and as he stared down at the training Genin's.

… … …


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